Thursday, May 25, 2017



It's been a very busy and long last few days of packing and preparing for the movers on the east coast side of my big move.

As of yesterday, May 24th, most of my life was successfully loaded onto a moving truck and the team of guys from mayflower were truly fantastic!

I wanted to let you know that I'll be OFFLINE FOR A BIT WHILE TRAVELING TO NEW YORK FOR 2 WEDDINGS THIS WEEKEND, FOLLOWED bY A road trip back down to Virginia, before my big DRIVE out to NEW MEXICO and ARIZONA before ending up in COLORADO to start my new chapter.

it is a very bitter-sweet tiMe for me moving to a new state, while also saying goodbye to my childhood home of 30 years in far hills, new jersey, which my parents are selling.  It was an incredible and beautiful town in which to grow up, and I have such wonderful memories. I just hope the new owners time is as magical as mine.

IN THE MEANTIME, I'LL BE DOCUMENTING MY ADVENTURES OVER ON MY INSTAGRAM VIA PICTURES AND INSTASTORY fun if you wish to follow along.  Also, I'll continue to document things here in my Destination Denver series.

Thank you for your patience, sweet comments and messages, and I hope you will continue to follow along . . . i'M HOPEFUL THAT big things await! 

IMAGE VIA  |  altered by Liesl Ehardt
location: far hills, nj - may 24, 2017

life goes on, but the incredible memories from my time growing up here will forever remain close to my heart. 


  1. Oh is really changing for all of you! I have always sent letters and cards to your Far Hills home since we became nursery friends. I always thought this home would stay in the family forever...its so sad! But as you say life moves on and you and your family will have new memories to make in your new home. Hope to hear from you when you are back online with your new address so I can continue to stay in contact. *Murtiah*

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