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Happy Monday, Lovelies!

I'm here with a Get Crafty, what I call DIY projects, post after being challenged by my younger sister, oh yes, indeedy!

She purchased a flat iron from TJ Maxx over the holidays, and thought the magnetic box it was packaged in could be turned into something chic and decorative by moi. So, I just had to make this happen, and hopefully she approves! ;)

It really is quite simple, and can be done for about $5, spent on supplies, which allows you to make more than one if you so choose without spending more. Here is how I did it, step by step...
Vintage Paris Box Get Crafty DIY by Liesl Ehardt

1. Satin Carmel Latte Spray Paint
I purchased mine at Michael's using their 40% off coupon making it about $2.50

2. Eiffel Tower Sticker or Image
I got mine at Michael's during their sticker sale made by Recollections for $1.50

3. Old Product Packaging or Box
I used the box my sister's Cortex mini flat iron was in from TJ Maxx making it free

4. Tissue Paper / Decorative Paper / Scissors
I used a sheet of cream tissue paper with script on it that a gift was wrapped in making it free, but use any light colored tissue paper / I used a sheet of Creative Imaginations scrapbooking paper called cream scroll (#17603) from Michael's for 50 cents / Any pair of scissors or a paper cutter
1. Get one sheet of the tissue paper laid out flat and ready.

2. Ater spaying a thin layer of the spray paint, lay one piece of tissue paper down on top.

3. Press the tissue paper down on top of the thin spray paint layer while still wet.

4. Rub your fingers back and forth across the surface to smooth and allow the color to blend with the tissue paper, then, cut off extra tissue paper off edges.

5. Spray another thicker layer of the spray paint on top of smoothed and attached tissue paper and let dry.

6. Spray a thick coat of the spray paint on the interior of your box, no need to add the tissue paper, and let dry.

1. Peel off the Eiffel Tower sticker.

2. Center Eiffel Tower sticker on the box once dry.

3. Measure interior of your box.

4. Draw out measurements on scripted scrapbook paper.

5. Completely cut out around the measurement lines.

6. Place paper cutout into bottom of the box when dry to create a fun lining.

In the daytime using the instagram walden filter.

In the evening in a lovely candlelight glow.

Just my Vintage Paris Box et Moi..."ooh la la!" :)

♦ Get a clear sealant spray and coat the entire box to help protect it.

♦ You can glue the inside liner down or leave it unattached to give you the option of switching it out with different prints/patterns should the mood strike.

♦ Feel free to use your own creativity when designing your box by using different colors or a different main image...the options are endless!

♦ This technique could be used on a canvas or piece of cardboard to create art to hang or display as well.

Have FUN if you give this a try, and please let me know if you do by sharing a link to it via the comments below so everyone can see your creations! Yay!

Thank you for all of the continued support, and let me know if you would like to see more projects like this in the future, or if you have an idea with which you need help! I have some other fun and useful ideas in the works! :)


  1. I love your creativity! I always feel bad when I throw away a nicely made box or bag!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. love this, these turned out fantastic!

  3. How beautiful. I simply adore it!! You are so very creative. :)

  4. Oh my gosh AMAZING I want it!!! <3333

    M x

  5. Wow - beautiful, stylish, and now creative, too! I am so impressed. The box looks great. I'd love to see more ideas like this.

  6. Well look st you cutie craft girl! I love your box. Love the color too, I have used that one before. Of course, I think I have used every Krlyon color.

  7. That looks great!! I just ordered a new flat iron so I think I'll try and do the same with my box. Love your creativity :)

  8. I'm liking this! Going to Paris in June and might need this! Great post and love the box!


  9. that is crazy cute!! i love anything french-like and diy projects. so crafty of you!!!

  10. Love this! I'm in the process of making a little tea box and have been struggling with how to design it. I may just have to do this! Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are so creative! I can totally make this too because I have a straightener box at home! Thanks for sharing :)

  12. So cute and such a great idea, love it!

  13. I love this! You're so crafty! What a great way to re-purpose something! xo

  14. That's beautiful, great job! :-) Hmm, maybe this will be my next project.

    Liesl xxx

  15. oh my heavens! soo much love! your creativity is beyond amazing!! thank you for sharing!

    love the blog!

  16. Hi Liesl :) I love how your box turned out. Great idea to seal the layer of tissue paper down on a thin layer of paint. The effect is so cool.


  17. love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


  18. What a great DIY project! Wow, so cute.

  19. Flat Iron without a BoxFebruary 29, 2012 at 3:54 PM

    This looks great, it exceeds my expectations from when I issued the challenge! =)

  20. So creative!

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  22. That looks official! Like something you could buy. You fancy, girl!

  23. Oh, I love this project!!

    Wonderful blog! So glad you stopped by mine so I could find you. :)

  24. thanks for your comment on my blog!! urs is fab and i love this idea. very cute!


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