Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am back with another Get Crafty post that shows you how I recently altered an affordable frame I purchased for a friend and turned it into a special 30th Birthday gift for her.

Turning 30 is a pretty big birthday, and I wanted something to represent it, but couldn't really find anything. Then, after finding a fun red frame, I decided I wanted personalize it by adding the number 30 to it for one of her gifts.

However, after some visits to Michaels and other crafting stores, I realized that they sell numerous letters as stickers or stencil cut outs, but not numbers, which I still think is a wee bit odd!

Anwho, I thought, why don't I make it myself? Which is when this get crafty idea was born! :)

First, I picked out a frame that I thought my friend would like and in a color I knew would match her apartment. You can make this as affordable as you want depending on how much you spend on the frame itself. They can be purchased for about as little as $4.99 at TJ Maxx, Marshall's or a Home Goods type discount store.

Then, I tried out a couple different fonts I liked and typed a big 30 in the size that would fit nicely on the frame and printed some options out on regular paper, although you can use sticker paper too!

Next, you will need some glitter and glue. I used a black glitter glue, which I already had, since black helps camouflage imperfections and I was going to add silver glitter to it and the glitter in the glue would be fine and just add to the sparkle.

Once you have filled in your print out evenly with the glue, using a toothpick or x-acto knife/razor with a flat edge to reshape glue and clean up any edges if you need to, sprinkle the glitter of choice on top.

Let it dry completely, or even overnight to be safe, then take an x-acto knife or razor and trace along the outside of the number to cut it out.

Remember to place a thick piece of cardboard or a cutting board underneath to be sure not to scratch the surface under it because you will be cutting completely through the paper.

Once completely cut out, clean up edges using little scissors if you need to, position the number where you want it on the frame, glue the it in place and let dry. You can also use Glue Dots that they sell in crafting stores to tack it down, but allow it to be removed or repositioned if you ever want to.

Ta da! You now have a personalized, super affordable gift (or little treasure for yourself) that is unique, and makes it a little more thoughtful than just a frame. Even though I welcome frames as a gift any them! :)

Let me know if you try this yourself or if you have any other fun, personalized crafting ideas to share!

Also, if there is something you are trying to do for an affordable price and aren't sure how to do it, let me know...maybe I can help you find a way!

Side Note: My extraordinary parents got into town yesterday and I couldn't be happier!!! :)


  1. Ahhhh! that doggy and frame is so cute!

  2. are so creative! What a sweet project:) Kisses,my dear

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  3. How cute is this?!! I had no idea you were such a crafty girl ;)

    Hope you are doing well, sweetie!

  4. adorable! i love it. you always have such cute ideas! :)

  5. love this! i need to set some time to (attempt) to be crafty!!

  6. How CUTE!! I love this DIY....great idea for upcoming XMas gifts too:)

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  7. That is an extraordinary gift idea my darling! :)
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  8. Very creative! Lovely blog, glad I stumbled across it!

  9. oh my, how i love glitter <3

    and thanks for all the sweet comments this week! it's good to be back!

  10. So cute! You're so full of great ideas!

  11. Very cute! Fabulous idea!

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  12. Hey, this is really really cool. Not to mention red is my favorite color. What you do with the glitter is sparkly fun as well. Gonna try this soon at thome ;p Thanks for the inspiration!


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