Thursday, June 16, 2016


Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I'm happy to announce the opening of my online Etsy Shop:  S  e  n  s  ⚓  b  l  e     S  t  y  l  e

The shop consists of little creative expressions of inspiration.  Currently, it includes affordable options of each of the below with special accents, added by me, to give them a unique touch.  

⚓  Customizable Wine Themed Glass Charms
⚓  Customizable Quote Glass Charms
⚓  Customizable Contact Lens Travel Kits 

Each item comes with a detachable anchor charm , which you can add to anything you wish, and an inspiring message enclosed.  I have always had a love for quotes, which is why I started weekly Saturday Sayings posts here on my blog, and found them to be therapeutic. 

The anchor ⚓ symbolizes a centering and grounding for those moments when you may feel lost or uncertain.  An image that came to mind as I was seeking a new direction in my own life.

To celebrate the grand opening get 10% OFF using Promo Code: SENSIBLESTYLE10OFF.

Feel free to stop by my little shop online and let me know your favorites, thoughts and/or items you'd like to see in the comments below.  

More affordable home decor and gift items will be slowly added to my shop, and I will be sure to announced them on here, as well as on my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

I hope you find something special, but more important, leave feeling inspired.  Enjoy!

⚓  Wine Themed Glass Charms = $18.00

⚓  Quote Glass Charms = $18.00


Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Happy Flag Day, Blogland!

Who says you have to spend a lot to throw a little party or gathering with friends and/or family?  

I put together some fun and different decor items to add a little spark to your 4th of July and help celebrate America's birthday in style for under $10!

What are you plans for the 4th?  Share them and your decor loves in the comments below. 
Layout Design by Liesl Ehardt using images from Kohl's and Target.

Kohl's = $2.49

Kohl's = $2.49

Kohl's = $7.49

Target = $5.00/each

Target = $6.00

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Happy Saturday, Blogland!

Just as certain places, things and even smells can remind you of moments from your childhood, events or people in your life, past or present, specific dates can do the same.  

I think today's date will always be a reminder to me of how short life can be and how important it is to fully live your life in the moment.  As well as the value in saying how you feel, when you feel it, and listening to the voice within your heart.

I continue to struggle with finding my way and place in this world and feeling different from others, but am incredibly thankful to be surrounded by the love and support of my extraordinary family and close friends, without whom I'd be lost.  They are so important to me and keep me moving forward.

I will always do my best to stay positive and do whatever I can to help others, try to make people's lives brighter and smile because I truly don't know any other way to be, it's just a genuine part of me.

Here's to staying true to you and making this life all it can be today, not tomorrow. Hugs to everyone! 
I think this is so true and do my best to embrace and mirror each of the above. (image)

(image - I just corrected the grammar)

The above is such a lovely notion and comforting thought. (image)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Happy June, Blogland!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we took a road trip up north to Kennebunkport, Maine.  It was a pretty drive, which would be gorgeous in the fall, and is such a charming area. I fell in love with it! 

After our first day, filled with yummy food, exploration and sunshine, which you'll see below, the clouds, high winds and rain rolled in, the temperature dropped 30 degrees, and I was hit with a bad case of viral gastroenteritis, which we mistook for food poisoning, and put me out of commission.

I feel beyond thankful and lucky to have had a great guy and caretaker by my side through it all, who, despite everything, helped make our Maine trip fun and memorable.  

Please excuse my lack of fashion or make-up in the below pictures due to it all.  I did have affordable, spring outfits packed to share with you, but, sadly, I didn't get to wear them.  

Thankfully, I had a hiking outfit and shoes, which came in handy on the day it was cold, rainy and I wasn't feeling well. I used all the energy I had to get out of bed, put them on and head on a mini sightseeing drive out to the lighthouse.

While sorting my pictures, I was inspired to start a new feature on my blog titled, Travel Diary

In these posts, I'll share my experience and take you along on my travels, be it short or long, near or far, via pictures and my itinerary. This way, if you find yourself going there, you can reference them for tips on places to go, things to see and more.

First Travel Diary stop . . .
All Images taken with a Nikon D60 or iPhone 5s and Layouts are by Liesl Ehardt.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

• We set out on our morning Road Trip north, from New Jersey to Maine, with Bella, an adorable golden lab and beagle mix rescue dog.

• Stopped for a refreshing Iced Chai Tea Latte and perfectly cooked Caprese Panini at the adorable Moonrise Cafe in North Haven, CT and the staff was so friendly and welcoming.

• Once we arrived in Kennebunkport, our first stop was to get a Lobster Roll in the center of town at Mabel's Lobster Claw. The lobster was light, fresh and delish, I highly recommend it!

• Explored the charming Kennebunkport Shops, Restaurants and Waterfront in the center of town where Bella was ready for her close-up. Passed the adorable Dock Square Coffee House, I'm all for non-chain coffee shops, and the boats resting beautifully off the little foot bridge and throughway in the center by the nice Welcome Sign.

• Beer tasting at Federal Jack's with a great tasting guide who graciously accommodated us and was full of personality. Fell in love with Federal Jack's Sunfish Wheat Ale Brew, which tastes like delightful grapefruit and peach.  We purchased some to enjoy on a bench along the water on Ocean Avenue, while Bella explored the rocks.

• Checked into the Marginal Way House Hotel, in Ogunquit, a cute town close by. It was so quaint and had such a genuine and friendly woman at the front desk to welcome us. Our room was on the upper floor, overlooking the water and lawn sitting area below, with our own large balcony roof deck, complete with 2 chaises longes, it was truly lovely.

• Headed out for dinner and drinks at Ogunquit Lobster Pound, which has been there since 1931. They have a large selection of seafood, many unique dishes using it, and  you can hand pick your lobster should you choose. We started at the bar and enjoyed Shrimp Cocktail with our cocktails, and then, headed into the large dining area for dinner. We shared the Baked Scallops and Seafood Stuffed Sole and had a very friendly waitress.

• Ended the day with an nighttime walk around the center of Ogunquit, which was buzzing with people and great energy.

• Checked out the Leavitt Theatre, a 90 year old movie theatre, still with the original, and super cute, ticket taker window box.

• Grabbed an S'mores Ice Cream cone at Sweet Pea's. 

Teal Maxi Skirt: Forever 21 = $22.90  /  Navy Blue & White Paisley Scarf: Forever 21 = $8.80
(similar scarf, but white print on navy)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

• The day I was fighting a bad case of Viral Gastroenteritis, aka a not so friendly stomach bug, which changed our plans and kept me in bed.

• I wanted to try and get out, so that evening we drove along part of the Coast of Maine and saw many incredible homes, by and near the water, some of which I could see myself in one day.

Checked out Nubble Lighthouse, which made for a quintessential Maine photo opportunity. Plus, I've loved lighthouses since my trip to Prince Edward Island and learned quite a bit more about them.  

Fun Fact:

Did you know each lighthouse is different so the landmarks can be deciphered by sailors to help navigate?

Not my intended outfit or a fashion look, since I was sick and it was cold,
but I'll still break it down for you! ;)

Green Scarf: Forever 21 = $6.80  /  Finger Cut-Up Athletic Hoodie: TJ Maxx = $12.99  /  Green Jet's Weatherproof Jacket: Official Jets Gear = On Loan (because someone thought I needed it to keep warm more than he sweet.)  /  Black Knockout Capri Pant: Victoria's Secret Sport = $62.50 (used my $20 secret reward and a $10 angel reward to get them for $32.50)

Monday, May 30, 2016

• Road trip from Maine to New Jersey. Since I was still recovering and had no appetite, we headed out super early to beat all the Memorial Day traffic, which we did.

So, that wraps up our Memorial Day Weekend Getaway. I'm looking forward to going back to further explore Maine and more fully enjoy it, when I'm not sick, because it left a great impression, just as it did when I was a child. 

Also, last year, the Huffington Post did an article titled, 12 Great Things to Do in Kennebunkport, Maine (Besides Trying to Catch a Glimpse of George H.W. Bush).  You may want to check it out, if you are interested in other great spots to check out while in the area.

by Liesl Ehardt