Thursday, November 10, 2016


Happy Thursday, Fashionable Friends!

I was recently invited by Sedona East, a wonderful and affordable, quality shop that offers clothes, bags, jewelry, home goods and more, to join their team of Fashion Bloggers. Yay! 

This means that you, yes you, get 15% OFF any purchase using the Promo Code SEGIRL15 through December of 2017!  So you have over a year to shop for goodies or gifts and continue to save.

I've put together some of my favorites under $50 and look forward to sharing some of what I purchase from them in a future post.  Happy Shopping! 
Sedona East Shop  /  Instagram  /  Facebook  /  Twitter

Gold Elephant Bookends = $45
($38.25 with discount)

Happy Little Cloud Ring Dish = $17
($14.75 with discount)

Shine Bright Diamond Candle Holder = $18
($15.30 with discount)

24k Gold Inspirational Adventure Arrow Necklace = $36
($30.60 with discount)

24k Gold Moroccan Moonrise Necklace = $42
($35.70 with discount)

Sideways Branch Necklace = $27
($22.95 with discount)

< <  SIDE NOTE  > >

I try to avoid posting on politics, but I think it's important for each of us on the United States to realize that regardless of what your vote was, what your views are or your political party is, we are fortunate to have a vote, and chance to be heard, and should respect others as well.

I know the US election has shaken a lot of people, and in my eyes neither was a stellar candidate, but I think we, including the media, at least owe it to any person who takes office a fair chance to do well and succeed. Only time will tell how they will do, let's spread love, not hate. 



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    1. Hi, lovely! I already follow you on GFC, under Liesl. I'm a few pages back on your GFC box! Keep up the wonderful work and blog, and I hope you are well! :)


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