Monday, January 30, 2012


Happy Monday, Blogland!

What a busy weekend I had, between visits with my sister and nephews, to watching the SAG Awards to endless eating, but it was all oh so fun and yummy!

I am here with a post all about super cute, trendy, fun and affordable hats starting at $35! I happen to have a rather small head, though looking at it you wouldn't think so, most hats honestly are too big for me. In fact, while filming "Kreating Karloff," the hat they had to get me was a juniors hat, believe it or not, and when I tried on a friend's newsboy hat while out, it too went over my ears...yes, 'tis true! LOL!

First up is the Fit to Flick, which I think is such a clever idea! They are a line of hats for spring/summer and/or fall/winter that allow you to wear them even if you choose to put your hair up in a ponytail. Therefore, they can be worn whether you have your hair up or not, but allows you to still look stylish if you choose to put your hair up without an unflattering, big bump on your head from your hair.

The idea was created by Hannah Bomze while she was traveling through Italy, and her Fit to Flick line was started as a school for a class she was attending at NYU. Each hat and hair scarf has a slit at the back, which allows for different ponytail height to be worn, but also becomes invisible on the days you would prefer to keep your hair down. Making it quite versatile and different from most anything out there now.

(all layouts created and designed by Moi using some images from Fit to Flick)
Sporting my Fit to Flick Brianne Ponytail Hat in cream.

Next up, is the W Collection from the Wallaroo Hat Company, a popular company started in Australia, that offers a stylish, newsboy inspired, line of hats that have sun protection built into each. It was started by Stephanie Carter and Lenya Shore and is now based in Boulder, Colorado.

What I like about these is that they come in very versatile and wearable colors that will go with everything and offer that cute, fashionable touch to a hat, each with its own name. The Simone style hat I received is too big for me, but I honestly love it!

Since my sister, who has the perfect face for hats and an average size head, unlike myself, will not only look great in it, but it will fit her, so, I'm sending it her way! I also have one similar to the Miranda style Wallaroo that I have loved for years now!
(all layouts created and designed by Moi using some images from Wallaroo Hat Company)
Sporting my Simone Wallaroo Hat Company hat from the W Collection in brown.

What style hats do you like to wear or want to try?

Today is the last day to enter my Feather Clips by Samii Ryan Giveaway if you haven't already and would like to.

I hope you all have a Marvelous Monday and that your week goes smoothly and quickly! I'll be back on Wednesday with some more pictures from the past week and my time in NYC tomorrow, as well as some fun, different and affordable items post for Friday!


  1. I never liked to wear hats, but I'm trying to get use to the idea of wearing them so I can have some versatility. I like the the first style. That is such a great idea to make a hat that you can pull your ponytail through. You look great in both options.

  2. You look too cute!!
    The 2nd hat is my favorite.

  3. You're so cute! and you have my friend Samii Ryan on the side of your blog! ahah small world


    love from nyc,

  4. I love love love hats and I guess I will be able to wear them more in Minnesota just to keep my head warm! I adore the Simone. I have a one somewhat similar to it that I picked up in Paris a few years ago, and I am digging the Charlotte ponytail! It is perfect for the mornings that I don't fix my hair and have to take Jemma to school! So cute!

  5. Cute! I'm totally loving this! I think i'll go buy one!(: And p.s. if you are interested in an ad swap, just go grab my button and comment, and then i'll come grab yours!(:

  6. It always freaks me out to find someone with the same name as me! :-) You look adorable in that hat, name twin! xxx

  7. how fun! i am loving the ones you chose!

  8. Hi Liesl! I love all the Australian Walaroo hats! And what a great idea with the ponytail slits for hats....okay I like both collections!

    Also, just wanted to let you know I am away on Buisness this week and will join in on your tag questions next week - I hope that is not too late!!!

    Can't wait to real your posts during work breaks:)

  9. Hi liesl!! I believe I love both hat collections! I love how the first collection lets you were a ponytail!

    Also, I will be away on Buisness this week and will answer the tag questions next week... I hope that is not too late!

    Excited to read your new posts!!

  10. Those are beautiful, I´d pick the first one you´re wearing ;)

  11. I love these accessories, they are frugal but really lovely and cute. :))
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  12. I love these accessories so much. They are frugal but really lovely and cute :)


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