Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

We pulled off to see Pactola Lake, it is a gorgeous reservoir in South Dakota between Deadwood and the Black Hills.  The sky and lake were bright blue and so peaceful against the evergreen tress, do lovely!

Next, we headed to Mount Rushmore and although hot, the weather was just gorgeous for taking pictures. I've been to see Mt. Rushmore a number of times, but I love it just as much each time, it really is quite something!

We drove up the windy roads to Sylvan Lake for a brief visit before headed to see Crazy Horse, but there was very little progress since my last visit years ago.

Now, onto the pictures, enjoy! :)
Gorgeous and serene Pactola Lake, loved it!
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Good old Mount Rushmore, seeing it never gets old.
Not the best angle of moi, but moi hanging with George, Tom, Teddy and Ab! ;)
My parents with the guys...hehe.
Washington's profile as we were leaving the area, very cool.
Road framed by a beautiful rock formation. 
The beautiful area winding around Sylvin Lake.  

Monday, July 25, 2016


Happy Monday, Blogland!

After time in Chamberlain, South Dakota, we headed through the Badlands and Rapid City, home of South Dakota School of Mines where my uncle went, before making it to downtown Deadwood for the night. 

On the way we stopped at Wall Drug, which is a must see stop for anyone driving through South Dakota. I've been stopping there since I was little and though very touristy, it's still fun, and you'll be sure to find any souvenir you might need. 

Then, it was onto Deadwood, I've been there as well, but they have really spruced it up since my last visit and it was a nice time. We had the most incredible dinner at Legend's Steakhouse in the Silverado Franklin Hotel

Our waitress, Cassie, provided some of the best, top notch service I've ever had, even compared to top NYC and LA restaurants. She was delightful, classy, professionally and full of personality and truly made our experience one to remember.  The filet I had was, hands down, the best piece of steak I have ever had and as smooth as butter, divine! It went perfectly paired with a bottle of the 

A bit of a storm and rain rolled in, but the small town was still charming, and full of character, with the street lamps and reflections in the pavement glistened from the rain. I highly recommend you stop by if you are ever in the area and be sure to see at Legend's Steakhouse!

Now, onto pictures from my drive to Deadwood, dinner and evening downtown.
Exploring Wall Drug, which is always a fun stop when I'm in South Dakota.
Caught another cold and was suffering from a sore throat, so, I picked up a banana milkshake at Wall Drug, it was delish!
Recipe for a Badlands Mule, similar to a Moscow Mule.
Driving into downtown Deadwood, South Dakota.
Legend's Steakhouse located inside of The Franklin Hotel.
Franklin Hotel front entrance.
Shared a delish bottle of Queen's Peak Wine over dinner, I started with a caesar salad.
The BEST steak I have ever had with a side of green beans and potatoes au gratin, truly delish!
Even in the rain downtown Deadwood has a unique charm.
I lived by Wall. St. when I lived in NYC, here is Wall St. in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

We started our first full day in Chamberlain, South Dakota visiting where my mother grew up and headed over to the St. Joseph's Indian School. They have done a lovely job with the information center, exhibits and more. 

Next, we headed across the Missouri River to Oacoma and Al's Oasis. I've been going there since I was little and we'd visit South Dakota and I've always loved it. It looks a bit like a western backlot and movie set, complete with a grocery store, saloon, trading post, restaurant, gift shop and more. One of my favorite memories from childhood is the giant buffalo that stands tall in front of it.

Though they are faux buffalo, I still love it, but will be off to find the real ones en route to Aspen and in an area my older sister came across many during her cross-country drive a couple summers ago in Wyoming . . . so, stay tuned! 

While at Al's Oasis, we had drinks in their bar and then dinner with our beautiful waitress, Melissa. I got the sirloin steak with mashed potatoes and corn and it was delish!  Then, I got to see yet another pretty sunset as we were leaving dinner and heading back to the hotel.

Once back at Cedar Shore Resort where we staying, I sat on our balcony facing the water and there was the most magical sunset. There is something to be said about the simple, natural pleasures in life. There weather in South Dakota this time of year is so calm and temperate in the evenings, just beautiful. We fully enjoyed it and the outdoors over a delightful bottle of wine.

Below are the pictures from my day in Chamberlain, time at the Indian school, visiting the street my mother grew up, good old Al's Oasis and Cedar Shore Resort. Enjoy!
Friends and I spent a glorious week in Prince Edward Island, and so seeing this U-Haul in the Al's Oasis parking lot made for 2 of my favorite places! :)

by Liesl Ehardt