Friday, June 8, 2012


Happy Friday
, Blogland!

If you have been following my blog for sometime, you may have noticed that I often have what looks like a tank under my lower v-neck tops and dresses.

That said, they were actually half camis, which I always loved because they gave that same look without the extra bulk that a full length tank might give.
Why am I mentioning this you might ask?

Well, I recently discovered a new take on the half camis called the Cleava and was interested in how it worked and could offer the same look with even less bulk than the half cami.

Therefore, I gave it a try, and have to say it does work, though I wasn't quite sure exactly how at first.
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Yes, I realize it looks like a thong in the image above, as it does when you purchase it, but it is not and is in fact a rather clever design!

By simply attaching it to your bra, using the many different snap options, to create the best fit and size, you can add it under a top or dress for everyday or a more appropriate look for work and then simply remove it for a dressier, evening look!

This allows you to go from day to night in 3 easy steps without a big fashion change. They come in a variety of colors and options, from basic to accented ones with rhinestones, etc., depending on your taste, style and particular look, for $19.95 and are very versatile!
Hope you all had a Wonderful Week and that your weekend ahead is relaxing! It is my mother's birthday tomorrow, so, we are off to celebrate over a fancy dinner, and I always love getting dressed up!

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  1. You're always teaching this old girl something. I bought some camis that were short and I thought it was just that I was too fat! So I went back and bought some longer ones. But, then I found this thing similar to a bandeau. I haven't worn it yet, but I think it will serve this same purpose.
    I'm glad to see some modest young women. (So many are not.)

  2. I'm always using a cami underneath everything!! This is genius! Thanks for sharing! Going to have to look into these :) And you're so right! I can't stand those bulky tanks :/ Eek.

  3. That is brilliant! Enjoy the birthday dinner with your beautiful mother!

  4. I love cami's too! I actually found some tube tops that are great too. You look gorgeous in yellow btw!

  5. wow! I didn´t even know that there was this kind of product! Amazing!

  6. Oh, I totally use those! They are great for preventing the "twins" from escaping at work ;)


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