Saturday, June 25, 2011


Happy Saturday, Lovelies!

As those of you who follow my blog know, for my last giveaway I paired up with Anna from Lona de Anna to celebrate the opening of her etsy shop with a Watercolor and Graphic Prints giveaway, which was a wonderful success thanks to all of you!

Well, as a little "Thank You" to me for hosting the giveaway Anna mailed me not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of her prints to show her appreciation all the way from Australia!!! :)

It included some cute and colorful stamps on the front, which was fun to see, a super sweet card and the prints, each of which had its own protective sleeve to keep it clean and in the best condition possible!

Needless to say, I was so touched when I received them and already have plans for where one is going to be framed at my wedding reception during cocktail hour, as well as in my home office or large walk in closet lounge one day! :)

I went ahead and framed one quickly with a frame I already had just to show you how it pulls everything together, but you could easily add a matte to it as well for a more sophisticated look or a bold frame for a pop of color! Can't wait to get them all framed and displayed!

Since I started blogging, I have met so many wonderful people in blogland from all over the world, many of whom I now consider friends, and Anna is one of those lovely people! I just had to share each of the prints she sent with you attached with a big, "Thank you" to Miss Anna herself! :)

I simply adore her, and you can purchase any of the above prints or see some of her others at her etsy shop, and she is currently offering 25% off all graphic prints worldwide through tomorrow! So, hop on over there and check it out, they make wonderful gifts too!

I'm off to get changed and head to a dinner, but hope you all have a Super Sunday ahead and are enjoying your summers! It is finally quite warm in LA LA Land and feeling very summer like, but I'm off to NYC soon! :)


I'm wearing my new favorite necklace, my 14k gold fill sun pebble, from Green Tea Jewels! ♥

$10 0ff $40 purchase at Bath & Body Works through tomorrow, just click here for the coupon!


  1. Those are awesome! I love that watercolor!

  2. Awwww you are just too cute for words! So glad they all arrived to you in time and intact..I am so happy that YOU are happy with them doubt Im sure you are going to find the perfect little spot for them all in your home. You are most certainly one of my little gem friends here in the blogsphere. Have a wonderful weekend lovely and thank you so much again. Anna x

  3. AWESOME! She's so nice, and they're great! I love the one about Hope [which I am assuming is the one you're going to have at your wedding reception cocktail hour!]
    Australia has cute stamps too! :D

  4. those are all so beautiful!! I love the bright colors in the one piece. which one are you planning to use at the reception?

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog and my Real Housewives of BH post. Lucky you to have a party there, and congrats on your engagement! I must check it out next time I'm up that way! I am now following your cute blog! Happy Sunday!

    ciao from newport beach

  6. wow! anna is a really talented artist! i'm sad to have missed the giveaway!


  7. How nice of her to send you prints!! Love the idea of the closet lounge. Oh la la!! Can't wait to see where you add these prints to your home xoxo

  8. you are adorable! and i love your page :-)

    i need to start checking out etsy more! such cute finds!

  9. Those prints are all so beautiful!!


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