Friday, September 28, 2012


Happy Friday, Lovelies!

I was recently sent a couple shirts from this wonderful and affordable luxury t-shirt line called Teeology founded and created by Jennifer Lopez.

Each is designed to have the "look and feel of your favorite tee" with "that same luxurious  feel and superior fit" for an "irresistible price" and I can positively say, they do just that!

Along with their printed winning tee line, they have a premium basic tee line, which is very practical and comfortable, as well!
(image created using Teeology images altered by moi.)

As soon as the package arrived, I was impressed.  In fact, they far exceeded my expectations!

It was boxed beautifully with their slogan printed on the inside of a shiny, black onyx box and the shirts perfectly wrapped in matching black tissue paper.  Complete with a Teeology sticker to help keep the package snug inside the box.
Teeology box, which I had posted on my instagram, the day it arrived.
Founder and Chief Curator: Jennifer Lopez wearing the Big Love Tee.

I was able to choose one of the Limited Edition Tees of my choice, and I went with the one in French, since my mother used to teach in Paris, and I took french in school for years.

It is the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn, and IS "my new favorite tee," I want to live in it! :)
Parlez-vous Francais? T-shirt
Teeology- $29.50
Shirt Translation: "I am awesome because I took French in school."

Here are few other designs you might enjoy, but they have a variety online and more designs being created all the time!
Teeology - $29.50

Teeology - $34.50

Teeology - $28.50

Needless to say, I highly recommend this brand, would purchase from them in the future and am sure you will not be disappointed!  Plus, it is hard to find trendy and even basic, staple shirts that are also super soft and comfortable at an affordable price!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead!  I'm in the Hoosier State of Indiana still trying to locate my nose, which is running away from me.  However, I'm slowly beginning to locate my ears and throat again after pretty bad infections in each.

Next up, a little adventure this weekend, planned by those in my life who mean the world to me.  I'll be sure to have lots of pictures up next week!

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  1. Looks and sound wonderful to wear!
    I sure love the print and simplicity of it!
    Great and wonderful of you for sharing!

    1. So glad you enjoy it...they are simple, soft and lovely! :)


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