Saturday, August 31, 2013


Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Life has really taken me on a whirlwind of emotions and experiences this months and this week has really tested my strength in positivity, but I going to keep smiling and believing! :)

Sorry I have been away, but I promise to be back in full swing very soon, and truly appreciate all of you and your kind words, especially on Instagram, you are all so supportive, thank you!!!

Thursday night Greg Holden, one of the artists with whom I feel fortunate to know and work side by side with, performed at Rockwood Music Hall and what a show it was, so great!

So, instead of Saturday Sayings this week, I'm sharing his performance and song, which I think spread an uplifting and inspiring message of its own.
Greg Holden performing at Rockwood Music Hall on August 29, 2013.

It provided a much needed night of music therapy for me, and he sure puts on such a fantastic live show!  More important, he is one of the kindest, most positive, genuine, give and talented people I know, and I am so, so proud of him!

I videoed his performance of "Just Give It Away," a song he wrote about simply letting go of your worries and anxieties in life that hold you down, which was pretty must speaking right to my heart, and it is such a great song!

Greg Holden performing "Just Give It Away" at Rockwood Music Hall.


  1. Ah, music therapy, my favourite kind of therapy. Thank you for sharing that video Liesl, I love his sound and the message in his song.
    It sounds as though things have been a tough for you recently, I hope that changes soon. Take gentle care.

  2. He is great! I hope things get better! xo


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