Saturday, August 20, 2016


Happy Monday, Everyone!

We celebrated my little Niece Nugget's 1st Birthday with the entire family at our home rental in Aspen, which was very special.  

My younger sister, her mother, really did a beautiful job hand making and putting everything together.  All to complete the theme for the birthday girl, which was ONE-derland, a creative take on "Alice in Wonderland," which kept it all super to my ears! ;)

Below are pictures of all the details, tasty treats and fun we had celebrating before ending a successful day with yet another incredible sunset, which some of us watched from the hot tub in the backyard. 
My sister with the birthday girl at her ONE-derland themed 1st birthday.
Homemade topiary and butterfly accent details on the lovely tables cape.
Flamingos are just too cute!
A variety of yummy homemade tea sandwiches.
Fresh homemade watermelon squeezed lemonade and homemade plain and raisin scones
with jams and homemade clotted cream.
Loved the flamingo and striped straws!
The adults added champagne to the watermelon lemonade, so refreshing!
None of our family gatherings or cocktail times would ever be complete without
a selection of yummy cheeses, we LOVE cheese!
Birthday presents beautifully arranged under a homemade Happy Birthday and a picture
from each month of the birthday girl's first year.
Homemade "Thank You" goodie bags.
A closer look, I had fun making the little signs to help her out.
Both of my nephews, my older sister's eldest son and my younger sister's eldest son, matched
and it wasn't even planned, too cute!
Aspen trees have quickly become one of my favorite trees, and the way the light glowed off them at sunset from the backyard was magical.
Sunset from our backyard, the view every single night was a sight to see,
love it when you can see the rays reflecting.
Sunset through the trees and view from the hot tub in the backyard,
which was there perfect way to end the day.
Goodnight, Aspen...for tonight.

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