Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Life has really taken me on a number of unexpected turns in the past year, and it continues into this year. All part of the adventure I suppose, and I continue to stay as hopeful as possible.  

I have been so fortunate to have quality time with two of my closest friends from childhood, now that we are all back in the same area again, and that, along with family time, has been the highlight in my life.

It is always so hard for me to put into words, but they are such positive, hopeful, upbeat, perky, smilie, supportive and wonderful people and friends to be around on a daily basis.  They truly make this world a better place, and have been doing so since they entered my life in elementary school.  

They are inspiration to me, and most likely why I feel the most myself with them.  They understand me, relate to me and live in a bit of the sunshine and rainbow world that I try my best to live in, too.  It just feels right to me.  Also why I think I relate so well to children and always have.

We are always trying to see the best in others, give everyone a chance, offer a helping hand at every turn and believe that people make mistakes, but can also change, which is why believing in others is so important.  All despite the struggles and difficult times we have faced.  

I suppose, we don't allow those lows to stop us.  However, it is important to know that it doesn't mean we don't have bad days or tough times.  We simply chose to move forward while staying positive and hopeful through it, and not bring others down along the way.

With age, I've found our outlook to be so different from many, which often causes others to think we are silly, weird or just plain odd.  That is okay with us, but it is sad to me that such happiness and desire to help others and spread sunshine is so uncommon, when for me it is natural.  It is not doing so that feels uncomfortable and, honestly, wrong to me.

As Shakespeare so notably said, "To thine own self be true."  Something I try to remember daily, no matter how different I may be from those around me. In doing so it is important to always listen to your gut as well.  Something I've ignored in the past and try so hard not to do in the present.

Today, the below quote happened to cross my path, perhaps for a reason.  

In fact, I really needed to see it, and it expresses things in my mind so perfectly.  This is how I feel, and how my childhood friends feel about life.  We see things brightly, in rainbow colors, and will continue to stay young at heart with that childhood innocence that I feel many sadly lose with age. 

Ultimately, if living in a happy world filled with cupcakes, lollipops, rainbows, sunshine and smiles, in order to simply spread cheer and make someone's life or day a little brighter and easier for yourself is strange, well then, I suppose we just don't view things the same way, and that is okay.  

Living this way doesn't mean we are blind or naive to the reality of the world, we just chose to stay optimistic, upbeat, positive and happy despite it all.  I guess I don't understand why that is so wrong.

That said, I don't think it makes one way right and one way wrong.  For me, seeing the world filled with fewer colors is strange, but if it works for someone else, that needs to be respected and accepted.  Just as I hope my way of seeing the world and people will be respected one day, too.  

In elementary school, I distinctly remember having a teacher who had a large, colorful sign in her classroom that read, "Have a Rainbow Day!" She spread those words, her motto, to the class and those students passing by in the hallway daily.  Those words always spoke to me, and are something I try, and will always try, to have in my life and spread to those around me, seen as weird or not.

I'll end today's post with a quote from one of my all time favorite poets, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Something I first shared with someone back in 2006, he knows who he is if he is reading this.  I fully believed it then, and still believe it today.  

Always embrace who you are, and as long as you continue to learn, grown and be the best version of yourself that you can be, while not intentionally hurting others, then, you are on the right track. 

I'll be back soon with a pictures show, but definitely in time for Saturday Sayings.  Side note, I am planning on being more active on my blog soon...tnank you to everyone for your patience! :)


  1. I love this! You are not weird and I absolutely love your outlook on life! Spending time with you always leaves me feeling so much happier and more positive! You're such a fabulous person! xoxo

  2. this text was beautiful and inspirational.loved it,thank you*


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