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Laura, a wonderful person and friend of mine whom I work with from time to time, has her very own successful make-up line and company known as Razzle Dazzle Cosmetics. The line is most recognized in the world of cheer, at competitions, and among cheerleaders/dance teams themselves across the US, and now finding its way across the ocean to the UK, Ireland, and beyond!

She sells a wide variety of make-up and make-up accessories, with her eye shadows, shimmers, and glitters being the most popular. More recently she introduced Dazzle Dusts, which are highly pigmented shimmer shadows that add that punch of color we all love, at least from time to time! :)

She is based in Los Angeles, CA and each full size shadow contains 1.75 gm / 0.6 oz. of product, retails for $8.00, and can be purchased online at Being a happy user of her shimmer shadows, I can honestly say that the product goes a long way, and one shadow that I use almost daily, just now got to the bottom and I got it over 2 years ago!

Also, another great thing about her and her oh so fabulous products is that they can be worn dry or wet, each of which provide great color payoff, she charges you what the actual weight of the product is, which makes shipping and handling reasonable and affordable, and she offers FREE samples in cute little jars...and who doesn't love that! :)

I recently used 2 of my favorite shimmer shadows from her make-up line that I use often, Pure White and Sunrise, and used them with a sample of one of her new Dazzle Dusts called Tropic to create a fun, summer make-up look that ended up resembling a watermelon...hehe! :)

Below is a picture of me wearing 3 colors from her make-up line, which I created while testing them out, that showcases Razzle Dazzle Cosmetics, which are linked to where you can buy each. The colors do not show up nearly as true to color or vibrant on the website, which is also why I included such detailed, true to color and vibrance, pictures and swatches of each below! :)

1. Sunrise - A beautiful pink shade with gold shimmer undertones, just like a sunrise.

2. Pure White - A simple, basic, pure white slight shimmer, just like freshly fallen snow.

3. Tropic - A water-esque aqua, teal, blue/green shimmer, just like a tropical ocean.

Together the three colors resemble those of a watermelon, hence my blog title! :) I included detailed pictures of each of the shadows so that you could see their consistency and true color, followed by swatches of each on my arm, shadow dry on the left and shadow wet on the right.

Wearing Sunrise, Pure White, and Tropic Razzle Dazzle Eye Shadows

Sunrise Razzle Dazzle Eye Shadow - Full Size Close Up

Pure White Razzle Dazzle Eye Shadow - Full Size

Pure White Razzle Dazzle Eye Shadow - Full Size

Tropic Razzle Dazzle Eye Shadow - Sample Size

Tropic Razzle Dazzle Eye Shadow - Sample Size Close Up

Razzle Dazzle Eye Shadows - Left to Right
Tropic Dry/Tropic Wet, Pure White Dry/Pure White Wet, Sunset Dry/Sunset Wet

As always, I also wanted to include a fun, affordable summer look inspired by the make-up and colors of a watermelon, which I have included below, just as I usually do with a full breakdown of the pricing too! :) Enjoy and I hope you all had a very Happy 4th of July and that you are having a splendid start to summer! :)

Fun Summer Watermelon Look:
Total Look = $ 108.09


  1. Awww, sooo beautiful! I love it!!

  2. Thank You Catanya! :)

    I just checked out your lovely fun!!!

    Liesl :)

  3. lovely looook! <3 love the make-up and the outfits!! :)

  4. Adorable look, fabulous blog Miss Liesl! Love that you're referencing affordable and obtainable fashion (Forever21!

  5. beautiful makeup and I love the outfit!! Very chic and in good taste! :)


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