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Happy Weekend, Bloggers and Blog Readers!!!

As all of you know, the much anticipated Royal Wedding took place yesterday on April 29, 2012 and what an event it was, oh my!

I don't know about you, but I had a similar problem as Rhiannon from "Hey Gorgeous" had the night before the big day, which she posted in her blog on Friday...we both couldn't sleep, and it was as though we were the ones getting married! LOL!

I got up at 3:30AM since the main broadcast on NBC started at 4AM on the east coast, and even though I went to bed early, I don't think I fell asleep until after 1AM, so, I was oh so sleepy by Friday evening after all was said and done!

I was lucky enough to be with my parents for this event, as I was for Princess Diana's wedding back in 1981, though only 2 so I don't remember it. My mother has the loveliest knack for making things and events special down to every last detail and over the years I have learned how much time and thought she puts into things and appreciate it more and more, even trying to do the same for others.

I thought it was a touching, flawless and well done ceremony and Kate looked like a Disney Princess with such classic grace, elegance and stunning beauty! The dress, including the bride's sister Pipa's bridesmaid dress, WOW, I have no words, but PERFECTION from head to toe!

I am not a fan of the word perfect, but quite honestly think this will stand the test of time and be looked back on for years and years to come throughout history as a truly timeless wedding...just thinking about it makes me a little emotional, it was all any Prince and Princess could have dreamed for and more!

Anywho, onto my Picture Show from our little celebration of a truly magical day including my extra bling for the day, which seemed appropriate! :) Enjoy and be sure to let me know your thoughts and if you have pictures from your own celebrations!

My extraordinary dad was kind enough to be our butler for the day...hehe! While we all enjoyed mimosas in the morning with smoke salmon, caviar, pâté and all the side fixings that go with watching the entire ceremony and countdown to the kiss, or should I say kisses! ;)

Then, later in the day we had Veuve Clicquot champagne with tea sandwiches, including, cucumber and herb cream cheese, smoked salmon and herb cream cheese, tomato and herb cream cheese, egg salad and tuna salad on white and wheat bread, which was delish!

All followed by fruit tarts and royal red velvet cupcakes for dessert while watching re-caps of everything on a number of shows and then Fashion Police on E! to get the lowdown on all the fashions, which was fun!

Oh yes, and you will see as the 1st picture below, the labels off of the champagne my family was given from Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles on July 29. 1981, which fell off over the years, but we opened and mixed a splash of it with our Veuve Clicquot in honor of it all.

Some of my thoughts and feelings throughout the day seeing Price William and Kate Middleton, now Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, and watching everything unfold were...

• Kate was breathtaking, so poised and truly born to be a Princess.

• I sincerely got nervous and excited prior to the wedding and as Kate headed to the church and down the aisle.

• Prince Harry was full of devilish joy, especially when he took a quick peek at Kate before his brother could see her, he kept everything fun and light hearted and was amazing with the children.

• There was a genuine emotion in the air watching it all, my dad even teared up, but he does at most wedding, so many did that day and I found myself taken over with emotion too, so, so special!

• Prince William's reaction to first seeing Kate when he turned around with a loving smile on his face saying, "you look lovely, just beautiful," was beyond sweet and one of my favorite moments.

• I was slightly sad thinking about Princess Diana and just how proud she would have been.

• Prince William and Kate's genuine love and giddiness after they were married sharing private little giggles together made my heart smile.

• Prince William turning to Kate and saying, "are you happy," to which she replied with the biggest smile, "yes, are you," and they both just filled with happiness was heart warming.

• The way Prince William held Kate's hand in the carriage after the wedding was such a genuine show of affection.

• Seeing Prince William support and help Kate out of the carriage, holding her flowers and just being a true gentleman made me like him even more.

• The kisses on the balcony, especially the 2nd one for me, when he asked her first, "is it okay if I kiss you again," since they both don't like public displays of affection, just shows how much he respects her.

• Watching them surprise everyone by Prince William driving Kate in Prince Charles's open-topped Aston Martin with all the balloons attached and "Just Wed" on the license plate to Clarence House showed how normal they want and try so hard to be.

• I was so impressed with how the over a million people who were there to witness it in person were so orderly and how most of the British really respect and love the royal family, it is something I think would be so different in the United States.

• I truly believe they have true love and will have a long, fulfilling and lasting marriage together.

• I will never forget where I was for this royal wedding and feel so lucky to have watched it all with my wonderful, loving parents who made it so special and understood the historic quality of it all.

• Wondering what it would be like to be Kate did cross my mind, and even though being Princess is not a fairy tale, but a lot of work and pressure on the big day with billions of eyes on you, it really did, in the moment, appear to be as real as a fairy tale could be, and I loved every moment.

All in all, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves no matter where you were and thank you for joining me on this little picture show and being a part of it all with me through this.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends! I'm off to Austin to see my Unexpected Love and fiancé next week and will be posting another Look 4 Less very soon!

SIDE NOTE: I seriously have not come across one picture of Kate Middleton, now Princess Kate, where she hasn't looked put together, sophisticated and beautiful...her style is impeccable!

Just check out her lovely outfit the day ofter their big wedding, including Prince William's, the following, love, love, and extra points for a man with style who dresses appropriately!


  1. Wow! You guys really went all out! That food looks so tasty!

  2. WOW wish I could have joined you in your celebrations! Amazing! Im sure you did better than most Britons ;)

    M x

  3. you guys totally made this into such a festive event so cute. I love you dad the butler hahaha.

  4. Wow what a great celebration! So cute! The food looks amazing!
    Such a beautiful family :)


  5. What a lovely set up! The yellow flowers are the sunniest, freshest detail, I love it.

  6. oh my goodness, what an awesome father you have! great party idea, liesl!

  7. oh my goodness, what an awesome father you have! great party idea, liesl!

  8. What a perfect Royal Wedding party! You and your mom are so cute!! ANd your dad? Just precious :) I loved seeing pics from your fun day!

  9. Haa wow! You really had a celebration. That must have been so much fun.

    I did enjoy watching it and it was prime time in Australia so didn't have to get up early or watch late which was great.

  10. Now that was a beautiful proper celebration!!! Your mom and dad are just too cute and helloooooo.... how do you look so beautiful so early in the morning?!? We completely agree on everything about the wedding. Perfection!

  11. Aww..what a beautiful Royal wedding party and you all are so sweet! I love that your dad helped out. Great food, sweetie. Happy Monday

  12. liesl! you are the cuuuuutest. y'all went all out. impressed!

  13. Oh Liesl this was SO sweet! You and your mom look adorable in your tiaras and your dad looks so dapper!! You really did go all out, and it looks like such a fun time you all had together! Really enjoyed this post :) <3

  14. Oh. My. Goodness you are beyond cute! Love all the fun details of your party!

  15. OH MY GOSH! What a lovely evening! Seriously, I'm impressed- how fun!!
    I have to ask... what are those yellow flowers called? They are my new favorite flower as of late (i've decided;) But I feel like I can't say that until I know what they are actually called! haha!!

  16. Schmiesl I missed you guys but was celebrating in my own way out in the wild wild west ;) =P

    @Connie they are called ranunculus, a truly beautiful flower (but I am partial because they were in my wedding bouquet) =)

  17. i love this!! what an amazing celebration, and that food looks divine!! LOVED the royal wedding, glad you had such a great time!! xoxo

  18. this is awesome! i love how special you made this :)


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