Monday, January 25, 2016


Happy Monday, Bogland!

I hope all of you on the east coast survived the blizzard and were able to have a little fun.

I know not everyone enjoys or celebrates Valentine's Day, but with it fast approaching, I wanted to put together a few affordable home decor and small gift ideas for those who may be so inclined.

Remember, you don't need a day to give you permission to send a little love in the mail, brighten your home or share some love.  Each of these can be used any time during the year and will be sure to add a special touch for under $7!  
Layout Created and Designed by Liesl Ehardt with images from Forever 21 and World Market.

Forever 21 = $5.90

Target = $4.99

Forever 21 = $3.99

World Market = $3.99
*(Heart Measuring Cups also available here

5.  You  Me Heart Mug
Forever 21 = $6.90

World Market = $4.99 /pack of 20

World Market = $5.98 /set of 2

Amazon = $6.38 /pack of 20

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Happy Tuesday, Bogland!

It's 'Get Crafty' time with this very simple, affordable and fun DIY project!

I added some chic stye to 5 different items for my home office, closet and bathroom using 1 can of gold spray paint.  I also provide more creative idea options to try, but the possibilities are endless.

This is a quick, easy and super affordable way to add a bit of a face lift, so to speak, on items you most likely already have or just want to take from drab to fab.

Enjoy, and let's get started! :)

✢  Painter's Tape Roll
✢  Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray Paint 
(any is fine, but I've found the Rust-Oleum brand to offer the most realistic gold look)

✢  Krylon Interior-Exterior Fast Dry or Mod Podge Gloss Sealer (optional)

✢  Items To Spray Paint (see below)

1. Ceramic Camel Ring Dish
Forever 21 = $4.80
(Similar Bird Ring Dish)

 2. Plastic Baskets
Target 1 Spot = $1.00 /each
(Similar $1 Baskets)

3. Plastic Hangers
Given with Purchase = Free
(any plastic hanger will work - I always ask at check-out to keep mine)

4. Metal File Organizer
IKEA = $6.99 /2 pack
(Similar File Organizers)

5. Medium Binder Clips 
Staples = $1.79

✢  Be sure to stand at least a foot away from the item you are spraying to get a smooth, even coverage, or the paint will end up getting heavy and could leave drip marks.

✢  Press painter's tape down firmly on all edges to prevent spray paint from seeping underneath and leaving paint where you don't want it.

✢  If paint does end up where you don't want it while spraying ceramic, like the camel dish, once completely dry and before using a top coat, you can scrape it away
with your nail or a flat metal edge.

✢  Though not a necessary step, I do recommend using a top coat seal on any items that will get more 'wear and tear' and to add extra protection, especially on
the hangers.  Plus, it adds a nice, smooth sheen to the items and you can
choose a glossy or matte finish.

Scissors  / Stapler  /  Jumbo Paper Clip  /  Shoe Tape Dispenser  /  Pencil Holder  /  Nail File

  If you aren't much of a Gold person, you can always use Silver Metallic Spray Paint on items that aren't silver or any color you choose.

  Creativity is limitless and has no boundaries, just have fun! :)

by Liesl Ehardt