Wednesday, January 1, 2014


A year in pictures via my Instagram in a 15 second flash.

I consumed a lot of yummy sushi. 

 I welcomed my 3rd nephew, who fills my heart with an unexplainable love. 

 It was my first year without an acting agent since I was 18. 

 I closed, though did not lock, the door to my life as an actor. 

 I moved back to NYC and into my downtown Manhattan high-rise apartment.

I got to experience a couple lovely road trips to the charming areas in and around New Paltz, NY. 

 I met a number of people, I would never have encountered, in airports and on trains while traveling.

 I learned that I'll always wonder why some people crossed my path, one in particular, but sometimes answers never appear. 

 I finally marked Rome off my bucket list when I traveled to Italy in May. 

 I officially became a "wine-o."

 My friendship with childhood friends became closer and stronger than ever, a bond that can never be broken.

 I learned I love roasted Brussels sprouts more than ever. 

I had a fun, unplanned adventure in Red Hook.

 Almost every person I met in NYC thought I was 24, and when informing them to add a decade, it caused quite the array of reactions.

 I was asked to be in my friend's wedding, which is going to be an oh so chic affair next year overlooking Manhattan.

 The notion that plans rarely go as planned was once again reinforced. 

 Volunteering in Harlem, donating 9 inches of my hair to those with cancer and buying sandwiches for a homeless lady near my apt. were highlights. 

 I watched a number of friend's and classmate's acting careers shine on TV and in film, and each one is so deserving and talented.

I was reminded how much I dislike being ignored by those with whom I've shared quality time, and how rude it really is with many ways to respond.

 I learned that 75% of married men in NYC will hit on women, especially, if in town for a out ladies! 

 I made a new, wonderful "forever friend" in Brooklyn.

 I started 2013 on the west coast and ended it on the east coast. 

 I'm still not sure where 2013 went. 

Here's to hoping 2014 holds some direction and stability.

Happy New's time for a new adventure!


  1. Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true sweetie!

  2. Happy New Year dear and I am sure 2014 will be full of great adventures!!

  3. What a year! I'm glad we finally got to "meet" and spend some wine-o time together in 2013! I hope we get to do it again in 2014 and I know with your huge heart and positive spirit it will be a fabulous year for you! xo


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