Monday, September 20, 2010


Happy Monday, Lovelies!

I meant to post this last week of my Look of the Day, but got busy with work and lots of other goodies for you that I didn't get around to it. However, since the response to wanting to see more looks of the day with a breakdown of the prices has been very positive, I thought better late than never! :)

This look isn't really anything special, just a casual look I put together quickly to go run some errands around town and do a pick up for a Universal Records music video I'm helping with over at The Lot, a studio on Hollywood.

It had been hitting 100 degrees in the valley, even though it was almost fall, but now I think I have retired the flip flops and am sticking to close toed shoes and boots to blend with fall as best as possible, but depending on the heat, we shall see if the flip flops make more appearances or not! :)

Keep in mind that the genuine museum gold ring, which was a birthday gift from my extraordinary parents a few years ago that they purchased in Manhattan Beach while visiting CA, can be switched out for a much more affordable ring for around $4.00 from Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe and cut the price of this look in half making it more of a Fabulous Fashion 4 Sensible Style!

Look of the Day
Total Price Breakdown

Neutral Crop Sweater / Taylored Blue Jean Shorts / Camel Genuine Leather Hobo Bag
Forever 21 - $17.80 / TJ Maxx - $ 14.99 / San Diego Store - $ 69.99

Genuine Museum Gold Ring *
B-day Gift from my Parents from a Manhattan Beach Shop - $110.00

* (Easily changed out with a more affordable ring from Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe to cut the price and I only know the price of my gift because I had wanted it while out shopping with them.)

Fuchsia Pink Flower Hair Clip
Forever 21 - $3.80

Yes, a flower in my hair did make an appearance quite often this summer, hence you seeing it so much...hehe...but probably won't as much now that it is Fall, except perhaps during the holidays or for a fun evening affair!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoy every moment of your week! I'll be back soon with another Look of the Day and some fun, affordable fashion and accessory finds for you!


  1. I love the flowers in your hair and you always have such a wonderful outfit selections:)...Totally smitten with your ring too:)

  2. Super cute casual look hun, I wish it was that warm up here in Seattle! Jealous:-)

  3. awee, you look so cute and summery! love that top! and the flower is a perfect accesory :)

  4. You are so cute. I think that ring is fabulous! I understand the heat. It was in the mid 90's today. Fall is just a distant dream for us right now. In a month or two maybe... :-)

  5. Hot! Look at those stems! And all for a reasonable price. Nice work.


    p.s. Come join in my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway when you get the chance :)

  6. cute look :D love it! :)

  7. so so so cute! i love the sweater!

  8. Love your look ... so stylish. The red bow looks so pretty in your hair, too! Thanks for stopping by my humble abode and leaving a sweet note about my Fall kitchen decor. Have a great day, Becca

  9. Such a cute outfit!!

    You know, you always remind me of Amanda Seyfried!


  10. loving those shorts!

    you make errand running so cute!

  11. You are so adorable!!! I need you to style me every morning!! Are you in fashin design? I will keep reading.. ha ha...

    Happy Tuesday Pretty Girl

  12. Why do you have to always look so dang cute?? I bet you look adorable as soon as you wake up in the morning :-) Love the gold ring!

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  14. Gorgeous look, Liesl! And I love the flower in your hair, it's so you :) <3

  15. cute outfit. i am in LOVE with your ring!!! its so so beautiful! what a great birthday gift!
    xx. alyssa

  16. Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!


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