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On Thursday night my wonderful friends Jenny, Chika and Lindsay treated me to a fancy and oh so classy post-birthday celebration dinner at Le Saint Amour, an authentic French restaurant with mostly French servers and chefs, in downtown Culver City, CA.

Le Saint Amour (source)

The area is so adorable and beautiful at night once the white twinkle lights come on all the little trees outside! It felt as though we were whisked away to Paris for the evening and we laughed, shared stories, discussed relationships and so much more over bottles of wine, of which Edge was our favorite.

We enjoyed sharing their tasty Presse de Saumon (smoked and fresh salmon terrine with chives) and Burrata et Tomates Confites (crispy polenta, pesto, tomatoes and soft cheese) to start.

Lovely Lindsay et Moi both sporting some blue.

Fabulous Chika and Miss Jenny

Then, Jenny and I each had the Entrecout au Poivre (grilled rib eye with pepper sauce served with pommes frites aka french fries with a side of mayonnaise, in true french fashion) while Chika enjoyed the Entrecote Bearnaise (grilled rib eye with bearnaise sauce and pommes frites) and Lindsay tried the Tartare de Boeuf (raw beef tenderloin with pommes frites.)

My Entrecout au Poivre et Pommes Frites

Now, I have to say I have never been able to oder the raw beef, though very popular in France, and I know it doesn't sound too appetizing, but when you think about it, if you like sushi aka raw fish, it is just sushi of a beef variety! ;) So, I tried my first bite and the way the prepared it with all the herbs and spices was truly delicious and I can say, I'm now a fan!

For dessert our delightful waiter, who had a great personality and also offered some wonderful relationship advice throughout the night, brought me Ile Flottante, which is almost like a floating island of air aka soft meringue marshmallow on a divine light, vanilla cream sauce with slices of strawberries and almonds and a candle in it just for me! My lovely friend sang, while other restaurant goers joined in and everyone clapped, it was super cute! :)

My Il Flottante dessert surprise.

My candid and super excited reaction! :)

My Victoria's Secret wind-blown hair look! LOL! :)

A little too excited and about to make my wish!

Making my wish...the same I've made every year since I was little! :)

Needless to say we all enjoyed every last bite of it and enjoyed it even more because it was so light and airy that it didn't feel as though we had just eaten a dessert or leave us with that heavy, too full feeling, which was a bonus! :)

Me and my truly Fabulous Friends who made me feel so special! :)

Overall, I just have to say how wonderful it is to have such kind and generous friends in LA who enjoy going out to do fun, civilized things, dressing up and exploring new places. I feel so lucky to have them in my life and want to thank them for making me feel really special and giving me a truly fabulous birthday dinner memory! :)

As for a break down of my Look of the Day, or more so evening in this case, since you all keep wanting to see them, here we go...

Blue Tulip Cut Ruffle Dress - $21.99 (sale)

Black Mossimo Juniors Leggings
Target - $6.00

Long, Silver Knot Necklace
Target - $12.99

Silver Bangle / Silver & Rhinestone Knot Ring
Charlotte Russe - $4.00 (1 shown from set of 2) / $8.00

Black Mossimo Pumps
Target - $24.99

Normally, I would not wear this dress with leggings, but since I am tall and it is tulip cut in the front, it was just too short on me to wear without something underneath, especially if I was going to be sitting. So, I gave the leggings a try, but would also sport this with some opaque tights and the black pumps to elongate the look a bit! :)

I hope you all enjoyed coming along on my post-birthday dinner with me and yet another look of the day! I'll be sure to keep them coming your way as often as possible and I hope you are having a FABULOUS Labor Day!

Side note: Check out to be transported back to where you grew up and enjoy a really unique and fun experience with beautiful music and images! Thank you to Lacey over at Apartment 210 for introducing it to me! :)


  1. Wonderful photos...and blue looks amazing on you:)Looks so fun and I adore it all:)
    Kisses and Happy Holiday Monday

  2. Happy belated birthday. The food looks amazing. I love French food. Cute outfit x

  3. Ooh you look so pretty! I love the dress and it's perfect with black leggings! I also checked out TheWildernessDownTown, I think Jonathan showed me it last week and it's crazy!! So cool :) <3

  4. Oh how awesome is that!!! Happy Birthday!! :)
    That restaurant looks fabulous! :)

  5. Happy belated birthday! Absolutely love your blog! I am a new follower!


  6. Happy Birthday! And your outfit is very cute!

  7. Oh wow! You are soooooo gorgeous! Wow. I love that dress. So amazing. And what a steal! Nice job. Happy birthday you gorgeous gal!


  8. Looks like a wonderful time! Of course, you look fabulous as always!

  9. you look fabulous sweetie! i love your blue dress! the colour is sooo grogeous. looks like you had a fun night!


  10. How Fun!! Happy birthday :)
    ps. Your outfit is adorable!!

  11. Love the glam birthday party! You all look so very fabulous :) xo Cat

  12. looks like a way fun celebration! blue is definitely your color. i can't believe how inexpensive that dress is -- you make it look like a million bucks!

  13. I love the blue dress/top! It's lovely on you. I hope you had a great b-day.
    Just started following :)

  14. love that blue on you! happy belated :)

  15. Happy belated birthday! Your post birthday meal looked amazing! Yummy yummy. And I love your blue dress!!! Asos. A girl after my own heart. :)

  16. Ooohhh, what a fun looking night! You looked so fab! Hope you had a great bday! xx

  17. cute photos!
    you look gorgeous! :)

  18. You are adorable Liesl!! Happy Birthday to you too :) You always look so happy and adorable I love that about you. And that dinner is making me hungry now hehe have a great week gorgeous!! xo

  19. happy belated birthday! you look cute with your cake =)

    ...look closer

  20. I wish i had a target now! I want those shoes.. :'(

    Happy birthday (belated) You look amazing!!

  21. SO cute! This looks like so much fun... and that blue color is fabulous on you! :)

  22. Aww happy birthday!! Lovely pictures, and I love girls night outs!

  23. what great birthday pictures!!! yah - I've never had the guts to order the raw beef...but maybe not i'll have to try it!
    thanks for your sweet comments!

  24. wow, that French restaurant looks AMAZING!
    happy belated birthday, girl, I love your blog.
    that dress is a bargain too xx

  25. you are so cute!!! love these pictures! you look so happy!


  26. Looks like a great celebration! Happy (belated) birthday! You look stunning in that color blue!

  27. just found your blog and am digging it! I love Target, too! Great deals, great styles!

  28. it was recently my birthday too! hope you had a great day, you look like you did!
    One of my gifts was very sensible and was a gift card to forever 21, lol.


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