Friday, May 27, 2016


Happy Friday, Everyone!

My family and I are heading on a 10 day vacation together this summer, and we recently used HomeAway to book our accommodations. 

Since there are going to be 12 of us, we needed a house with some space so we could all be together rather than individual hotel rooms.  Plus, it is more cost affective and that is music to my ears! :)

So, when HomeAway reached out to me about Weekend Getaways and designing a trip to the beach Travel Essentials List just for me, I was already familiar with them and thought it would be fun collaboration post.

They asked me what my personal beach needs would be and created a fun checklist for me. Then, I chose some affordable options of each to complete the look and have you ready to hit the beach in style.

What are your Beach Getaway Travel Essentials and Locations?  

Share them in the comments section below, and checkout fellow lifestyle blogger Allison Kehoe's essentials over her WeezyWee blog for more ideas! 

I hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend, are you doing anything fun?

I'm off to Maine, where I'll be packing some of these essentials, and will be sure to document the
adventure and share it will all of you next week! ☀
Beach Getaway Travel Essentials Layout Design by Liesl Ehardt.

Black & White Swimsuit
Jessie Lane = $19.99

Bright Stripes Micro Fiber Beach Towels
Dock & Bay via Amazon = $19.99

Gold Etched Leaf Arm Bracelet
Forever 21 = $4.90

Arrow Ring Set
Forever 21 = $4.90

Black & Gold Bangle Set
Forever 21 = $4.90
White Split Beach Maxi Skirt
Choies = $13.90

Black Split Beach Maxi Skirt
Choies = $13.90

Black & Gold Trip Sunglasses
Forever 21 = $7.90

Straw 'To The Beach' Neutral Tote
Style & Co. via Macy's = $24.99

Neutral & Gold Sequin Beach Tote
Old Navy = $25

Black Strappy Sandals
BCBG via DSW = $49.95

Gold Flip Flops
Itallian Shoemakers via DSW = $29.95

Weekend Getaway Checklist via HomeAway.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Happy Tuesday, Fashionable Friends!

It's no secret that I love a great find at an affordable price.  I truly believe it is not how much you spend, but how you put the pieces together and how they make you feel that makes the difference.

As an actor, once living in Los Angeles, I came across a number of consignment shops.  I enjoyed going inside to see if I could I find something fun and different with a great price attached.  

However, I often found them to be a bit overwhelming, with clothes stuffed on racks, narrow walkways, no real order and a lack of charm, which made for a more stressful than calming retail therapy experience.

That said, I recently stumbled upon Revive, a new consignment shop in Somerville, NJ near where I grew up.  They offer a variety of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories and some home goods.  From the moment I walked inside, my experience was completely different, and I left feeling revived, no pun intended, in regard to my previous consignment shop experiences.

Shopping there feels like shopping in a chic boutique.  You are surrounded by unique displays, wide open aisles, gorgeous exposed brick walls, bright, yet flattering, glow lighting, charming dressing rooms, a cozy sitting area and an overall welcoming vibe from not only the shop, but the staff as well.   

It is owned by Cathie and Brittany, a mother and daughter duo.  The moment you meet them, you know they love what they do and take pride in their space, one in which they should feel proud.

There is no doubt that they want you to get the most out of your experience.  Whether that's finding a new treasure for your wardrobe or dropping off something of your own in hopes of finding it a new home.

Consignment there is super easy and fun!  In fact, I've dropped off a number of my things, as I pare down items in my life and prepare to move into whatever my next chapter may be, and almost all has sold effortlessly, giving me a little side money moving forward, which is always nice to have.

Plus, each time I drop things off, I usually find a new, affordable, even if it's designer, treasure to take home, which always gives a girl a little extra pep in her step! :) 

I was excited to hear that they also host special events, like a recent Wine & Shopping Girl's Night Out, complete with giveaways and goodie bags.  Did somebody say wine? ;)

So, if you ever find yourself in The Garden State, I highly recommend you stop in and even just say, hello. You won't regret it, and I'll bet you find something special that will remind you of your visit.

They kindly allowed me to come in and shoot the space because I wanted to share it with all of you who also love affordable finds. Below, I take you inside for a sneak peek.  Ready?  Let's go! 
Left with this large gold chain statement bracelet for only $8
. . . and each purchase goes inside a cute bag! 

All Images taken with a Nikon D60 and layouts using Revive Logo are by Liesl Ehardt.

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Have you ever been afraid to take a new purse or quality, classic purse that you hope to keep for years out on those days when rain is in the forecast?  

Well, sometimes, especially if you live in a city where you are out about, doing a lot of walking and often carrying your life in a bag, it's hard to always avoid bad weather.  

So, when I was introduced to The Gussy and asked to try it out and share my thoughts, it struck me as an inventive and effortless design by Jamie Brown.  Plus, it folds up nicely and can be slid into the side of any bag so that you have it with you at all times.

The design was created to protect your bag from wet or snowy weather.  However, I think it would be great to use at sporting events, where drinks or food might get spilled by you or others, as well.

It comes in a variety of styles and classic, versatile colors for only $20, and if you sign up for their newsletter you'll get an additional 25% off your purchase!

I'm loving the chevron print to The Jenny style they sent me.  It's perfect for the summer, Memorial day and the 4th of July picnics, those times when it may be sunny, but you might want to protect if from the elements around you.

No matter how one chooses to use it, it really does offer a simple, affordable and practical way to protect your larger purses, toes and carry on type weekend bags.  

Have you ever wished you could protect your bag?  Share in the comments below! :)
Above product images from The Gussy website.

1.  Jenny
Navy & White Chevron = $20

2.  Caroline
Black & Khaki = $20

3.  Charlotte Khaki
Khaki Purse Print = $20

4.  Meredith
Navy & White Polka Dot = $20

5.  Charlotte Navy
Navy Purse Print = $20

6.  Chelsea
Black & White Skull = $20

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


                                                                 PHOTO BY YVAN RODIC

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Many of you know that I have always had a love for, and natural bond and understanding with, children, while being most passionate about the arts, creativity and helping others.  

When I started my journey as an actor, at 17 while getting my BFA degree in theatre, one of my biggest hopes for the future was to have my own children's charity foundation.  Or partner with one, help raise awareness and, most important, be an active part of it, instead of merely donating money.  

Don't get me wrong, donating is such an important and helpful element, but in my heart, I always wanted to be more "hands on" in helping the charity and present for the children.

So, when I was approached by Anna Lagermaine, the project founder of We Unite For Children Studiosto be an Ambassador for the foundation, I was intrigued and thrilled.  

It was the charity's purpose, in conjunction with helping children through movies, that truly spoke to me and made my decision to accept the role as ambassador an easy one. 
 .  .  .  If you support We Unite For Children Studios, you can!
“We Unite For Children Studios” is an exciting new global project. Brought to you by a team who is passionate about film-making and the future of our planet, they aim to start a new practice in World cinema.
I invite you to join the conversation on their social media @WeUniteForChildren and to #WeUniteForChildren to show your support, help spread the word and make a difference.
 instagram Instagram    /      Facebook    /     twitter Twitter
Together, we can make a difference and help 'Unite for Peace! Unite for Children! Unite Us!' 

I'll be positing updates and information on how we are doing here.  Thank you all in advance, I'm really looking forward to seeing how we can help make the lives of children in need just a little brighter! 

Monday, May 2, 2016


image altered by Liesl Ehardt

Happy Monday, Blogland Friends!

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.  Mine was filled with getting things done and those small, but sweet, everyday life moments.

. . . a bike ride, crafty errands, planting herbs, vegetables and flowers to enjoy through the summer, watching movies, working on my cooking skills making a fresh lasagna, enjoying refreshing cocktails and delightful wine in good company.

You may have noticed a few tweaks and layout changes, over the course of the past few weeks, here on Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style.  It's an evolving work in progress that's molding into it's own.

In the weeks ahead, you will be seeing more Collaborations, clothing and accessory Reviews, special Promo Codes exclusive to my readers, fun Giveaways, Look of the Day, Look 4 Less and Life posts, along with my weekly Saturday Sayings inspiration.

I am making this small space online a priority once again.  Since it debuted back in 2009, it has been a part of my life and followed my personal journey.  Just as in life, sometimes we need a break to reevaluate, I did that, and recently the fire and passion I had for it prior was reignited.

My most exciting venture will be happening later this month when my own affordable line and online shop Sensible Style officially opens!

It's been in the works for some time, and since I'm creative at the core it was something I simply had to pursue.  I'll debut it here, along with it's meaning, message, shop link and what goes with each purchase.

Ultimately, I needed to find the drive to push forward and really give it a full go.  There is always a chance it won't succeed, something being an actor for over 15 years gave me plenty of practice in, but sometimes you have to push those fears, anxieties and doubts out or your way and go for it! 

I'm looking forward to sharing more with all of you here in blogland, and I will continue to show a peek inside my life daily over on my Instagram, one of my favorite social media outlets.

Thank you all for your continued support.  I never imagined this space could grow into what it has or that I'd get to know and meet so many of you from around the world, many of whom I consider friends.  All thanks to this online outlet that's allowed me to share my life, interests, passions, inspiration and more.

Together anything is possible, and your outlook is key in creating the life you wish for yourself. 

by Liesl Ehardt