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Happy Thursday, Fashionable Friends!

First, I am so sorry for being a bit MIA these past couple weeks, but last Wednesday was a very critical, stressful and emotional day for my family and me. It al began at 5AM when my mother, sisters and I headed to the hospital to be with my dad who as many of you know is our world! There isn't a person who has crossed his path who doesn't love him from the moment they meet him.

He is the most extraordinary husband, father, friend and person I know and is considered a 2nd father to most of my friends who refer to him as Daddy Ehardt. He is one of the happiest, most positive, smilie, patient, helpful, supportive, genuine, encouraging, loving and thoughtful people I have ever met or known to this day, and I don't know how I got so lucky to have him not only in my life, but as my father!

My extraordinary father and me then in London where we used to live and now in Los Angeles during one of my parents visits.

This past week, I have been beyond thankful to still have him in my life and that my mother, both sisters and I were all able to all be with him for his open heart surgery and the new maze procedure that were both very successful. I don't think I can express how difficult it was giving our last hug, kiss and "I love you" before he was wheeled away. He was smiling, joking, being positive and happy, just like he has been throughout my entire life, before everything and showed more strength and courage than I think I have within my entire self.

Every nurse just loves him and there hasn't been a day since he first entered the hospital a week ago that he was not smiling, happy to see us, upbeat and positive, which truly is one of the most refreshing, reassuring and heartwarming feelings and qualities in the world! He is so kind to everyone and was having fun with all of them, which is quite simply a part of who he is and his personality that everyone just loves.

Even on his weakest and hardest day, in the recovery room after surgery, the nurses kept saying how nice and pleasant he was, even though he was apologizing to them for not having as much energy or being what he called slightly "grumpy," which they all said was anything but the case.

I am also so thankful that he was in such good hands when everything happened, prior to and during his surgery and beyond. As well as at a hospital for this that is rated 4th best in the nation! I have been at the hospital with my mother and sisters each day and I will continue to be by his side with all of my love and support during the many weeks ahead to help do things in any way I can throughout the day and night, as I have been, which is the least I can do after everything he has done for me!

I know I don't normally post things like this, but so many of you have followed me for so long and I consider many of you friends who have always shown such support and kindness! This is a life, design and style blog, so, it fits into the life section and is something I could not be more thankful for if I tried! To me having my dad with us is the best Christmas present a girl could receive and I have asked for nothing more this year than to have my family together!

Thank you again all for your patience and understanding while I haven't been as consistent on this blog or stopping by and commenting on all of yours during everything, but please know how much I appreciate each of you! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a fun and trendy giveaway that I promise will take us back to the fashion part of this blog.

SIDE NOTE: I received news on Tuesday from a friend that someone we know in our circle of friends was tragically hit by a car and died on Monday night, which was harder on me than I expected and caused my heart to once again sink. I say this only to remind everyone how important it is to live each day in the now and never take those whom you love and care about for granted because life truly can be very short! Something that I was reminded of last year and again on two separate occasions this month. My thoughts are with his family and friends and my heart goes out to each of them!


  1. Oh Honey, Im so have most certainly been through a very trying time over the last couple of weeks.
    Now I know where you have inherited your sparkle and beautiful heart from...your dad sounds like such a wonderful man and I have no doubt that with such a positive attitude ..he will be home with you all again soon. I wish him a speedy recovery

    Sending you lots of love and positive light during this time...and just remember to remind yourself...that All will be well in your world again.

    Much Love,

    Anna x

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend and your father, but very, very happy to hear he is doing well! He is lucky to have such a loving family! Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you happy ones! xoxoxo

  3. i'm sure your emotions are in a whirlwind right now! i'll definitely be praying for you and your family though during this holiday season :)

  4. Awww you and your dad are so cute! Glad he is better and you get to spend time together. Best wishes and prayers his way!


  5. Oh Liesl, you poor thing. I am really sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend's family. Hang in there girlfriend! I am happy to hear your Dad is doing well too! xo

  6. What a blessing to hear that your dad is recovering so well. The bond between dads and daughters is very special. (I have a super dad, too.) I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I don't think anything can ever prepare us for the sudden death of a friend, no matter the age - but it seems so much sadder when it's a young person, as I assume your friend was.

  7. Your father seems amazing and there's so much love written through this post. I will be praying for a safe and speedy recovery. So sorry for you loss and I will be praying for you strength and for your friends family. Take care.

  8. Hi Liesl, I hope your dad has a speedy recovery. I know your family will pull through this challenging time...There is no need to apologise if you don´t have as much time for blogging, there are definitely more important things and I´m sure all your readers understand and wish you nothing but the best. xoxo

  9. Beautiful post Liesl! Glad he's recovering well. Hugs to both of you.

  10. Oh Liesl, I'm so sorry about your friend :( I'm sending you lots of hugs & love xoxoxoxo

    And what a beautiful post about your dad -- I just loved it! <3 <3

  11. So glad to hear your dad is doing better. And I love these pictures of the both of you.

  12. First of all I'm so very sorry about the loss of your friend. It is tragic events like that that truly make us appreciate our lives. So sad during this time of year. On a happier note, you and your dad are adorable. I hope you can link up with me tomorrow for fashion friday! Kori xoxo

  13. Oh Liesl, I am so sorry to hear that your family has gone through all this, but so glad and am praising God that he is recovering so well. I do understand that feeling that you had as you said your "I love you" as they wheeled him down the hall. My dad had massive bypass surgery 6 1/2 years ago while I was pregnant with Jemma. I am blessed as you are that my dad made it through and did better than expected. I will continue to pray for him as he heals.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my brother and our family. It has been so sad, but we are all getting through it and I have my special Jemma light that helps me!

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  14. Oh goodness.
    I am glad that your dad is recovering and getting better so quickly! I am sure sure that this Christmas will be an extra special one for you! :)
    So so so sorry about your friend!
    Take Care of yourself!

  15. Hi Liesl,

    I read your post today...know that you are in my prayers. Thank you for sharing the story and it sounds like your dad is an amazing person!

    I could not agree with you more, it is so important to live in the now. Thanks for the little reminder!

  16. Hi Liesl,

    I just read your post....know that you and your family are in my prayers. It sounds like your dad is an amazing person!

    Also, thanks for the reminder to remember to live in the now - how true!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  17. What a roller coaster ride of emotions you've had to experience! I'm SO sorry for these trying times, but I'm so glad that your dad is healing! You, your sweet family, and your friends family are all in my prayers!
    What an amazing example you are to us of living life to it's fullest and loving as much as the heart allows! I look up to you, Liesl!

  18. Aw sweetie so sorry about your dad but glad he is still with you.. He sounds AMAZING. Can I please meet him one day??.. & you too hehe ;) You lived in London as in UK??

    Sorry about your friend too :( *massive hugs*

    Life is indeed short & precious!

    M xxx

  19. so glad that your dad made it out of surgery with a smile on his face :) he sounds like an amazing person -- i know he feels so blessed to have you as a daughter too! prayers for your friends sorry for your loss.



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