Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy Friday!

I wanted to do a quick Look of the Day post for you, but this one is from just before the New Year, hence some of the holiday decorations. Anywho, it is from when I met up with some wonderful family friends and part of my family at Outback for a yummy dinner followed by a little dessert at my parents! :)

We had a lovely time, and their son, Mr. Adorable, who is one of the cutest kids you will meet...I just adore him, and we had a super fun time! I've included a price breakdown of the look I sported for the evening, and some pictures from our fun outing!

Total price breakdown, not the most clear picture...sorry!

Black 3/4 Length Blazer
Forever 21 - $29.80

Black Racerback
Target - $4.99

Pink & Black Sequin Top
Target - $12.99

Black Mossimo Leggings
Target - $6.00

Charcoal Boots
Target - $24.99

Pewter Dome Ring
Charlotte Russe - $4.00

Total Look = $82.77

Just moi.

Close-up on my Pewter Dome Ring.

Close-up on layered tank tops.

Closer look at black sequin embellishment on the pink top.

Close-up on my Mossimo Charcoal Boots.

Closer look at my make-up.

Mr. Adorable and his mother at Outback.

Mr. Adorable et Moi at Outback.

My fabulous uncles, extraordinary parents et moi outside Outback.

My extraordinary parents et moi outside Outback.

My Uncle Ron and Mr. Adorable.

My Uncle Ed and Mr. Adorable.

Having far too much fun...I told him I was going to steal his eye lashes! ;)

My Marvelous Mother et Moi enjoying some apples and caramel.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend! I am off to a nice sushi dinner at sunset on the rooftop of a tall building in downtown LA with my unexpected love and fiance, which I'm looking forward to!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. You look beautiful, I love your outfit! That ring is amazing.

  2. The sequined top is lovely! Enjoy your sushi dinner :) x

  3. AWWWW! CUTE! I have a 3-day weekend, but I will be nursing a sick kitty. Wanna do some sewing, too! Hope you have a good one!!

  4. SO CUTE! I love seeing the outfit in action too :)

  5. That little guy is a cutie! Why is it that all little kids have the best eyelashes?!? Love your sequined tank! I hope you enjoyed your sushi dinner! We had dinner at a greek restaurant tonight for our anniversary! Have a great weekend!

  6. Love your outfit, the sequins especially! What an adorable little guy there :)

    - the runaway

  7. You look so beautiful. Love the pink top!

  8. You rock that outfit! Lovin the boots and tank:-)


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