Saturday, October 1, 2011


Happy October, Blogland!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far! Last week, I said I would be posting a Look of the Day from the Ladies Night BBQ I went to and I'm here with just that!

This Look of the Day post is a little different because it doesn't contain a price breakdown, and this is because the majority of it consists of gifts and blog giveaway wins, which doesn't really make the price accurate, but I still did list each item.

For my birthday, my fiancé gave me a dress that he thought I would like, "looked like me" and was in a color and length I tend to wear, and kiddies, he hit it out of the park! It fits perfectly, comes to just above the knee, which is one of my favorite lengths for everyday dresses, but a little longer in the back, which is FAB, and is in one of my favorite coral colors that I love to wear in the summer...I feel like this color makes you glow and look a little tanner! :)

I have worn it a few times since he gave it to me, and gotten compliments too! It is so comfortable and can really be dressed up or down, but the bonus is that it has a shelf bra, something he knows I love...and just keeps things, especially a strapless bra if you wear it without a mini tank underneath, in place! You ladies know what I mean! LOL!

Oh and to the BBQ we each brought different sides to go with the burgers, turkey burgers and hot dogs that the hostess was making on the grill. So, I made a pesto, feta and spinach pasta salad with tomatoes that I thought would be fresh and a tasty compliment to the other goodies! :)

Coral Floral Trim Dress
Patagonia - Gift from fiancé

Forever 21 - $3.80

Forever 21 - $32.80

Gold Snakeskin Olivia Miller Flip Flops
Burlington Coat Factory - $7.99

Etsy GreenTeaJewels - Blog Giveaway Win

Pure Museum Gold Chunky Ring
Manhattan Beach Boutique - Gift from my parents

Exit Art via Lorraine - Gift from fiancé

I hope you all have a Super Sunday ahead! I've had a busy weekend so far and am off to a friend's Farewell to LA gathering tonight near downtown to help send her off on her NYC adventure...what a lucky girl she is!

I'll be back next week with some more affordable fashion finds and a new online shopping site I came across this week, but keep the request coming and I'll be sure to put something together to meet them!


  1. i totally love your dress super girly and looks comfy but I can't lie that pasta salad looks so delicious! like now totally craving it LOL

    Great yummy post !!

  2. You look gorgeous as always Liesl! You're so lucky you can wear such summery clothes, lol :) I can't believe I'm already in boots, scarves and knits -- ahh! That pasta salad looks absolutely delicious -- yum!!

  3. Pretty color, pasta looks yummy!!!

    xo Emma

  4. well, that pasta looks amazing. and that outfit is just darling. i love those colors!

  5. That dress is perfect on you and that salad looks yummy!!! Now I need to go make some! Have a great weekend!

  6. You look so cute and that pasta salad looks scrumptious.

  7. What a beautiful color on look lovely!

  8. that color looks so good on you! lovely post, dear!

    love, rach.

  9. Love this color on you - you look beautiful!! And that pasta salad looks sooo amazing, you may need to share the recipe :) :)

  10. Cute dress. Love the designs close to the hem and the white layering


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