Monday, April 1, 2013


Happy, Happy Monday and April, Everyone!

I suppose I should call today Music Monday...maybe a new thing! :)

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, and thank you for all your sweet comments over on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter while I've been a wee bit are all something else! 

I know I haven't posted here quite as often as I used to, due to work and and life, but I am quite happy right now and loving NYC more than words can express! Yay!

It has been a whirlwind of music, shows, artists, some of whom I saw perform in LA and am now working and chilling with, in between lots of New York City adventures, oh how I love living downtown! :)

This past week, my boss sent me Twin Falls, now called Twin Forks, rough cut album to listen to and give my thoughts, you may know the lead singer from the very successful, award winning band, Dashboard Confessional

Well, let's just say I'm obsessed with the music, especially "Scraping Up The Pieces," which I'm posting for your listening pleasure!  The other songs are just fantastic, can't wait till you can all hear them!  

We'll be working with them in Europe, and I'm looking forward to lots more great music from them and the other lovely groups with which we are joining forces!  I started out in music over a decade ago and never knew I'd be back in it, but oh how happy I am to be back! :)

Enjoy, and don't for get that today is April Fool's, be careful! ;)

"Scraping Up The Pieces"  by Twin Falls, now Twin Forks.

SIDE NOTE: For all you baseball fans, today is opening day...Let's Go Yankees!!! :)


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