Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Happy last day of August everyone...I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week!

Things are cooling off in LA, which actually makes the crisper feeling of fall feel palpable. Something that is rare out here and why this time of year leaves me longing to be back east among the changing leaves, sweater wearing weather and smells of pumpkin spice, cinnamon and upcoming holiday season!

Recently, and before the cooler temperatures rolled in, I decided to pack my journal, some stationary for letter writing, a pen and cold diet coke and drive to my somewhat secret spot right beneath the Hollywood sign not too far from where I live.

It is a place not many know about that takes me away from the hustle, bustle, unique bubble and traffic of LA to a calming, quiet spot in the middle of a grass field with pretty trees where they have a couple picnic tables, which makes it perfect for writing whenever I want to get away.

This particular day there were only 3 other people there, followed by a few who were doing a quick retro 40's photo shoot, only in LA...hehe...but then, they all ended up leaving, which left me there to enjoy it all by myself, which was wonderful! Especially in LA where it is rare to ever be completely by yourself!

After soaking up some sun, writing a long letter and collecting my thoughts on paper, since I have always been one who expresses myself better in writing, I headed down the long, windy road and was the only car on it until I got back to the busy main road, already busy with traffic, and was quickly knocked back into reality.

From time to time, especially after my somewhat difficult summer dealing with a serious medical emergency with someone close to me, as those of you who read my blog know about, I have found myself needing moments like this in hopes of finding a bit of direction and getting myself back on track.

Aside from that, I want to thank each of you who take the time to read my blog and for all the lovely comments and wonderful support because this blog has become such a passion of mine and I really look forward to posting for all of you! Not to mention the joy I get in getting to know each of you, reading all of your wonderful, and often inspiring, blogs and seeing your many pictures!

Thank you, everyone! :)


  1. That sounds wonderful are lucky you found a place like that. Enjoy it!!~

  2. I do the same Lisel, the difference is you write under lots of sun. In England, what I always do is go for a run (lazy run lol)first, then off to a café shop, and write whatever i want on my little book :)


  3. Sometimes we all need those moments...I just wish I could find more time to write a journal....Those are such a sweet photos:) Kisses my dear and have a fantastic last day of August:)

  4. love it all! great shots.

    i need to journal more. used to love it and do it all the time.

    p.s. looked you up on imdb. you were on dawson creek!.. and have done some other awesome stuff! so cool.

  5. the next time I'm in LA I want to find this spot! ;) looks to peaceful and perfect.

  6. Thanks for this post hun!!!you always look gorgeous btw!!!
    Here the only peacefull place is the beach (only in winter time of course)!!!

  7. i was trying to figure out where this was! i miss LA. hopefully i will visit in october!

  8. You are just adorable and have such a sweet spirit. You seem to be in a real time of transition right now and what a smart girl you are to step back, and think it through. Praying all is well with you! I enjoy your blog so much and "getting to know you"!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love writing letters, and in my journal as well. My favorite place to do it is by my bedroom window on a quiet afternoon. I get a lot of sunshine through my window, and rarely does it get quiet in my neighborhood. So midday, when nobody is home is the best time!

    New to your blog! Stop by!

  10. You're such a doll, and a total sweetie! I've been enjoying many quiet moments by myself lately too. Last week the air chilled a bit where I am, but the past three days it has been in the 30's (Celcius)!!

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