Tuesday, May 3, 2016


                                                                 PHOTO BY YVAN RODIC

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Many of you know that I have always had a love for, and natural bond and understanding with, children, while being most passionate about the arts, creativity and helping others.  

When I started my journey as an actor, at 17 while getting my BFA degree in theatre, one of my biggest hopes for the future was to have my own children's charity foundation.  Or partner with one, help raise awareness and, most important, be an active part of it, instead of merely donating money.  

Don't get me wrong, donating is such an important and helpful element, but in my heart, I always wanted to be more "hands on" in helping the charity and present for the children.

So, when I was approached by Anna Lagermaine, the project founder of We Unite For Children Studiosto be an Ambassador for the foundation, I was intrigued and thrilled.  

It was the charity's purpose, in conjunction with helping children through movies, that truly spoke to me and made my decision to accept the role as ambassador an easy one. 
 .  .  .  If you support We Unite For Children Studios, you can!
“We Unite For Children Studios” is an exciting new global project. Brought to you by a team who is passionate about film-making and the future of our planet, they aim to start a new practice in World cinema.
I invite you to join the conversation on their social media @WeUniteForChildren and to #WeUniteForChildren to show your support, help spread the word and make a difference.
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Together, we can make a difference and help 'Unite for Peace! Unite for Children! Unite Us!' 

I'll be positing updates and information on how we are doing here.  Thank you all in advance, I'm really looking forward to seeing how we can help make the lives of children in need just a little brighter! 

Monday, May 2, 2016


image altered by Liesl Ehardt

Happy Monday, Blogland Friends!

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.  Mine was filled with getting things done and those small, but sweet, everyday life moments.

. . . a bike ride, crafty errands, planting herbs, vegetables and flowers to enjoy through the summer, watching movies, working on my cooking skills making a fresh lasagna, enjoying refreshing cocktails and delightful wine in good company.

You may have noticed a few tweaks and layout changes, over the course of the past few weeks, here on Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style.  It's an evolving work in progress that's molding into it's own.

In the weeks ahead, you will be seeing more Collaborations, clothing and accessory Reviews, special Promo Codes exclusive to my readers, fun Giveaways, Look of the Day, Look 4 Less and Life posts, along with my weekly Saturday Sayings inspiration.

I am making this small space online a priority once again.  Since it debuted back in 2009, it has been a part of my life and followed my personal journey.  Just as in life, sometimes we need a break to reevaluate, I did that, and recently the fire and passion I had for it prior was reignited.

My most exciting venture will be happening later this month when my own affordable line and online shop Sensible Style officially opens!

It's been in the works for some time, and since I'm creative at the core it was something I simply had to pursue.  I'll debut it here, along with it's meaning, message, shop link and what goes with each purchase.

Ultimately, I needed to find the drive to push forward and really give it a full go.  There is always a chance it won't succeed, something being an actor for over 15 years gave me plenty of practice in, but sometimes you have to push those fears, anxieties and doubts out or your way and go for it! 

I'm looking forward to sharing more with all of you here in blogland, and I will continue to show a peek inside my life daily over on my Instagram, one of my favorite social media outlets.

Thank you all for your continued support.  I never imagined this space could grow into what it has or that I'd get to know and meet so many of you from around the world, many of whom I consider friends.  All thanks to this online outlet that's allowed me to share my life, interests, passions, inspiration and more.

Together anything is possible, and your outlook is key in creating the life you wish for yourself. 

Monday, April 25, 2016


Happy Monday, Bogland!

This weekend we took a mini road trip and checked out the Spring Food Truck and Wine Festival at Alba Vineyard.  It's just 2 miles east of the Delaware River and historic Bucks County, PA.  

Who can say no to some food truck yumminess and wine in beautiful weather?  Not this cupcake! ;)

We had a lovely time walking around, listening to live music, wine tasting, sharing a fun TatoStix (a potato swirl on a stick) and fresh, hand tossed pizza while and enjoying a bottle of our favorite wine out on the rocks, under the sun and beautiful trees, overlooking the vineyard.  

On our drive back we stopped for some homemade ice cream at an adorable little shop called Ava's.  It was a lovely way to end a wonderful weekend, and I'm sharing our adventure below.

Did you go on any fun outings this past weekend?  Share in the comments below.

Friday, April 22, 2016


Happy Friday, Bogland!

Those of you who know me now that some of the things I'm most passionate about in life are kindness, helping and inspiring others, which also goes along with my blog's motto.

So, when Kim Randon, the creator of ACCEPT ME™, a Canadian based affordable and effortless clothing and accessory line for women, men and children, and her team reached out to me to introduce me to her brand, it was her motto and inspiring message that struck a cord in me.

ACCEPT ME™ is a "philanthropic fashion brand that supports breaking the barriers of social marginalization through awareness and education. Every time you purchase a product from Accept Me, you are saying Yes. Yes to Acceptance." 

I'm loving the entire concept, and have picked some of my favorites from her line to feature below.  They are listed in Canadian Dollars online, but I have converted them to US dollars and posted both below.

Kim, herself, was so kind as to invite me to coffee in NYC to show me her line and offer Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style readers a special 25% OFF discount using the Promo Code: style16 at checkout. This will be valid through next week towards any purchase.

Have a Wonderful Weekend ahead and Happy Shopping! I already know what I'm going to purchase from it.  What do you like most from the line?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.
1. Brush Aluminum Accept Me Bangle
= $23 CAD / $18.18 USD

2. Emperor Penguin Kids Onesie
= $23 CAD / 18.18 USD

3. Join Don’t Judge Flowy Racer Tank
= $36 CAD / 28.45 USD

4. Accept Me Layering Stack
= $43 CAD / 43.98 USD

5. 3 Pack Hammered Stamped Aluminum Bracelets
= $18 CAD / 14.23 USD

6. Accept Me Canvas Tote
= $22 CAD / 17.39 USD

7. Empathy Sheer Mini Rib Tank
= $34 CAD / 26.87 USD

8. Bold Original Unisex Fine Jersey Tee
= $34 CAD / 26.87 USD

Layout Design: Created by Liesl Ehardt using logos and product from Accept Me
Layout Design: Altered by Liesl Ehardt using Image Designs from Accept Me

by Liesl Ehardt