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Back in high school, groups were assigned a decade on which to research and report in our American History class, and ours was the 1940's.

As much as that era was fun to explore, if I had to choose one in which to live, I believe it would have to be the 1960's.

I know for many, the AMC show "Mad Men" made this style and era popular, but for me it was for a different reason, my mother.

Growing up, I was captivated by her stories, travels and adventures from being a Pan Am stewardess during its pivotal time in history.

Leaving the Pan Am training headquarters in Miami, FL.
Susie, my Marvelous Mother, Leslie and Jennie in the 60's after finishing Pan Am training.

Not to mention her pictures, the style and elegance of that time, which was incredible, and something I wish we had a bit more of today.

After having Willy Bogner, director and well-known ski designer, in first class on a Pan Am flight, he asked her to play a Pan Am stewardess in one of his German films, "Benjamin," starring Philipp Sonntag.

Scenes of my mother and Philipp Sonntag in the film "Benjamin," directed by Willy Bogner. 

I am so thankful to have something that captures her in action as a Pan Am stewardess, since I never got to see her in those days doing what she loved so, so much, and what a natural!

It was hearing my her stories that made me want to become a flight attendant, at one time, but times have changed drastically from air travel of the 60's, and I think, unfortunately, lost its grace and sparkle.

In my acting days I often got cast in TV shows and films set in the 1960's and was told I had right look for that era, which was fun.

I got a chance to be on "Mad Men", before leaving LA, and play a 1960's, very Pan Am-esque, stewardess in scenes with Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper on the show, which was a, let's say, interesting experience.

I also had the chance to play Leslie on the NBC show "American Dreams" starring Brittany Snow, Will Estes, Rachel Boston, Jamie Elman, among others, with Dick Clark as the executive producer, and it was a truly wonderful experience and highlight from my filming days. 

On the set of "American Dreams" sporting fun 60's clothes and hair!
"American Dreams" set with Danielle DiCerbo, Erin Cahill, Teal Brown, Rachel Boston and Brittany Snow.

So, in a way, I had the chance to go back and momentarily "live" in the 1960's like my marvelous mother did.

I would mostly choose the 60's because people dressed up, styled their hair and were classically put together as a part of daily life.


  1. Your mom was so cute - I love those pictures!

    How very cool that you got to go back and "live" in the decade that you wish you could really live in. Oh, and of course, seeing Jon Hamm IRL doesn't hurt either!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you for having such a great link up, loving it! Yes, my mother was so, so cute...she is the best and still as adorable! :)

  2. I love that your mom got to have such a glamorous experience! So memorable! I also love your experiences! Such a fun life!

    1. Yes, Lindsay, she sure did, and what a time it must have been to live! :)

  3. How awesome! I've always been fascinated by the 1960's too- people were so "put together." How lucky for you that you've been able to go back in time, in a way! And on Mad Men and American Dreams! I love(d) those shows! If I were an actress, those are shows I'd love to be on, just for the costumes alone. So cool that your mom was a Pan-Am stewardess, and great that she has pictures from the time. I loved this post! :)

  4. Tough it would be a battle between 1940's and the 50's, but 1940's I think wins. I love so many movies and books set in that era, I feel so connected to it.


  5. That photo of your mom on the plane is so cool! I at first was thinking it was a stock google one and then saw it was yours.

    And you do really fit the look of the times so well in all those pictures! How cool that you got to relive them somewhat.

  6. That first photo of your mum is wonderful. I bet she has some great stories to tell. How fun that you were able to go back and "live" in the era you wanted. I'm loving reading your Whatever Wednesday posts and learning more about you.

  7. Absolutely love that first photo of your mom! It's so awesome all that you both got to experience! No doubt she had a blast flying for pan am!

  8. Oh my gosh this is so fabulous. I was jealous at mother worked for Pan Am and then I see you and I am like whoa. Mad Men? How amazing! It was such a different time those 60's! And you got to pretend. Lucky you!

  9. OMG!!! I'm dying!! I freakin LOVED American Dreams!! I still have the opening theme song on my ipod play list!!! and how cool that you have pics of your mom as an actual del-life pan-am stewardess!! too cool!!

  10. Greta blog and photos!!! Kiss, Paolo


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