Thursday, October 7, 2010


As many of you many remember, this summer I was unexpectedly away for a while after a major medical emergency with someone very, very dear to me. It was a life changing time for me and life saving moment for this person.

I don't usually do posts like this, but I felt this was so very important, and that any awareness I can bring to it could help save a life. Just as it did, thanks to my extraordinary father who did everything just as he needed to do it and in the nick of time, this summer.

TIME magazine just printed and posted an article yesterday in the Healthland section titled "The Case Against Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation."

(photo via time wellness)

It reveals the importance of understanding and knowing the new ways of CPR for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. How chest compressions are the most important thing, over the mouth-to-mouth that was previously taught.

The most shocking part of the article is how love the percentages is of those who do CPR correctly and end up saving a life. I passed this onto my dad after seeing it since he has recent personal experience with it and he added something to the article that wanted to share...

One thing bothers me - If you do hands-only, I'm not sure how you can tell whether the air passages are clear . . . you can't "hear" whether air is going into the lungs just from the chest compressions. However, if you do mouth-to-mouth, you know for sure, because you can hear it and you can feel the chest rising with air going in . . .

It seems to me that the hands-only method should include making sure the air-ways are not blocked. In (name taken out for privacy) case I could not get air in until I turned his head to the side a bit and the 911 lady on the phone instructed me to do that.

After turning the head, it was easy to blow air in and, I suspect, air was going in and out of the lungs with each chest compression.

The other thing I'm surprised about is, even in best cases they mention in the article, the survival rate is so low . . . Wow!

Feel free to pass this article along and get certified if you can. I was certified back in high school when we were required to take it for health class and again when I took a babysitting course.

However, it has not only changed since then, but it has been many, many years since my certification and classes, and I don't honestly think I can remember it fully.

So, I am signing up for a class in my area, just as many of my friend did shortly after they heard what happened in my life this summer, and am going to get re-certified, which I plan to document here!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I wasn't planning on writing it, but was compelled after reading the article and being struck by all that happened to me personally.
Side Note: My dad had download the Pocket First Aid & CPR App on his iPhone just weeks before the incident happened, which he had encouraged me and my sisters to do as well ,prior to any of this, stating that "the $3.99 is worth it," and was it ever!

He himself had not taken CPR since he was in high school, which was many, many years before I got mine and it had mentioned the above changes.


  1. Thanks for this post girl!! I've wanted to take CPR classes for the longest time but they are so expensive in my area. Why can't they just be free! ;-)

    Happy Thursday Dear! xo

  2. I agree completely, Jen!

    Something so important should be offered as a free service...perhaps I should start trying to make that happen!

    I hope you are having a Terrific Thursday!

    Liesl :)

  3. i really should get re certified. thanks for passing this on!

  4. I took a CPR course a few years ago...Its so important to take part in it..and I so agree with you should be free! Thanks for that post....Kisses,sweetie

  5. oh i went on a course for this once upon a time x

  6. Great post!!! We never know when someone might need saving.

  7. Thanks for posting this, Liesl. I did a course in CPR when I was in secondary school but am not sure I remember everything from it anymore. It's good to reinform yourself! <3

  8. Such great advice, needed a refresher!

  9. This was a great post. Don't know exactly how this affected you but thank God your dad knew what to do! That is just wonderful!
    I'm a first time visitor and new follower -- I'd love for you to come on by and follow too if you like :)

  10. Oh wow! That app could seriously be life changing. This has definitely inspired me to take a CPR class. Wonderful post and thank you.

  11. I am really glad you posted this, it is such an important reminder.

    I was so relieved when you told me everything was OK... I can't even begin to imagine what you went through with this person.

    Time for a refresher course for sure.


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