Friday, November 4, 2016


Happy Friday, Everyone!

I'm going to start featuring a post each month about life where I'll share and open up a conversation about experiences, fears and lessons learned in my own.  I think it is in the vulnerable moments of truth when you better connect with others.

You have probably heard the phrase FOMO, an acronym for Fear Of Missing Out causing many are push a GOMO, Get Out More Often, craze. Similar to YOLO, You Only Live Once, which all seem to be mottos that are taking on a real feeling and place in today's society.

My life has been filled with a number of transitions over the past year as I continue to find my path.

I think the older we get, and as time appears to pass us by more quickly, we worry about not doing everything we hope to do or missing out on experiences, great opportunities and fun moments with friends, family or loved ones.  

This is often due to us simply letting life get in the way.  Putting things off until tomorrow or "one day," but why not do it today?  

It's said, you can always make time if you want to, mostly referring to relationships and the dating world. To some extent this is very true, though, at the end of the day, I realize there are only 24 hours in any given day.  It's more about using your time more wisely and keeping yourself energized to do them.

As I become more and more proactive in going after what it is that make me happiest in life, I'm learning some things a long the way and want to share them with you.

This month, I've put together 3 tips to help you get yourself out there and help you avoid missing out!  Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comments below! :)
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This helps lock down a day and hold you accountable to getting together with friends and loved ones.  

While living in Los Angeles, for almost 10 years, I most looked forward to our annual holiday par-tay. Looking back, I'm so glad we made it a yearly event because it brought so many people together to catch up and celebrate over festive cocktails and small bites. 

My top pick to help you find fun events or plan one of your own would be Eventbrite
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Believe me, I know that sometimes all you want to do is go home after a long day or stay at home in your comfortable bubble.  I've been there, and yes, done that.  More than I'd like to admit. 

However, in those times when you do in fact go out, you often find you are glad that you did.  It helps keep up your relationships with others, can make you feel alive and get you out there meeting new people and coming into contact with possible new opportunities.

I've always admired one of my best friends since childhood, Lena. She doesn't let a single moment go by without fully living. She is so busy, works a lot, travels often and is always doing everything she can to make it to every party, charity run, event, dinner, girl's night, you name it.  She lives her life with such zest and positivity every single day, which truly inspires me.

Moral to the story, get out there and say, "yes," whenever possible.  Adventure awaits!

We have all heard it before, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."  

Sometimes we get so set in making plans that we forget to actually live.  Next thing you know, days, weeks and even years have passed and you have missed more than you realize.

It may not be easy to fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak, but sometimes you really end up having the most fun this way and crossing paths with people who may never have entered your life otherwise.

Take that chance and try it.  Remember, you can always go home if it doesn't pan out as you had hoped.

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