Saturday, June 20, 2009


A specific color is chosen each year as the "it" color for 365 days, and most go by the color picked by
Pantone, "one of the leading global authorities on color." Yellow, specifically mimosa, was the color selected for 2009, and what a great color it is for summer that is just around the corner! :)

My sister is getting married in October and she chose yellow as one of her colors prior to the color of the year being picked, so it looks like she was ahead of the trend...hehe...and all the lovely ladies in her wedding party will be sporting what happens to be the color of the year! I will be sure to post pictures after the wedding later this year from the wedding and of all the yellow that is sure to be shining brightly!

That said, I thought it would be fun to put together a bright, summer look featuring the color of the year, and so I put together one casual look and one dressier look using the same yellow dress. This way you could purchase just one statement yellow piece, be it the dress featured below, one you have, or one you find that you like, and use accessories, which are my favorite, to dress it up or down.

The below looks will hopefully help give you a look that incorporates fabulous fashion, but also allow you to keep a sensible style by being affordable, and offering variations on one item that stars the color of the year! 'Till next week, Happy Father's Day to everyone and I hope you all have a bright, yellow filled, and Sunny Sunday! :)

Casual Yellow Look:
Total Look = $ 76.19

Dressy Yellow Look:
Total Look = $ 70.50


  1. I hate trends .
    But I love this outfit you put together , its gorguss . Yellow is not one of my favs . But You made me think otherwise lol

  2. I awarded you blog awards. I like the color yellow and these are some nice yellow looks you put together. Congratulations.

  3. Dolce - Thank you so much! Trends sure can be viewed that way since they change before we can even turn around! :) Glad I was able to give you a new possible like of yellow, but I know what you are saying...I am not a big fan of blue, odd I know! :)

    Glamourous Beauty - Thank You, that means so much! :) I have been tagged a couple times now and plan on tagging others this week, so stay tuned! :)

  4. yellow, I am such a trendsetter *sarcasm* =P

  5. the yellow dress is soo pretty! <3


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