Monday, November 28, 2011


Happy Monday, Fashionable Friends!

Last weekend, I spent a casual, comfy and relaxing time at some very good family friend's, whom I consider my 2nd parents, home in Rancho Santa Fe before the heavy rains rolled into LA LA Land. It was one of the best, most genuinely happy couple of days I have had in a while and left me feeling truly refreshed and inspired.

They insisted that I do a little photo shoot of my Look of the Day for my fashion blog that they enjoy reading, which is so sweet, and so we did just that! Aren't you excited to see me in a different and pretty background instead of in my apt. against a boring white wall?!? ;)

My getaway was filled with love, support, positivity, smiles, laughs, some of the best conversation, an amazing homemade lunch, my favorite brie cheese and crackers appetizer before a nice, yummy dinner out in a super cute village with my beloved twinkle lights out front, followed by some of my favorite wine and a gorgeous evening fire.

Then, it was off to bed where I slept better than I have in a long, long time and woke up to the most delicious latte made to perfection for me and a homemade breakfast complete with freshly squeezed orange juice made from the oranges we picked off some nearby orange trees earlier that morning.
(*minus gift items)


Jade Striped Sweater
Forever 21 - $12.50

Long Black Top
Nordstrom Rack - $7.99

Black Mossimo Leggings
Target - $8.00

Oatmeal Legwarmers
Forever 21 - $7.80

Cognac Brown Steve Madden Leather Riding Boots - Gift

Oatmeal Infinity Scarf
Forever 21 - $12.80

Brown Sparrow True Hobo Bag*
Marshall's - Gift
(*available in Taupe at, but I've seen it this year at Marshall's for less)

Jade Ring
Forever 21 - $3.80

Gold Bangle
Poshlocket - $10.00

TOTAL LOOK = $62.89*
(*minus boots & bag that were gifts)

Needless to say, it was a weekend of perfection with two of my favorite people in this world and I can't begin to thank them enough! I hope your weekend was just as lovely as my past one was and that you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday...I'll have pictures from mine on Wednesday!

Today is your last day to enter my 14k Gold Fill Triple Ring Necklace Giveaway if you are interested, especially if you love delicate jewelry!


  1. Love this outfit! So glad you had a fun weekend away! xo

  2. Wow I love how that shade of blue flatters you so much!!

    I gotta say, you really do seem happy in those pictures, and I'm really glad!! As always, your smile is contagious =D

    xo Rose

  3. very cute outfit I love your boots! I'm a new follower!

  4. in love with this outfit, my favorite part are the boots. our fashion sense is so similar, i would love to wear this lol.

    where is your follow button i would love to keep up with your posts!

  5. I love how wonderful your getaway sounded! Your outfit is absolutely beautiful! LOVE the ring :)

  6. I absolutely love your outfit.. especially the boots and striped top! For some reason my eye lately has always been going towards striped tops whenever I'm shopping. And I love where you took the pictures btw, it looks so beautiful there! xox

  7. LOVE this outfit! I have those exact leg warmers on my Christmas list this year! I'm hoping they look as cute on me as they do on you!

  8. Such a cute outfit! You really made the blues wintery :) And waking up to a latte...perfect start to any day!

  9. love the whole outfit but the bag and the scarf are so chic :)
    btw first time to visit your blog and I love it :))

  10. I love that you got those boots! I remember when you inquired about my similar pair and were bummed they weren't selling them anymore at Kohl's.

    P.S. So glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  11. What a cute look love the stripe sweater....


  12. So glad you had a lovely getaway. Sometimes that is just the peace and sanctuary that the soul needs. Your outfit is too cute and I love those boots! I love your Santa hat on your blog header! You are too cute!

  13. Liesl, you hit the nail on the head...PERFECTION! Don't leave that place. HAHAHA Just stay there. It's hard finding a perfect place, with nice people and goodies. I'm just teasing you. Love the scenery and what they did for you. I think it's truly awesome. Your outfit is adorable and I am LOVING the price girl! You can work a dollar! :D

  14. I love the leg warmers and boots! Though it looks so sunny (and warm?) where you are. A girl can dream!

  15. what a fabulous weekend getaway!! love your outfit -- you look darling :) the scarf is adorable and looks so cozy!! xoxo

  16. Wow! That place looks beautiful... I definitely understand why you felt so relaxed and refreshed!

    Loving the outfit as well... you look gorgeous! xo

  17. LOVE the look of legwarmers and boots, sooo cute! Looking good my dear, glad you had fun with your 2nd fam:-)

  18. Yay for a wonderful weekend! :] I love your outfit!!

  19. I like your outfit, IT looks very comfy :)

  20. I think brown leather boots go with everything! I love yours. My gosh I think I wear mine just about everyday!!

    Glad you had a good weekend. :)

    Hey btw... I'm hosting a giveaway. Maybe your good luck streak isn't over yet!!
    herringbone wool clutch GIVEAWAY

  21. love this outfit, u look fab!

    P.S thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment! :)

  22. I don't have the Balck Friday in my country:(

    U look so nice on the blue tone!I really love the scarf and the ring:)
    looovely and fab smile *



  23. Cute! Love your boots... and the snow falling on your blog is too cute :)

  24. I love that you list the prices in your post! That is so helpful. And I love this look!

  25. such a cute and casual look. adore anything comfort and this is just perfect!
    xo TJ

  26. I love the look of the legwarmers peeking out of the boots!

  27. What a cute outfit! I love love it especially the way you wore leggings with boots!

  28. I love love love leg warmers. And your scarf is super adorable!

    --Kylee Noelle

  29. Love it! You look great...Loving that scarf too =)

  30. wow!! great outfit at such a low price. love this blog girl!

  31. You have a really lovely smile, making me smile;)
    I LOVED your comfy outfit! I have a very similar sweater, so you inspired me;)

  32. i love your shirt -- stripes are awesome! :)

  33. Love this look! You really can't go wrong with boots & tall socks (or legwarmers) :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  34. Love your outfit! You are gorgeous as ever... and so dainty :) I definitely mean that in a good way!!

  35. OMG... Mama tour gorgoeus and so is this outfit!!!! LOVING it!!!!!


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