Friday, August 26, 2011


Happy, Happy Friday, Fashionable Friends!!!

Recently, while browsing my local Target, since I had some birthday gift cards to spend, I came across these little gems while in the shoe aisle called FAB FEET by the well known foot*petals company.

Anywho, I decide they would a great accessory to dressing up some of my basic pumps, and for only $6.99 a pair you can't really go wrong! So, I purchased a pair and was on my way without giving it much additional thought.

Then, when I was home that night I started thinking about them, and if you know me, you know I have trouble turning my mind off sometimes with all the ideas and creative ideas and fashions swirling about in my head, and thought since they are clips why can't I use them for other purposes to get alternate uses out of them?

So, I suddenly found myself coming up with a bunch of different ideas and testing them out not only as shoes clips, to see what looks they gave to my different style and color shoes, but with my clutches, as accessories and to dress up some of my clothes!

I want to share some of my ideas with you in this Get Crafty post, and give you some more options and ways to let a simple $6.99 purchase go a long way!

This is what the shoe clips look like that I purchased at my local Target...they simply clip onto your shoe smoothly and
comfortably without leaving any marks on your shoes or you!

1. What the shoe clips look like onround-toe and pointy toed pumps, flats, flip flops
and even boots of different colors and patterns!

2. Add them to the center or side of one of your clutches, or even handbag,
carry on bag or wallet, to dress it up a bit!

3. Add the shoe clip to a long or short chain to turn it into a necklace and wear it at the length
you prefer or that suits the outfit you are wearing best.

4. Take a hair elastic and then double or triple it up, depending on the size you need, attach the shoe clip to it and
sport it as a statement know I love chunky, power rings!

5. Add it to the back of a racerback top to add a little sparkle from behind or to the belt of a dress/skirt or
to the straps of a simple cotton tank top to add a little something extra.

Fun, right? I'm hoping they come out with a pair in silver too, and am looking forward to any other fun ones I come across...imagine a sparkle-tastic rindstone pair for the holidays....oooh la la! :)

I'm simply loving mine and the classic look of the ones I purchased, and already plan on picking up another pair! Hopefully the ideas I posted above help get your creative mind going with ways to sport a pair of shoe clips on something other than your shoes.

Feel free to share any ideas you have blow to let others know how you have used them or might use them! Perhaps you could attach it to a headband...the possibilities are truly endless!

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments and messages I have been getting, and to all of you who recently joined in as one of my Fabulous all amaze me in so many wonderful way! :) I'm a lucky girl, and am wishing you a fun-filled, relaxing weekend!


  1. I love this. Such a brilliant idea!

    Ally xxx

  2. I can't believe how many cool ways you came up with to use the shoe clips! I'm gonna have to go get myself a pair!!

  3. Such a neat idea, it´s a simple trick that really works!

    Keep it up!

  4. those are cute!! i love how they look on the gold flats and the black flip flops, so chic!

  5. wow these clips are so useful besides being trendy as well!

    i loved them in the las black top:)


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  7. Such a great idea! These are so cute! :)

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  9. You 're welcome!! Thanks for following!!! Following back!

  10. Goodness girlie, these clips certainly are for a lot more than just shoes!! Seems like the most versatile piece ever, so fabulous ;)

    Lots of love to you, sweetie.

  11. Oh wow, that is a fantastic idea!! I absolutely love them on everything, I think the shoes are my favourite! :)

  12. That's really a cool thing =))
    thanks for commenting on my blog =))

  13. thanks for your lovely comment (:
    those 'fab-feet' are a really good idea ;) would love to get some of them !

    xoxo Olja

  14. I like this blog so much. Please check out mine.

  15. So cute! I would totally use those on shoes.

  16. I want those clips such a versatility.... thanks for the blog post love it

    following ya

    Please check my blog

    ps love your engagement pics which I would have had some myself didn't think lol

  17. Very amazing! I like to think that I have a creative mind, but you take the cake. Keep It up!


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