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Happy Sunday
, Blogland!

The Adorable Alexis, who also has a fantastic playlist, posted the below on her lovely blog.

So, since many of you have written to me saying you love posts where you learn a little more tidbits about me, or how you enjoy the honest and personal blogs too, I thought I would do this for you on a relaxing Sunday! Thank you, Alexis for a great post! :)

Feel free to read on if you so desire, and to join in on your own blog too! Here we go...
(image altered by moi)

TEN things I wish I could say to ten different people (but don't say their name):

1. I really wish I could have gotten to meet and know you in my life, I think you were probably pretty extraordinary.
2. I'm a little jealous of what you do and where you are going in life, but so happy for you at the same time.
3. Do you really think you will be happy there?
4. Picking that yellow flower for me, which you found blooming in the middle of winter, because it made you think of me, is still one of the sweetest things anyone has done, and I've never forgotten it.
5. Thank you for reacting and responding the way you did when I was 19, during our late night conversation, you made me feel more confident to be who I am, beliefs and all, and I still remember all you said and remind myself of it today.
6. The day you thanked me for simply being there, listening, staying positive and nice that night because it kept you from ending your life, had more of an impact on me than you will ever know.
7. What you did was not okay, but I've mostly gotten past it.
8. I have forgiven you, like I said, and often wish things had unfolded differently, but am truly glad you found honest, true love and happiness in your life.
9. So many of your reactions, comments and actions hurt me deep down, and more than anyone else before, but I so deeply want you to be free from negativity and truly happy in life because you have so much to offer.
10. Thank you for the letter you sent me after it was all over, Tinkerbell stickers and all, I had already considered you a mother, and your words helped me greatly and meant a lot, I'll miss our catch up "chit-chats" more than you know.

NINE things about myself:

1. I had a better sense of what I wanted and where I was going when I was younger than I do as an adult, which is a wee bit backwards.
2. Whenever I see a Broadway musical, I so wish I were up there and had that depth of talent...It makes me happier than I can express, and being in the ensemble would have been a dream job.
3. One of my eyes is bigger than the other and one of my ears is lower than the other...I look like an "elfkin!" :)
4. When I was little I was always going to be an elementary education teacher, I still think that's where I'd fit best.
5. My good friends back east surprised me when I got back from a summer in Argentina and had filled my entire bedroom with hundreds of rainbow balloons from floor to ceiling because I had always wanted a room filled with balloons!
6. A psychic once predicted a traumatic event, down to the year, that has since happened.
7. I sponsored foster children in Africa for years with my allowance growing up, and used to love when I'd get a picture of what they looked like.
8. I love getting dressed up, and really wish a dressier, all together look for men and women were still a part of our everyday society.
9. I smile a lot, and wouldn't know how to live without it.

EIGHT ways to win my heart:

1. A genuine smile.
2. Happiness and positivity.
3. Patience.
4. Kindness towards and belief in others.
5. Humor.
6. Outgoing and fun personality.
7. Easygoing with an even temper.
8. Can adapt well with anyone in any situation.

SEVEN things that cross my mind a lot:

1. The past.
2. Life.
3. Creative projects.
4. Decorating ideas.
5. What I need to do.
6. Feelings.
7. The future.

SIX things I do before I fall asleep:

1. Take my make-up off.
2. Put on my anti-aging face and eye cream...since I'm getting up there in age! ;)
3. Brush my teeth.
4. Take out my "eyeballs," as I refer to them, aka contacts.
5. Turn out all the lights and plug in my cell phone.
6. Try really, really hard to turn my mind off.

FIVE people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever):

1. My parents.
2. My sisters.
3. My nephews.
4. My core friends.
5. Jim and Jennifer.

FOUR things you're wearing right now:

1. Tank top.
2. Comfy pants.
3. Contacts.
4. Hairband.

THREE songs that you listen to often (currently):

1. Drive By by Train.
2. We Are Young by Fun.
3. Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

TWO things you want to do before you die:

1. Have a stable career and be happy in all aspects of my life at once.
2. Start my own children's charity foundation or be an active part of a current one.

ONE Confession:

1. When I am going through a sad or difficult time, I pull away and completely stay and keep to myself.

Thanks for reading, if you did, I'm off to listen to the songs I listed again! LOL! Have a fun rest of your weekend, and I'll be back tomorrow with something super cute and a discount offer!

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  1. It was fun reading that :) I like how you call contacts eyeballs!

  2. I love the 10 things I wish I could say w/out saying their name... such a great way to get it off your chest without hurting anyone's feelings. All your answers here are sweet. Happy Sunday!

    1. I thought that was great when I saw it on Alexis's blog too! Hope you are having a Super Sunday, Maegan! Love your blog, thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  3. I loved reading this! I miss the posts about YOU! But I understand that sometimes you have to step back and not get so personal. But it is great to learn more about you because I adore you!
    And the Broadway show.... I am so with you! I literally get the INTENSE desire to get on stage and sing and dance my little heart out. Then I realize I can't do either :)

    1. Thank you, Courtney! <3 I love the posts about me and am an open book really, but also know this blog started about affordable fashions and design type stuff and am never sure if people want to see that kind of stuff here, but from messages and comments, I think they do! Yay! :)

  4. Ooohhh fun post! I really like your charity idea & I am sooo like you when it comes to a difficult time...I hate talking about it...I hibernate basically..

  5. This is such a fun post!! If you get a chance, check out my latest post about Blogging Advice! I would love to hear your input:)

  6. I love this! Maybe I'll do one of these too:)



    1. Yay, go for it Ashley, I'd love to read it! :)

  7. Brilliant post, sweetie and it made me emotional. I loved reading all those things about you and you are such an inspiration:) Muah

    1. This means so much to me, Diana, thank you so, so much! I adore you and your lovely blog! :)

  8. I love this! I'm sure it was very theraputic -I must try this :)


    1. Thank you, Heather, I think writing has always been therapeutic for me, you are so right! :)

  9. Great post, I really want to do a post like this :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


  10. Liesl, I absolutely love this post! Do you mind if I "borrow" your idea? ;-)

    Liesl xxx

  11. Your post made me smile, it said a lot of things to me. I think it is wonderful for one to write her thoughts out in words. I just realize i haven't heard done so in a while. Thanks for sharing this lovely inner thoughts of you.

  12. what a great post to get to know you a lil' bit more!

  13. Lovely blog post, Liesl! I really enjoyed it and could relate to a lot of the things you said! Thank you so much for all the supportive comments (like always) on my blog! I really appreciate them so much <3 xoxoxo

  14. beautiful post sweetie! loved reading more about you. i dream about being on broadway too! have a wonderful week!

  15. Liesl, your thoughts are incredibly beautiful. I loved reading this post. I'm going to copy this, just a little for a post of my own, but don't worry, yours will be more fantastic than mine, promise. This was wonderful.

    1. I love that you are going to do this post too! Yay! :) Can't wait to read yours and learn a little more about you! Thank you for such a sweet comment! <3

  16. Fabulous post. I answered many of them the same. xo


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