Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hello, ladies...and gentleman!

First, I want to wish my lovely little sister a very Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is as wonderful and fun as she is...I miss and love you, Foofy Foofy aka my nickname for her! :)

Second, I haven't done a healthy, easy to make recipe post in awhile and many of you said you wanted to see more. So, I thought I would post a sweeter treat this time!

When I came across sugar-free, fat-free cheesecake pudding, I thought I would buy it and try it since I like cheesecake in general. Then, while staring at the box in my kitchen cabinet, I realized I had a box of low-fat graham crackers sitting behind my pudding boxes and ta-da...the Guiltless Cheesecake-esque Squares were crafted and created in my mind and kitchen! :)

What you need:

Fat-free, Sugar-free Cheesecake Jell-O Pudding
Skim Milk
Low-fat Graham Crackers

Putting it together:

• Make your pudding by following directions on the box.

• Break graham crackers into squares, but splitting each rectangular cracker in half, they usually have perforation marks, which make this easy.

• Place the squares in the bottom a lasagna type baking pan or dish.

• Pour already made cheesecake pudding over the top of the graham crackers and spread evenly, feel free to make this as thick or thin of a layer as you wish, but this will vary the amount of squares you make...but you can always double or triple the recipe by making multiple boxes of pudding.

• Place the pan in the freezer till frozen and solid.

• Remove from the freezer and sprinkle an even amount of cinnamon over the top.

• Slice into the now frozen cheesecake pudding to separate into individual squares.

• Place on a plate, serve and enjoy...divine cold, which makes it perfect!

These are super simple, easy to make, very affordable and rather kind to your figure as well! ;)

Now, I will admit that the cheesecake pudding doesn't taste exactly like cheesecake, but I figured as much seeing that it was fat-free and sugar free...hehe...but it still has a hint of that taste and is quite lovely with graham crackers, which makes for a rather tasty and healthy treat!

Enjoy and let me know what you think if you give them a try! Feel free to even create your own twist on the above and send me a pic...I'd love to see what you make and create!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sister!
    I may try the recipe soon, looks delish!
    Thanks for your kind comment!

  2. Yum, this looks absolutely delicious! I will definitely try this! Thanks for posting the recipe, Liesl! Love your blog :) <3

  3. Congrats to your sis! The cheesecake pudding looks yummy :D

  4. =)Thanks Schmies! I love yo. You could also try the same style recipe with vanilla or banana cream pie sf/ff pudding and slice some bananas on top of the pieces!

  5. Congras to your sister:) I bet you are a good cooker, aren´t you!!:) I love making food, but only thing i dont fancy is the cleaning :( ...btw, u should get the Naked Palette..u will love it:)


  6. it looks delicious!

  7. Mmm sounds yummy!

    (Thanks so much for your comment about Kate. So sweet of you to update me!)

  8. Yummy....looks great! Congrats to your sister,sweetie
    Happy Monday

  9. Yum! I am bookmarking this one.



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