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As promised here I am with my packing blog per all my fabulous follower's requests! :)

Since my unexpected love, Justin, and I are on our way to the Hoosier state of Indiana early tomorrow morning for his sister's wedding and Easter at his Grandmother's with his family, I thought this would be the perfect time to do just that!

This is our first trip, which requires traveling by plane, together and we are both very excited, plus, I get to meet his whole family for the first time and can't wait! He got the chance to meet mine while my family was out in LA doing some wedding planning for my younger sister and then the rest of the bunch at my sister's actual wedding back in October.

I promise to take lots of pics, since that is what I love to do, and document our travels for a post upon my return! Thank you all for your continued support and without further ado, here is your packing 101 in 10 easy steps! Enjoy! :)

STEP 1: Layout Complete Outfits

I like to do this so that I am sure I have all the items I need to complete the look and visually see which items I can use in multiple outfits to save room. You will see how some outfits are sharing shoes, accessories, a scarf, jacket, skirt, top, etc.

STEP 2: Pack Accessories

If I have particular jewelry for certain dressier events, which have their own clutch, I like to pack the jewelry for that outfit in the clutch that matches it to keep it all together.

As for other more every day jewelry and accessories, I place them in separate plastic bags to keep them from getting to tangled, easy to see and get to.

You will see that I pack my chunky bangles around a mini travel umbrella, because it keeps their shape and helps keep from having wasted space. I have also done this by putting my bracelets around rolled socks in the winter!

STEP 3: Pack Make-Up

I try to pack more natural make-up, which I use on an everyday basis. Mostly I use drug store brand make-up, aside from Make-Up Forever HD translucent powder, and am not really into big name products, such as MAC, department store brands, etc., kind of like with my fashion...I prefer to get more affordable things when possible, not to say those brands aren't great too!

The reason I have the Smashbox pallet is because my sister gave it to me for Christmas and I love it, especially the hot pink case...hehe...but wouldn't buy as high end on my own on a regular basis, but it is nice!

Now, if I am packing for a certain dressy event or holiday, such as a wedding and Easter in the case of my trip this time, I make sure I have make up that matches that outfit for sure and pack eyelashes, just in case.

Also, I do not wear foundation on a daily basis, only for weddings, red carpets, events, Holiday parties and nights when lots of pictures might be taken because it reads better in pictures and helps from washing you out, while keeping a smoother look.

Side note, when it comes to being on set they do full coverage and when working on soaps, I even get a fake body tan with make-up, but that is above and beyond anything needed in everyday life! :)

STEP 4: Pack Toiletries

I like to take travel sizes of toiletries whenever possible, especially if I can get them in the brands I use daily.

In fact, my mother always encouraged us to take travel size and when we didn't she used to joke "why what small toiletries you have," since we had the huge, full size ones, and when my younger sister used to not put them in appropriate, organized, carrying bags, she would laugh and say "I love your matching luggage," because they were random plastic bags, such as Target, Macy's, etc.! LOL!

I found a great black, mesh travel bag at Forever 21 back years ago, when I was living in NYC, and I still use it to this day and love it because it also allows me to see what is inside while keeping it stylish too and you know it's affordable when you see Forever 21! ;)

STEP 5: Bulk Individual Outfits Together

From lots of travel over the years, I have come to find that it is easiest to fold and bulk individual outfits together, so when you pull them out of your suitcase everything is in a nice, organized little bundle! That means I fold in all part of the outfit as well as underwear and any socks, etc.

If an outfit is sharing part of another outfit, a really good thing to do while traveling to pair down the amount you are bringing and save room, I have those next to each other bundled, keeping the shared item separate between them to make it easy to access!

STEP 6: Stack Outfit Piles To Pack

I then stack the outfit bundles on top of each other, in 2 to 3 piles to fit the width of the suitcase I'm taking, with those I will need at the start of the trip on top and those near the end at the bottom.

STEP 7: Pack Outfit Piles, Toiletries & Accessories In Suitcase

Each of those outfit bundles then go into the suitcase and shoes go side by side in their own bundle along with other odds and ends, such as umbrellas, gifts, if traveling with any as I am this time, etc. and get placed wherever they best have to think of packing in a suitcase as a completing a puzzle!

Fun side note, I find engineers, like my extraordinary dad, are some of the best packers, be in packing a car, a package to mail or a suitcase, because they think very mathematically and seem to see things fitting in pieces, part by part! :)

STEP 8: Layout Complete Plane Outfit

To keep the travel and trip as stress-free as possible, especially when you have a really early flight and might be running on little sleep, it is best to have the outfit you plan to wear for travel and on the plane set out the night before.

I lay everything out, including underwear, accessories, the outfit itself, jacket, sunglasses, plane ticket and purse and/or carry with wallet, notepad, pen, mini perfume, travel pill case, brush, gum, etc. packed inside, all out and ready to go!

STEP 9: Organize Snacks & Cary On Items

I then pack up some little snacks for the plane, time while waiting at the airport and/or during layovers because even if you aren't hungry at the moment or plan to eat before you go and then when you get to where you are going, sometimes you run out of time or get stuck somewhere, especially with the uncertainty of flying these days, and my parents always taught us that it is best to have something for cases like that!

In addition, I usually pack some reading material, which for me consists of magazines, I'm not a big reader and books aren't really my friend...bad, I know, and my parents would love for me to read more, but alas, I like the pictures! ;)

I also usually travel with my laptop, but during this shorter trip I am not, but if I do, it is great for carrying magazines too! Then, I make sure I have my earphones to listen to music and any other items needed, which sometimes include a script for work, etc.

STEP 10: Weigh Your Bag, Have Ticket & I.D. And You're Ready To Go

My parents bought me a luggage scale and it is oh so handy! Plus, I am happy to report that it has never been wrong, in fact, it usually tells you that the bag is 1-2 lbs. more than it is and with the 50 lbs. weight limit on bags these days it is very helpful!

After I make sure I come in under 50 lbs., to be on the safe side, I check in online, print out my ticket, double check that I have my I.D., credit cards and some cash, a travel must according to my dad, I set it all by my front door and am ready to go! :)

So there you have it, in these 10 easy steps you can be sensibly packed and ready to go on your next adventure! With a little pre-thingking and organization it will hopefully help you have as stress-free travel as possible...and remember to enjoy the your trip!

I will be sure to document the week of adventure ahead and post a trip wrap up blog with oodles of pictures upon my return, but until then, I hope you all have a very Happy Easter and I hope this followed along the lines of what you wanted per your wonderful comment suggestions and keep them coming! :)


  1. You have it down to a fine art!! I am notorious for packing the whole bottle of shampoo, conditioner, etc... I am so bad!!! I also pack too much. I am getting better, but you just never know!!! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy meeting his family. I am sure you will charm them as you have us! Happy Easter!

  2. Jemsmom - I always used to pack too much and I still tend to, but have gotten much better over the years, but that is a hard thing for me! :) Thank you for such sweet comments and I hope you have a Happy Easter too! :)

  3. Liesl, these are all such great tips!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Btw, I'm totally coming over and raiding your closet. And stealing... ummm, I mean borrowing those tan colored boots :)

    Have a fantastic trip with the unexpected love of your life!

  4. Hey, Diana!

    Thank you so much and you can come over anytime! :)

    We had a lovely trip and I will be posting a post of pics very soon! I hope you had a fun weekend and Happy Easter!

    Liesl :)

  5. what a helpful blog post this is! thank you so much for sharing your ideas, they are inspiring since i usually dread packing! have fun on your trip!

  6. Thank you, Sarah!

    I'm so glad they were helpful and thank you for your kind words! I had a lovely trip and will be posting pics from it very soon!

    Liesl :)

  7. Thank you, Mara! I hope it is helpful to you! :)

    I just got back from the trip and it all worked out FABULOUS!

    Liesl :)

    P.S. I love your blog and pics!

  8. Liesl, love this, it's so helpful, thank you for taking the time to share, photos really helpful too!


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