Friday, January 15, 2016


Happy Friday, Bogland!

The New Year seems to bring a feeling of hope, fresh starts and that desire to get fit and stay healthy.

I often get asked to share what I eat or join in on the "What I Ate Today" posts that are common among bloggers and YouTubers.

So, today, I'm sharing some of my favorite Healthy Snack options, which are also affordable. Healthy and affordable don't always go hand in hand, but these snacks will give you the energy and protein you need in just a handful to keep you charged throughout the day.

It was while working in pre-opening for The Knickerbocker hotel in Times Square, that I was first introduced to products.
I'll admit it was the too adorable for words and fun colored packaging that caught my attention.  Yet, what was inside was delicious and available in perfectly packaged to-go or sample sized portions.
Enjoying an individual sized bag of the Oriental Mix, delish!

Below are my favorite healthy snacks, with wasabi peas and oriental mixes making my top picks, which you will see me snacking on whenever possible.  Add in a couple slices of good cheese and a glass of red wine and the almonds and dried apricots make my top picks.  

Oh and if I'm being completely honest, goldfish crackers and multi-grain cheerios would be in the mix of my snacking habits as well because I'm like a big kid! :)  

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What are some of your favorite healthy snack options?  Share them in the comments below!
1. Dried Apricots / 2. Pitted Dates / 3. Roasted Almonds / 4. Wasabi Peas /
5. Dried Cherries / 6. Oriental Mix


  1. Great snacks for sure, most full of good protien and/or fiber!


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