Thursday, September 22, 2016


Happy Thursday, Everyone!

On the next part of my road trip we headed from time in the beautiful state of Utah through Nevada and onto Scottsdale, Arizona.

The roads through these parts of the US truly are natural wonders of beauty.  Once we made it to Scottsdale, we visited one of my mother's lovely friend from college and her sweet husband.  

They were the perfect hosts and kindly showed us all around the area.  Arizona is full of very unique cactus, at every turn that are hundreds of years old, as well as beautiful blue skies, a number of beautiful golf courses and pretty sunsets.

We enjoyed some great conversation, shared wonderful wine, cozy cocktails and marvelous meals, including a fantastic dinner at Constantino's, a part of Desert Mountain's Golf Club resort.  We also enjoyed a visit from a 7 legged tarantula, I referred to as T-Ranch and thought was rather cute! :)

One of my favorite memories from our time with them was a fun, late night sing-along by the piano, where I got to revisit my love for singing and broadway show tunes, and enjoy a little coffee with a kick KahlĂșa. The perfect way to end a fun-filled visit and day with some genuine, wonderful people! 

OK, picture time!  Enjoy! 
Beautiful drive from Utah through Nevada.
Such beautiful rock formations everywhere you look.
Joshua Trees are always so cute and full of character.
This 7 legged tarantula greeted us in Scottsdale, AZ...I thought he was pretty cute! 

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Simply for the sake of size comparison. :)
Looking around the beautiful Desert Mountain area.
Cacti in Arizona are hundreds of years old, and it takes 50-70 years to sprout a new arm branch!
Gorgeous view, and wedding spot, at the Desert Mountain Golf Resort
below Constantino's Restaurant.
Sunset dinner at Constantino's with some truly wonderful people and family friends.

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Sharing great wine among friends at Constantino's in Desert Mountain, life is good. 
Making good memories with a fun sing along to broadway show tunes after dinner.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

First off, Congratulations to Grace Hui for winning my Tani USA Giveaway, and a big thank you to everyone who entered! 

Next up on my road trip Travel Diary is St. George, Utah and our fantastic dinner at the Cliffside Restaurant overlooking the city, lovely Red Rocks and a gorgeous sunset.  Dining here is first class.  In fact, they won Best of State Utah for 2016 in dining, and I could tell why!

They have a great selection of wine and beer, but no full bar, which would make it almost perfection because I think the sophistication, food and views scream for a fancy cocktail or martini, but either way, still delightful and well worth it!  

Our waiter, Trevor, was fun, personable and very professional, which added to our lovely experience.  I highly recommend this spot for a sunset dinner, but due to the popularity, you may want to reserve a table or be prepared to go a little early and wait.  

Every table has access to the beautiful views, whether inside or outside, but the tables right next to the window, as ours was, really made for a truly spectacular view!

Have any of you been there?  Leave your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

Now, onto the pictures, which are full of a vibrant rainbow of colors.  I'm still in love with this spot on our road trip and hope to visit again soon.  Enjoy!
Entrance to the Cliffside Restaurant way up not he hill.
Loved the Edison bulb hanging lights inside.
Beautiful views from outside the Cliffside Restaurant before being seated for dinner.
Gorgeous, clear and vibrant view from our table at dinner.
Cliffside Restaurant menu.
Bottle of J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon wine with a view! 
Classic  Cesar Salad
Special of the Day: Calamari
Braised Short Rib Pot Roast
Seared Chicken Medallions
Steak Special of the Day: New York Strip

Vibrant pinks, purples and yellows as the sun was setting from outdoors.
Love how they have personalized Thank You stamps for each waiter, a lovely touch! :)
The Red Rocks just shine as the sun sets for the night.


Thursday, September 8, 2016


Happy Thursday, Blogland!

Since my quest to find buffalo failed in Wyoming, where buffalo is their state animal, I thought I'd have to pass on seeing them on this trip.

However, while visiting my aunt and uncle in Park City, UT, they told me about Antelope Island, one of Utah's state parks, which is guaranteed to have buffalo.  So, we went slightly out of our way during our drive St. George, Utah to check it out.

Sure enough they were there!  So, I was able to get some pictures of them, along with some Antelope and a beautiful butterfly that flew in and landed near where I was standing. Plus, they all roam along the Great Salt Lake, which was pretty to see as well.

Now, onto the pictures, and I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday ahead. Enjoy! :)

by Liesl Ehardt