Thursday, March 3, 2011


OK, so the Oscar 2011 Look 4 Less challenge was on, like Donkey Kong...okay so not really, but I just had to say that! LOL!

Anywho, the 2 looks that got the most votes from the evening, which you wanted to see at a more affordable price were Natalie Portman's pretty and pregnant in plum Rodarte gown and Mila Kunis's lovely in lavender Elie Saab gown!

Truth be told, this was not easy and I knew going into it that finding a more affordable dress that came close to Mila's was going to be a "no-go," and well, it was just that. Despite finding some other very pretty lavender colored dresses!

However, finding a pretty good duplicate for Natalie's dress, as seen below, was doable after lots and lots of hunting!

Dress by: Rodarte
Jewelry by: Tiffany & Co.
Shoes by: Jimmy Choo
Event: Oscars 2011

So, without further ado, I bring you my finds for Natalie Portman's Oscar attire in a Look 4 Less, including dress, accessories and shoes! Keep in mind that I think the off the shoulder mini sleeves could most likely be pulled down a bit further to create a more similar look.

Dress: eDressMe New York
Price: $375.00

Earrings: Urban Renewal
Price: $18.00

Shoes: Unlisted
Price: $47.99

I will admit that the look I found does not quite capture the flattering cut of the Rodarte and is still a bit pricey, as far as affordable fashions on this blog go, but it is still far more affordable than the multi-thousand dollar price tag attached to the original!

Also, I chose to go with gold tassel earrings, instead of the unique reddish purple ones she wore, but think it adds a little something and if you paired it with a gold clutch and gold heels, instead of plum, you would be good to go!

Always remember that with any look, you can always change things up a bit to flatter you and your body shape more or simply suite what you like! Think of celebrity looks as inspirations for looks and ideas that you might incorporate into your wardrobe or for a certain occasion.

Hopefully, this is something along the lines of what you were hoping to see! Thank you again for all the super sweet comments and positive reactions to this new section of my blog! So fun!!! :)


  1. Liesl ~

    Stopped by to say hello and thank you for your sweet comment on the Ooh La Frou Frou blog ~ a response from either myself or one of the "Ooh La Frou Frou girls" always awaits when one of our girlfriends leaves a message ... and now there's one there in comments for you for next time you're by. So fun to discover lovely blog buddies! xoxo

    Sandy ~ artist & creator of the Ooh La Frou Frou Collection

  2. Liesl, I think this is an absolutely amazing Look 4 Less! What a great find! The dress is so similar, it doesn't matter that it's not identical! And yes it's a bit expensive but for the kind of dress that it is, I don't think anyone would mind :) It's gorgeous! You did a fantastic job! xoxo

  3. You go girl!! I loved Natalie's gown. And only you could pull this off and find all the right elements to put this together! Hope your week is going fabulous Miss Liesl!! xoxox

  4. Oh good job, cute shoes too.
    xxx DJ

  5. I love that expression too! haha! I have to say, you are right about adding gold earrings instead (with a gold clutch, etc) would pop out much more. But Natalie looked amazing regardless!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  6. Nice job! The color is right on and you're right, you could pull the sleeves down a bit. I love this feature!

    And thank you so much for your kind words on my blog!

  7. Great bargains!That paired up with Sugarlaws make-up how-to go perfectly together! Just visited your personal site... very nice. Excited for you Mad Men appearance, when does that air?

  8. Wow I am impressed, you did a great job capturing her look- for less! I love this dress, I cant believe she is in heels. My feet get so swollen when I'm pregnant.

  9. I loved both of their dresses. Especially Mila's. Oh man. She looked absolutely amazing in it! Watching that 70s show isn't the same anymore! She looks so different now! So grown up! Love the dress you found of Natalie's look. It's almost identical! Great job!

  10. Great find! Why didn't I ever think to get prom dress knock offs? Oh wait, it was the 90s and they didn't do it! :)

    xo M

  11. Great find - I'm 21 weeks today and have a weeding to attend when I'm 30 weeks. Looked at Natalie Portman looking so radiant and stylish in her dress and thought, I'd never be able to find something suitable for this wedding... perhaps it's not such a big ask.

  12. The dress is so similar, I absolutely love it. And purple is my favourite colour too so I fell in love with that dress the minute I saw it =)

  13. I love that dress and you did such a great job. You have a great eye for finding amazing stuff:) Enjoy your Friday afternoon, darling

  14. Love Natalie Portman, she had one of my fav looks of the night with her beautiful belly! :)


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