Sunday, August 8, 2010


As many of you fabulous followers know, I often post Forever 21 things and it is one of my favorite affordable fashion spots to visit, browse and usually purchase things from!

Anywho, I tend to have a dressier style and like to keep things on the classic or elegant end of fashion and their Love 21 Contemporary is one of my favorites. I came across some of their new dresses and thought I would share a few with you who might have a similar clothing taste! :)

Forever 21 (Love 21 Contemporary) - $ 34.80

Forever 21 (Love 21 Contemporary) - $ 29.80

Forever 21 (Love 21 Contemporary) - $ 32.80

I liked many of the dresses they posted, even some that aren't my usual style. So, feel free to look through some of their other cute and classy dresses because you might just find something that catches your eye! Plus, I noticed that the dresses I picked to post all offer a rather cool color feel of the blue variety! ;)

Also, many of you asked when I would be on "Mad Men," so, I wanted to let you know that it airs tonight on AMC, but I'll give you a heads up that it is just a couple lines in a quick scene with Jon Hamm who plays Don Drapper. The part shrunk from the original audition, which often happens with rewrites, and from the way it was shot you might have to look to see me so don't be expecting too much! ;)

Anywho, thank you again for all of the continued comments and messages! A picture show post is coming soon from my trek from LA to Austin and beyond!


  1. Beautiful dresses, I adore the sleeves on the last!

    So awesome about Mad Men, I'll be tuned in tonight. I'm so hooked on that show and I'm totally looking forward to seeing you :)

    Hope your weekend has been fabulous!

  2. First time visiting your blog its very impressive :D

  3. I am so excited! I just set the DVR!!!

  4. I adore the last dress so much:) Kisses and hugs,sweetie

  5. Cute! I love the Blue Foliate Print Silk Dress. SO affordable. So chic.


  6. the first dress is so cute!



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