Sunday, February 27, 2011


The adorable and super friendly Ashley from Eisy Morgan is a wonderful wife and marvelous mother who created the Bloscars, has a passion for adventure and traveling, simply loves trying new things, having fun and laughing...a lot! She also happens to be one of Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style's new sponsors! :)

Ashley from Eisy Morgan

So, I want to say, "thank you, thank you, thank you" to her because it is so much fun sharing the love! If you have a chance, head over and check her out either on her blog, on Facebook or YouTube because she offers some creative ideas, helpful tutorials and endless fun!

Thank you again to my Super Sponsors, Fabulous Followers and each of you who take the time to comment and even simply stop by! I really appreciate all the support and have been so excited to see how much my little fashion blog has grown in the last month because of all of you!

Sending extra smiles your way, and enjoy the Oscars tonight on ABC for those of you who will be watching them, as I shall be! Also, be sure to let me know your favorite fashions from it so I can try to copy the Look 4 Less in a future post!

Also, stay tuned for the Bloscar Award winners tonight as well on our Super Sponsor's blog Eisy Morgan...I look forward to seeing all the winners!


  1. awesome!!

    nice blog :-)

    visit me at

    follow back :-)

  2. I think Bloscars is such a great idea! I must check out her blog :). You've got a great one too, keep it up! :)

  3. Congrats on your Sponsors, sweetie. Im loving the red carpet so far:) Happy Sunday
    Hugs and kisses

  4. congrats on the sponsors! i m off to check out her blgo now...thanks for sharing!

  5. Congrats on your sponsor, that is so exciting =) I love your blog, it is amazing! Following =)

  6. What a great sponsor. I am excited to what some of the Oscars. I say some because the kids attention span wont tolerate it. LOL.

  7. Congrats on your new sponsors! ;) Let's hope that your blog will grow even more in March.... it is the month of new beginnings afterall! :D


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