Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been busy organizing and going through everything in my apt. and getting rid of things I don't need or use anymore to donate to goodwill and help downsize the mass amount of things I have collected since moving to LA.

Somewhat of a summer, instead of spring, cleaning. While doing so, I have been trying to simplify as well as create things I needed to help organize out of things I already had or might be seen as garbage since they were already used, but instead created something new from it.

This is what I like to call "getting crafty" and I thought I might start posting a Get Crafty section on my blog from time to time that contributes to creative ideas in an affordable manner to help you save! :)

Before I start, I wanted to share with you the most adorable and useful gift I received from a lovely friend of mine whom I've known since high school...silver cupcake measuring spoons!!! I simply adore them and had to show them off, especially since you will see them in some pics later in this post! You can visit her cute little blog at Confessions of the Caffeinated.

One thing that always bugs me is that some jar candles will burn until the wick is out, but still have a good portion of candle left that you just have to toss it because it won't burn. However, instead of throwing them away or if you wanted to know how to get them all cleaned out to use, I have a solution for you! :)

What I did was take my old Yankee and Bath and Body Works candle jars with lids and created useful containers out of them and an old IKEA candle in a glass jar without a lid to create storage for my matches!


Take old candle jars that had lids, but no wick left to burn.


Take the lids off and pop them in the freezer. *


Once the candle wax is frozen, turn the glass jar upside down on top of a towel on a hard surface, like a countertop, forcefully until the wax just pops right out in one piece.


Clean jar out and add contents you want to seal and store away or for display into to it.

For example coffee...

Or sugar in or out of the packets...


Place lids securely back on the jars and they will be ready to store.


You can place them out for display on a counter, as I did by my coffee maker, or put them away on a shelf to store knowing they will stay fresh and contained.

An alternate usage is to store matches or something that doesn't necessarily need a lid.

I happened to have an old holiday candle from IKEA with a pretty red design on the glass that matched my kitchen and living room accent color, which is that candle apple red, and so I just had to find a use for it!

Then, I added red boxed matches from LA Poubelle, which oddly means dustbin or trashcan in French, a Hollywood restaurant and bar since they matched perfectly! :)

So, there you have it! A quick, easy and super affordable, free in this case, use for old candle jars! Once I figured out the best and cleanest way to get the wax out of the jar I was pretty much there!

Plus, the wax you pop out makes for nice closet or drawer fresheners if they are scented!

Let me know if this was helpful or useful to you and if you would be interested in more Get Crafty posts and I will be sure to do some in the future!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and I'll be back soon with another picture show from another destination our our summer road trip! :)

* Additional Side Tip:

If your candle did not burn evenly and there is wax along the sides, stick the entire candle in the oven at about 250-350 degrees until all the wax has burned down evenly. Then, let it rest till cooled to touch before placing in the freezer and following the above steps!


  1. what an awesome idea! i love candles and now i have a great way to reuse the containers when i'm done :) thanks for sharing!

  2. How clever is that?!? Love it!!!

  3. Oh I luv these ideas!! Such crafty ideas :)

    I once discovered that you can also run them through the dishwasher which will have just enough heat to release them from the jars while still maintaining the shape (instead of melting into a sticky mess). It not only frees the wax but also cleans off any residue and charcoal at the same time.

    If you are still interested in doing a She's So Fabulous feature, my next open spot is in October. I know you have been uber-busy lately, but I would still love to have you when you have some free time :)

  4. This is so creative and pretty!

    P.S : Wow I just realized I forgot to add you on my tag list when I totally had you in mind! I'm tagging you now :)

  5. That is genius! I am totally going to be stocking our freezer with old candles later!

  6. Girl -- THOSE are sooo cute!! I am sealing your idea :)

  7. Great idea dear! And good job on the organizing, that always takes forever!!! :-)

    P.S. I have a lovely giveaway I know you'd love!

  8. Now that is a useful tip...I knew about the freezer tip...but I used that for burners, etc...not the actually glass votives:) Thanks

  9. That is such a great idea...I have so many candle jars ...I am going to do them tonight:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  10. what a great idea!! i always take the wax out and throw them in the recycling, but they're so cute to display and use. thanks for sharing!!

  11. ooo good idea!!! i always want to do something with my old jars but i can never get the wax out. im gonna try this soon!
    xx. alyssa


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