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Happy Summer Solstice, sure to enjoy the longest day of the year!

Yesterday, I was in wine country meeting with a lovely lady from my wedding venue to look at different room options for our guests so that we can get some room blocks set. My venue is also a resort and they have blocks of rooms booked years in advance, so, we have to keep on top of it even if my wedding isn't until next year!

It was a truly beautiful day, the flowers were in bloom and so after my meeting, I did a little walking around and ended up shopping and picking up a few goodies because the prices were far too good not to take advantage of, and I thought I would share my super sale steals with you here!

My first find was one I was not looking for, but I don't own a pair of grey pumps or shoes of any sort, and when spotted these on the clearance rack I tried these on and they were super comfortable, which sold the deal for me!

The grey pumps were marked down to a mere $12.99, but with my 20% off coupon, they ended up being only $10.39...oh yeah!!! :)

Next up was an item I was on the hunt for because the gold flip flops I have get a lot of wear this time of year and I wanted to get a backup pair. I prefer gold flip flops that more of a museum gold or muted gold color to make them blend well with almost any outfit and all my summer maxi dresses.

I spotted a rack of Olivia Miller flip flops that were all marked down to a clearance price of $5.99, I hunted for a pair that fit, found one left, and when I tried them on, walked around and discovered they were super comfy with that touch of chicness!

Finally, I stumbled upon a silver grey hobo style bag, which is perfect for throwing everything into and heading out in the summer, on the clearance table amongst a bunch of other cute bags priced at only $12.99!

I don't own a big grey or silver bag, but have some silver flip flops in that same print match perfectly for all my summer dresses and outfits. Plus, I love the silver hardware details on it that give it that little extra stylish touch!

I ended up adding 2 new pairs of shoes and 1 new handbag to my closet by only spending $29.37!!!

So, for under $30 I gained 3 new fashionable items, and if you do the breakdown like my mother does, by adding up the prices and dividing it by the number of items, each was only $10!

• Nowadays you can almost always find coupons online. So, before going to a certain store take a few minutes to do an online search for the store name followed by "Promo Codes" or "Printable Coupons."

• When online shopping collect promo codes to enter at checkout and be aware that some stores allow more than one, but be sure to test different ones out and see what saves you the most.

• Remember that many stores allow coupons to be used on top of sale and clearance prices and even more than one coupon, which allows you to save far more.

• CVS and Michael's Craft Store always have sales and coupon offers available, and each of these stores allow you to use multiple coupons at checkout and even on one item, just be sure to read the fine print.

• If a coupon you found online isn't working at checkout, question it because I have found that the store will pull out one of their employee ones and scan it to get you the discount if for the same amount, it happened at ULTA for me just last week.

• Sign up for store mailing lists because as incentive to do so, most give you a certain amount or percentage off your next purchase, and then every month, even weekly from some, you get special discount promo codes and are aware of special sales in advance.

• If you don't want store e-mails to be filling up your personal e-mail inbox, create a free side e-mail address on gmail or yahoo or something like it to have them all go there and keep your inbox clutter free!

• Coupons aren't just available for shopping, but for restaurants too! The last 3 times I have gone with a friend to the popular mexican restaurant chain "Chevy's," I printed a Buy 1 Entree Get 1 Entree Free coupon online and we have gotten both our dinners for the price of one dinner divided by two!

• Check the backs of catalogues, inside fashion magazines and through junk mail coupon inserts because many hold some great deals and fun discount offers.

• Always be sure to check how items are ringing up at checkout to be sure that the coupons apply themselves and you receive the proper discount.

50% Off Studio Line
code: STUDIO50

Free Shipping On $25*
code: SHIP25VS
*(Ends Thursday!)

$10 Off Online Purchase
code: received after order is placed for next purchase.

20% Off One Item*
*(Ends Tomorrow!)

15% Off Entire Order*
code: 24318715436
*(Ends Tomorrow!)

$10 Off $10 Purchase*
code: 17355 or click here to print coupon
*(Regular priced items only!)

$5 Off $15 Purchase
code: 19986 or click here to print coupon

$3.50 Off $10 Purchase
code: 67511 or click here to print coupon

$50 Off GHD Hair Tool Purchase
code: GHDFIFTY211

Free Shipping Over $50
code: none needed

(these coupons can be combined!)

20% Off Entire Purchase
code: click here to print coupon

40% Off One Regular Priced Item
code: click here to print coupon

20% Off One Regular Priced Wedding Item
code: click here to print coupon

50% Off Custom Frames
code: click here to print coupon

Any Entree for $3.50
code: click here to print coupon

Buy One Combo Entree and Get One Free
code: click here to print coupon

Hopefully, these little tips and discounts will help you save more, which is what I am all about whenever possible, and remember that affordable fashions, beauty, shopping and even eating is possible!
Check back tomorrow for a Wedding Wednesday post and until then,
Happy Shopping, Everyone!!!


  1. No way!!! Ah those grey pumps are the CUTEST!! And I love the purse! I can't believe you got SUCH amazing deals!!
    Thank you for sharing your tips! I'll definitely be using them!

  2. These are such amazing purchases!!
    And thank you for posting the promo codes.

  3. Those are fantastic deals you found. I really like the gray heels, although I'd be more likely to wear the flip flops!

  4. Wow those heels are stunning :) Love your blog!! xx

  5. Those are some super cute finds! I need your expertise LOL!

  6. I need to shop like you! Such amazing finds at SUCH good prices!! You're brilliant!! xoxo, Lindsay :)

  7. The Punps are beautiful, it really is a steal!!! Amazing!! :)

  8. I love huge savings like that! great finds

    xo Julia

  9. Awesome deals! You definitely shop like I do! I get so inspired by other that find these kinds of deals too!

  10. that is awesome what great finds. Those heels are so cute. Also I have been wanting a Michael's coupon too so thanks for that


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