Friday, April 23, 2010


Happy Friday, my Fabulous Followers!

Many of you commented on and really liked my comfy, blue dress that I wore on my dinner date with my unexpected love this week in Santa Monica and were loving the $15 price tag even more, as was I and why I bought it in 4 colors! :)

Anywho, I thought I would post the Mossimo Supply Co. dress from Target, hence hitting the a few colors and a direct link. Black, which I already have and is a basic staple to have that will go with anyting, a beautiful Hawaiian coral color, which I think I need to pick up for summer, and perfect for spring deep lagoon. That said, it comes in at least 8 colors and you can buy it in store or online!

One thing I will note is...

I am 5'8", without shoes, and you can see in my "Dinner Date Look of the Day" post where exactly it falls on me, which is just slightly above the knee, and is slightly lower in back than front. However, in the pictures of the dress online it looks shorter to me in some views and usually when they are short online they are super short for me because I am taller and almost always wear heels!

You will see that the dress seems to fall at different lengths and the models used online to show the dress are all different heights and sizes, which is great, yet, 2 look like the same person, but different in each! Either way, I think that for most of you it won't be too short, in case that is a worry of yours, like it is for me! :)

Enjoy and let me know if you pick any up! I'm off to get at least one more since they are so comfortable, can be dressed up or down, even as a cover up over a swimsuit, and are easy to pack for travel while keeping you stylish and colorful at an affordable price! :)

I hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend! Ill be at the Yankee game this weekend while they are in town playing the Angels and can't wait to see Jeter in action, yet again...GO YANKEES!!! :)


  1. Gosh! I might be a long dress on my 5' 3" frame!!! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the game!

  2. That dress is adorable!! I may have to go pick up one of those!!

  3. I love it! Love Tarjet!~ Might have to go pick up that dress, I can still work it for an old gal!

  4. Kathryn - LOL! I am sure you would rock it at no matter what length it was! Thanks...I'll post a pic from the game this weekend! :)

    Leslie - You do it girl and let me know which one(s) you choose! :)

    Mara - I love Target too and have trouble keeping myself on a budget too...I want it all! :)

    Debbie - I call it Tarjet too! :) You are not an old gal and am sure you could work it!!! :)

    Thanks ladies!
    Liesl :)

  5. I just tried that dress on and got some fun fun fun heels too!!!

  6. Yeah those look very comfy! I just bought a bunch of comfy dress/tunics over the weekend. I live in those in the summer!!

    Yes, you should totally do the fun facts blog post!!!

  7. Diana - And it's comfy! :)

    Amy - Me too! I shall do that fun facts blog for sure, thanks! :)

    Liesl :)


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