Thursday, December 1, 2011


Happy December, Fashionable Friends in Blogland!

I have a fun and different post for you today that I hope you will all enjoy and even be a part of in the future! Sheila from The FailteHouse and I are taking Thankful Thursday to a whole new level by mixing fashion and gratitude to help you arrive at Fashionable Thankful Thursday, a new and fun Thursday post option.

This a new series where we will put together great ideas using different items we are thankful we already own and pair them with a few great new fashion finds. So when we combine the something old with something new, so to speak, we create a new outfit, accessory item or even gift idea.

OK, let's get started...
Black Steve Madden heels from Marshall's ($29.99) that I've had for 8 years and wear all the time.

Gold Fancy Feet shoe clips from Target ($6.99) that I recently purchased, but haven't worn.

Put together and you get a fun, new, dressier shoe by only spending a few extra dollars.

Black Sarah Jessica Parker line BITTEN dress ($8.99) from Steve & Barry that I have worn a lot over the past 4 years.

Bold silver necklace from Charlotte Russe ($8.00) that is like a statement piece.

Paired together it makes it look like it is part of the neckline of the dress and gives me a whole new look.

Same black Sarah Jessica Parker line BITTEN dress ($8.99) from Steve & Barry from the previous look that I've had for years.

Silver leaf belt from H&M ($8.90) that has an elastic waist band to make it versatile.

Paired together it looks like it is a part of the dress from afar since the black belt band blends in and
looks great worn as an empire waist accent.

Thankful OLD Finds

Black Steve Madden Heels
Marshall's - $29.99

Black Sarah Jessica Parker BITTEN Dress
Steve & Barry - $8.99

Thankful NEW Finds

Gold Fancy Feet Shoe Clips
Target - $6.99

Chunky Silver Necklace
Charlotte Russe - $8.00

Silver Leaf Belt
H&M - $8.90

1. Gold Buckle Shoe Clips
Price: $10.00

2. Bold Silver Circle Necklace
Price: $6.00

3. Gold Leaf Belt
Price: $13.00
Buy: LuLu's

Isn't it fun to see how you can still appreciate things you may have had for years, but then add a little something to make them feel like new and be thankful for then in a whole new light! When I find something that is classic, fits well and I love, I can wear it till the cows come home year after year after year with a little repair, from time to time, on shoes and things thanks to my fabulous shoe man! :)

Feel free to join us by being a part of our series and tell us how you mix and match for the season! I would love to hear how you took something that has been sitting in your closet and made it feel brand new!

Since this is a Thankful Thursday, I would also like to add how thankful I am that my dad appears to have 9 lives, if not more, he is an extraordinary man, father, friend and person whom I love more than words could ever express. I'm thinking of him during this time and my mother whose strength inspires me...they make my world a better and brighter place!


  1. thanks so much for your super sweet words!
    wow, this post is really cool. thanks so much for the inspiration. i like your new 'old' shoe with the golden element- it rocks.
    lovely greets
    maren anita

  2. Lets hope so (comment on my blog) =)
    Great finds youve got here hun.

  3. Oh My word!!!! I love how you did you Fashionable Thankful Thursday! And the shoe idea clips are so clever! I am definitely borrowing some of these ideas! Thanks so much, Liesl!

  4. The shoe clip totally reminds me of PS, I love you!

    Great dress and shoes! Love it!

  5. I love this!! :] So many cute ways to dress up your clothes! And so many cute things to be thankful for! Haha.

  6. OH wow!! The shoes look brand new once you added the clip!! Your dress also look fabulous w/ new accessories! I LOVE THIS!!

    xoxo Denise

  7. Boy, you really know how to pull a look together for not a lot of money. I love that Bitten dress and your new necklace goes perfectly with it.

  8. Wow the Bitten dress is so classy and you can really add a lot to it with those fun accessories!! A lot of good stuff here :)

  9. Wao, these are such crafty and do-able ways of revamping old items!! Great post!

  10. What a great idea! I love how you added the belt to that dress, so cute!

  11. Wow! Love this! Those old shoes are absolutely adorable!

  12. You're seriously a genius when it comes to making older items look new with simple accessories! :)
    Kudos to you! :D

  13. Liesl, I love these pairings!!! You are such a stylist. You have an awesome eye! :D

  14. This is SO fun! Great pairings! I hope you do more of these posts because this may be my new favorite!! xo


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