Monday, October 3, 2016


Happy Monday, Everyone!

First off, I want to wish my younger sister and awesome brother-in-law a Happy 7th Anniversary!
Their weeding was such a beautiful and magical celebration of love, and I look forward to many more years of happiness ahead!

Now, what better way to start the week than by looking back at my recent 72 hour extended weekend adventure in Denver, Colorado.  It was an incredible trip filled with endless, non-stop, fun-filled adventures around a beautiful city.  
Most of that is all thanks to the best tour guide a girl could have for the time I was there.  We packed so much into such a short time that I feel as though I really made the most of my time there and got a full experience filled with memories I'll never forget!  I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my time there already.

We had the best time...
•  Exploring local breweries, like Station 28 Brewing Co, and the fun Octoberfest celebrations. 
•  Taking the Light Rail and sight seeing around downtown Denver, Larimer SquareUnion Station and it's beautiful terminal.
•  Visiting a number of delicious restaurants and bars, like Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen, and trying late night fabulous food and cozy cocktails at Cart-Driver. 
•  Driving up in the mountains to see the aspen trees starting to change into their lovely golden yellow and walking around peaceful Summit Lake on a beautiful day.  
•  Seeing Ray LaMontagne in 6th row dead center at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater on a gorgeous night, pure perfection!
•  Walking around Cherry Creek at sunset.  
•  Enjoying delish ramen outside at Uncle and so much more! 
Denver was am unplanned stop and trip that I'm glad I took a chance on and booked.  Yet another reminder to say, "yes" to opportunity and adventure whenever you find it before you in life.  

Plus, I got to see my friend Erin, whom I grew up with in Abu Dhabi.  We caught up over a yummy lunch at Sushi Den after 7 years of not seeing each other  So, it was a true win-win trip all around!

It's safe to say that Colorado has taken a piece of my heart, starting with my 2 weeks in Aspen, and I'm looking forward to all that may be ahead.  Until then, let's get to some pictures! 
Station 28 Brewing Co in Denver, Colorado.
Sampling some of Station 28 Brewing Company's great beers,
I chose the Octoberfest to go with the event.
Larimer Square in Downtown Denver.
Appetizer and drinks at Euclid Hall in downtown Denver, Colorado.
We got a local draft beer, Monte Castillo Tempranillo and Pickled Sampler.
Beautiful Terminal at Union Station in downtown Denver Colorado.
Late night Happy Hour and dinner specials at Cart-Driver in downtown Denver, Colorado.
We got their Happy Hour Perfect Manhattans, Daisy Pizza and Sardines & Toast.
Exploring the beautiful mountains in Denver on a pretty day.
Walking around peaceful Summit Lake in the mountains of Denver, Colorado.
Seeing the gorgeous Aspen Trees turing golden yellow up in the mountains.
Magical Red Rock Amphitheater
Photo Credit: Brian Stowell via Ray LaMontagne's Instagram

The above image is not mine, but I ove how this captures the magical night
and it's fun that I'm in the picture dead center.
Ray LaMontagne Ouroboros Tour 2016 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Photo Credit: Andrew Coonan

Walking around stunning Cherry Creek at sunset.
Photo Credit: Andrew Coonan
Yummy ramen dinner outside at Uncle in Denver, Colorado.  

We got the Pork Belly Buns, Garlic Edamame, Kimchi Ramen, Veggie Ramen, Saki,
Asian Pacific "Tiger" Lager and Trapiche Broquel Malbec. 
Veggie Ramen with the egg.
Early morning pre-flight wake-up and my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.
Gorgeous sunrise at Denver International Airport and having mixed emotions about leaving.

ALL of the above images by Liesl Ehardt unless otherwise noted.

SaveSaveSaveSave | POST UPDATE |

In September 2017, a year after I posted this blog, I am officially moving to the Mile High City from the Big Apple!  You can follow my adventures, move, apartment hunt and more in my Destination Denver series! 


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