Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am on my way to set to shoot my part on a hit TV show, which should be fun, but wanted to tell you about the lovely Michelle Elisabeth, over at Thymely Thoughts, who has a Photography Challenge II contest going on now through midnight on Monday, May 17th first! :)

What is the challenge exactly?

It is a shadow contest, which I think is oh so fun! Pretty much, you just submit picture(s) that capture shadows and silhouettes in your environment.

Anywho, since I tend to document everything in my life, I went thorough some of my pictures and pulled any that qualified to submit.

As much fun as it would be to win, I had a blast going through pictures and creating a little website to display them, which you can see here or if you click on the picture of the site below!

Enjoy and feel free to enter yourselves, I'd love to see what you create! Either way, hop on over and visit Michelle's site, check out some of her beautiful photography and say, "hi, hi, hi!" :)

Now, I must go and hopefully Break-A-Leg as they say in this biz of show...hehe! Oh yes, and HAPPY BIRTHD AY, dad...I love you more than I could ever express!!!


  1. awesome photos! guess your good infront & behind the camera!

    have fun filming!


  3. Thats sounds great, I really should check those out!
    Have fun and Happy Bday to your dad!
    Kisses and great post!

  4. Ooh! The filming must be fun. Do you get to share plot and cast secrets with us?... lol, just kidding of course. I'm so curious as to what your role is... Don Drapers new lover? ha ha ha. Kidding again.

    Thanks for sharing the contest, will hop on over now.

    Come check out my latest giveaway... :)

  5. PS... and happy birthday to your dad! :-)

  6. Liesl, these works are absolutely beautiful. I know you'll win. I love the images and the play of light is perfect. xoxo

  7. I am on my way to checking those photos out! From what I can tell they look lovely. I like the seagull one. Happy birthday to your fasha.


  8. go get 'em liesl. rooting for ya. you'll do great i'm sure. got curious and i googled you and found out you were in mad men, how cool is that?

    much love...


  9. neato! and what t.v. show? you must tell us, so we can watch when it airs!


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