Saturday, December 27, 2014


Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!  Mine has been different, but special in its own beautiful way.

The latter part of this year brought so many wonderful things into my life.  From opportunity, a job I love and an exciting promotion, all the way to good, quality people, many of whom will be lifelong friends, and more. Each created a lovely memory, and left me feeling fortunate and thankful!

For me, the year began with some lethargic lows, but is coming to a close on hopeful highs!  Things in life truly happen for a reason.  I've always believed it, but see it to be true more and more these days. 

Always hang in WILL end up exactly where you are meant to be, on every front.  Remember, it takes the lows and bad to lead you to the highs and good.

Below are pictures from the past couple weeks.  They express moments of what happiness is to me.  True happiness has never come within things for me, but rather people, family, friendship, kindness, creativity, music, kids, moments, feelings, experiences and things you do for others, to help or make them smile.

Just as the author Dau Voire once said, "A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain."  I believe this with everything in me!

Have a relaxing weekend and great rest of the holiday before the new year!  
All images belong to Liesl Ehardt via my Instagram.


  1. All the happiness in your life, you totally have earned and following your journey this past year has made me appreciate the people in my life more. You have inspired me to enjoy every single moment, whether it is a low or high!
    I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday!

  2. Everything does happen for a reason, doesn't it? It can be so hard to remember that sometimes, especially during those pesky lows. I really needed to hear the whole "you always end up where you're supposed to", so thanks for that :) I hope this next year is spectacular for you! xoxo

  3. Wonderful pictures! I am just now starting to figure out where I am supposed to be in life and I couldn't be more excited!

  4. Glad your year is ending in a good mood and with excitement!


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