Monday, July 23, 2012


Happy Monday, Everyone!

As many of you have probably noticed, this post has been going around blogland, but it was after seeing it over on the adorable Courtney's blog, that I decided to join in on it as well! :)
(photo credit: Kendra Shay Clark)


• You would know that I smile, a lot, and it is a part of me.

• You would know that children and I seem to relate and bond so easily, which I adore.

• You would know I hate the phone.

• You would know that I enjoy time by myself.

• You would know how difficult, and unfathomable, it is for me to be unkind to anyone.

• You would know how important my family is to me and what a big part of my life they are.

• You would know that I realize how lucky I am to have been given the life I have, and how truly thankful I am for it.

• You would know that when I was little, I chose to donate a portion of my allowance to children in need.

• You would know that I have always wanted to, and plan to, go to Africa to volunteer with the children.

• You would know that I love cheese, especially brie.

• You would know I am a carboholic and Diet Coke lover.

• You would know that I'm not a big animal lover, though I think they are cute and will always treat them well.

• You would know that I love to sing and miss being in a choir.

• You would know that I love having candles burning.

• You would know that I used to want to be an elementary education teacher, and had a play school growing up.

• You would know that I love horror movies.

• You would know that I loved the Backstreet Boys, and am in their "Fans of the Millennium" book.

• You would know that my best friends and I, who grew up together back east, have never been upset with one another.

• You would know that those same friends and I are still best friends today, friendships lasting over 20 + years.

• You would know that I am friendly with each of my exes, except for one.

• You would know that the qualities I find most attractive in a man are; patience, genuine kindness and humor.

• You would know that anytime I see CPR administered or a defibrillator used on a TV show or in a movie, or even hear the words, I get very anxious, and it brings back difficult memories for me.

• You would know that I need, and believe so deeply in, positivity, which I try to display daily.

• You would know that heartfelt, hand written letters and/or cards are my favorite kind of gift.

• You would know that I love giving gifts more than receiving them.

• You would know that I lived in the United Arab Emirates, and loved it.

• You would know that I adore Regis Philbin and Betty White.

• You would know that I get told I look like Amanda Seyfried more times than I can count.

• You would know that I thrive off of outgoing and fun personalities.

• You would know that I'm no longer a big fan of Facebook.

• You would know that I would love to live in Australia one day, and love it there.

• You would know NYC makes me very happy.

• You would know that I moved to NYC, for the first time, one week prior to 9/11, and had one of the best nights in Manhattan just hours before it was changed forever.

• You would know that as outgoing as I am, I am shy at the core.

• You would know that I have a fear of heights.

• You would know that I have watched every season of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" since it first premiered with Alex Michel back in 2002.

• You would know that I never went to prom.

• You would know that I used to love to draw, but it's been since 2006 that I last picked up my art pencils and paper.

• You would know that I love to dress up.

• You would know I have a fear of doing something wrong or having something I do or say hurt someone.

• You would know that I get called in for Jury Duty the same time each year, and always get picked as a juror if my number is called.

• You would know that I am not a big reader.

• You would know I've learned I need to listen to my heart and trust my instincts, they are always right.

• You would know that I would love to be fluent in French.

• You would know that some of my biggest regrets in life happened during my college years.

• You would know that I always try to see the best in people and give them the benefit of the doubt.

• You would know that I am a bit of a perfectionist, though not perfect, and don't wish to be.

• You would know that I once got to act in a scene with someone on TV whom I used to have magazine pictures up of on my wall growing up, which was a full circle moment.

• You would know that I am always on time, and stress if I am even a couple minutes late.

• You would know that I like to have a plan.

• You would know that I don't have a sweet tooth, and am not really a fan of ice cream.

• You would know that I once wanted to be Claire Danes as Angela in "My So-Called Life," that I even used 7 day wash out hair color to have red hair like she did.

• You would know that I got a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Acting and Theatre.

• You would know the exact moment that, sadly, solidified for me that I no longer loved acting or the industry as much as I once did.

• You would know that I love to take pictures and document things.

• You would know that I have been to 49 out of the 50 states and to 6 out of the 7 continents.

• You would know I love the internet.

• You would know that white "twinkle lights" make me smile.

• You would know that I love filling out these little surveys and joining in on tags.

• You would know that I am a creative person and love graphic design and creating clean layouts.

• You would know what I currently long for most in life.

• You would know that I love to travel, and was very fortunate to travel the world growing up.

• You would know that people almost always think or guess that I am 7-10 years younger than I am.

• You would know that I can't mail an envelope without stickers on it.

• You would know that I love quotes and song lyrics.

• You would know how much I appreciate each of you who take the time to read my little blog.


Enjoy the start to the week, and feel free to join in on this little blog post going around, I'd love to learn more about each of you!

I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend, I sure did, especially at work and with friends in the city drinking champagne rooftop over a lovely spread of cheeses and things! I'll have pictures from it up this Wednesday via my instagram!

SIDE NOTE: Speaking of "The Bachelorette," I think Emily handled herself beautifully and made the right choice, even though she had some truly great men all around near the end.


  1. Haha, that's such a fun post! Absolutely love it!! xxxx

  2. Liesl! I loved loved loved reading this about you, I found out so many cute and interesting facts! I used to live in Australia for 4 months and loved every moment of it! What is the one moment that made you not want to act anymore - missed that one! Great job and thanks for sharing! Love reading your blog!

    1. I LOVE that you lived in Australia and loved it, how wonderful! :) You are so sweet, and didn't miss anything, I never actually posted the exact moment on my blog, only those very close to me know when it was, but it happened within the last year on a set...I am still open to acting, if I really get the chance to act, should an opportunity come about, but the industry has changed so much. Thank you for taking the time to read all of it are the best, Sheila!!! <3

  3. Wow, this was so interesting and loved getting to know more about you.

    1. You are always so supportive, thank you! Glad you enjoyed it...I always enjoy learning more about fellow bloggers myself! :)

  4. Liesl I loved this TAG and I loved even more knowing that we have so much in common!!! You're such a sweet person...I thrive to be like you someday =)


    1. You are truly the best supporter ever, and your comment means so much to me! I LOVE that we have so much in common...can't wait to meet up one day! :)

  5. I just realized we were living in NYC at the same time-can't believe we never crossed paths!

  6. I just realized that we were both living in NYC at the same time- how did we never cross paths?!

    1. I am not sure how we did not cross paths...that said I feel we must again very soon! :)

  7. Oh my goodness... this post just made me love you even more! We were totally meant to be friends! BUT, we will NEVER watch a horror movie together. I just can't handle those types of movies, ha ha! I hope to be as well traveled and as SWEET as you are one day :)

    1. What a nice comment, Courtney, thank you! I think we were meant to be friends for sure, and I can't wait to meet up one day and do a post all about it! :) That said, since I try to be nice...hehe...I won't make you watch a horror movie! LOL!

  8. This was so much fun to read. I really did know some of those things about you which made me feel like I actually know you. Smile.

    1. Yay! That is what a love to hear, Patricia! I love that you still come back to read my blog and posts from time to time, that means so much! :)

  9. I agree with being a bsb fan...I went to a concert and my best friend and I snuck out of the chase the tour bus...then we almost ran over!!

    I also looove hand made and hand written cards....I can never just write my name on a hard.

    Such a sweet cute post!

    1. LOL! Oh my best friend and I have some stories of hunting for and chasing down a tour bus! I got to meet them a couple years later in NYC, and have to say they were really nice! I think they are a group I would go see when I was 50 and they did a little show somewhere, just for the memories! :)

      Thank you for such a nice comment, and I too could never just write a name on a that we share that! <3

  10. Your weekend sounds like it was an amazing one! Gorgeous post, it's my first time seeing it so thanks!

    Have a lovely day!

    1. You are so welcome, Sonia! Would love to read yours if you join in! :)

  11. Amazing post, fun reading things about you :) xxx

    Sneak peek into my life

  12. So fun learning more about you! Lovely post xo!

  13. You sound so lovely - it's a really cool and fun post! :)

    1. That means so much, thank you, Zoé...I had a lot of fun writing it! :)

  14. Amanda Seyfried is so beautiful, a total compliment!

  15. What a gorgeous photo of you! And I loved learning so much about you... Thanks for sharing! :)

    P.S. I gave you an award over on my blog, just in case you'd like to share even more. ;)

    1. You are so sweet, April! Thank you!!! Off to check it out now! :)

  16. Loved reading these! I'm so impressed you've been to 49 states. And I was excited to see that you love Australia and want to live there. I'm going in a month and could not be more excited! What do you love about it so much?

  17. fabulous!!!
    like to follow each other!??
    I hope so! we could stay in contact!!
    I have started following you now on GFC!
    kisses dear!

  18. I have been following your blog for a quite a while, it is really cool and inspiring.

  19. Beautiful place! Amazing photos!

  20. Great post!!!!
    Wonderful to know some things about you!


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