Friday, January 20, 2012


Hello, Blogland, and Happy Friday!

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a beautiful Mary & Dyer Color Me Beautiful Necklace Giveaway, hosted by the lovely Tiffany, over at Just another Shopaholic. I could not have been more excited, since I fell in love with the necklace when I first saw it!

I was so impressed when I received it, because it came in the cutest packaging, making it even more special, and it quickly fit perfectly into my wardrobe, creating a classic statement piece...I love bold jewelry, even more so when it is affordable!

I recently wore it out to dinner with some really good friends, and they loved it just as much as I did! I also wanted to feature it here because the Mary & Dyer line, created by Kat, whom many of you may know from her blog, has a unique variety of jewelry, as well as some handbags and apparel at affordable prices. Plus, I not only love a great deal, but also supporting fellow bloggers!

I highly recommend her line, the quality, and of course the price, which you can shop here if you want to find something fun, different and chic for a great price! It came with a pair of pretty gold earrings, as well, but I don't have pierced ears, so, I'm planning to share them with a friend who does and would enjoy them!

Have a relaxing weekend ahead and check back tomorrow for more inspirational quotes! I'll be in Magical Manhattan with a wonderful friend for the weekend, wandering around, taking pictures and sipping on some divine wine, while catching up back at her place in the evening...can't wait to see her and feel the energy of the city I hold close to my heart! :)

Oh, and you have until Monday to enter my dearfoams Slipper Boot Giveaway, if interested!


  1. WOW I love that necklace :)

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I love that necklace!! Congrats on winning!!!

  3. Gorgeous statement necklace! You look gorgeous Liesl. Thanks for the fashion inspiration :)

  4. That's a very pretty statement necklace. I'm so glad you won it!

  5. That is a gorgeous necklace and you wear it so well.

  6. wow, what a beautiful necklace! lucky!! i feel like it will pretty much look cute with any outfit! have a gorgeous smile!

  7. This necklace is gorgeous! It makes a great statement piece.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I am in love with this necklace... I was looking through her collection last night and almost bought it. I may just have to! I love your blog:)

  9. The necklace is really pretty, and looks even better on you :)


  10. such a darling necklace


  11. Wow that necklace is stunning! You have a really pretty smile btw.

  12. You look lovely like always...but you don't have pierced ears? do you never wear earrings?
    Thanks for the Mary and Dyer link...I just checked it out and I cannot believe how affordable everything is!! You always recommend the best links! <3

  13. Adore this necklace!! So so pretty! And looks superb on you! :)


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