Monday, May 24, 2010


As some of you may know, I am prepping to head on a cross-country road trip, after a quick trip to Albuquerque this week, and recently picked up a few summer things that I thought I would share with you before I start some serious packing...hehe!

Flower Hair Clips
Junes Dress - $1.50 each

KMS Salt Spray / Dry Shampoo / NYX Eyeshadows / Palladio Baked Blush
ULTA - $ 12.75 (w/coupon) / $ 6.99 / $ 4.00 each (buy 2 get one free) / $ 6.99

Calvin Klein White Tie Dress
Marshall's - $ 39.99 (originally $ 110.00)

White Studded Flirty Skirt
Charlotte Russe - $ 22.00

Blue & Turquoise Skirt
Charlotte Russe - $ 22.00

Long Black & White Flowing Maxi Dress
Charlotte Russe - $34.00

Neutral Cropped Sweater
Forever 21 - $ 17.80

Blue & White Stripped Shrug*
Forever 21 - $ 11.80
*As seen on me in my Nautical Inspired Look of the Day post.

Black, White and Navy Blue* Basic Shelf Bra Tank Tops
Forever 21 - $ 3.50 each
*As seen on me in my Nautical Inspired Look of the Day post.

Pearl Shimmer Highlight & Pink Mosaic Blush
Forever 21 - $ 4.80 / $ 4.80

Mint Green & White Swimsuit Top / Swimsuit Bottom
Forever 21 - $ 10.80 / $ 9.80

Side note, I am a person who wears a one piece or tankini when I go to the beach or swimming, which is a rarity since I'm not a beach type girl and try not to tan too much, but I got this for two piece to layout in by the pool while home at my parents house without people around to get a little glow before the weddings I'm in this summer...the rest will be thanks to Nivea sun-kissed tanning lotion and bronzing powder! :)

Also, I might not be posting as frequently over the next month, but will try to update you along the way and post pictures from my adventures on the road trip and beyond, at the weddings, in NYC and more along with what affordable fashions I am sporting or have put together! :)

Feel free to let me know if there is anything you hope to see and I will try to capture that for you and over the next month I will try my best to take each of you on my adventure-filled journey!

Now I am off to pack, pack, pack...


  1. I love the maxi dress and the white dress. I bought some flower hairclips from H&M too but I look so funny whenever I try them on. xoxo

  2. How exciting...Have a wonderful time and all the clothes look great...I adore the skirts and the flowers are ahhh....cute
    I am in a mood for travelling too :)
    Kisses my dear and have a blast!

  3. fabulous finds hunnie, i love each one especially your maxi dress and striped shrug.

    have lotsa fun on your road trip adventure. hope you have time for shopping therapy in the big NYC.

    ^-^ oxox

  4. Awwww you are going to be sooo cute on your road trip!!! Esp love tht CK dress:-)

    ooooh and you'll have some lovely pics.

    Thanks for your sweet comments!

  5. Love the green bikini and the zebra print maxi. I've had an obsession with zebra lately, and I always have an obsession with green.

    Great, great finds, lady! :-)

  6. Have fun on your road trip! You obviously are quite ready due to the lovely, lovely clothing you will be taking with you :)

  7. Have a wonderful time!!And loe all the things you are taking with you!!Especially the white dress!!So gorgeous!

  8. Girl, I'm coming over to raid your closet. lol ;)

    Have an amazing and fun road trip. I love road trips with my hunny, we make them fun. Lots of music and chair dancing. And snacks!!

    And enjoy your time in NY city, I'm dying to go back.

    :) Diana

  9. So many great scores. Love that white dress!

  10. I loove flower hair clips right now! It is so fun to have flowers in your hair. I love that white dress too!

  11. Have fun on your trip Liesl!! You did a great job on your pre-trip shopping trip! You've got me wanting to try Forever 21 make up now... I've always been tempted, but never actually tried it.


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