Friday, October 1, 2010


Happy October Everyone!!!

It appears that when it isn't one thing, it's another at the moment, which makes me think October is playing a little trick on me because it sure isn't a treat! ;)

I was uploading pictures from my trip to Pawleys Island into iPhoto this evening after not having my computer for a week and now being able to for the first time.

Well, as I was doing so...

KaBOOM!!! iPhoto apparently died on my MacBook Pro and all the pictures that were ever in it are gone, yes, gone.

Now, things would be much worse, but my dad always reminds me how important it is to back everything up....such a smart daddy I have! :)

So, almost everything is backed up on time machine, and luckily what wasn't, like the pictures I was trying to upload, I did not delete from my camera after the upload. Holler! LOL!

Therefore, right now my Pawleys Island weekend picture explosion is going to be on hold, but as soon as I get everything resolved I shall share them all with you!

However, I can share one taken of me that I had saved to my desktop before this all happened taken during a beautiful sunset at my friend's outdoor wedding reception.

Watching the sunset in Pawleys Island over the weekend.

Aside from that, the external hard drives I have are starting to get full since I have a lot of stuff from web and graphic design work I've done on them as well as my many backups, and in order to try to restore iPhoto I need to clear 162 GB.

Sorry for all the tech talk...hehe...

Anywho, in order to do so without totally deleting the file of pictures that does still exist somewhere on my hard drive, just in case and before we know for sure it can be restored, I need clear the room and backed up first!

Thank you for your patience, as always, but particularly this last are all FABULOUS, and I apologize for my not so fun blog posts recently!

All that said, these technical difficulties shall not keep me from posting some affordable fashion finds, and as of this morning my restoration of iPhoto is well under way, thanks to all my dad's help from across the country! :)

Plus, I was recently given The Versatile Blogger Award from the lovely Kathryn over at Take My Breath Away and feel I shall be passing on that love in an upcoming blog!

Please stay tuned...I might just host another giveaway at the end of all this to show you my appreciation! ;)


  1. What a relief that you have backed up your files. I was told by my husband repeatedly to do it, and had started burning them to CD's, but not all of them before the Big Crash. It cost us $1500 to get all my pictures back!!! That one hurt!

    Can't wait to see more pictures! The one above is beautiful!!! Do you use Lightroom or Photoshop or is it all through your iPhoto? Just curious!

    Good luck with all your tech stuff! Have a great weekend!

  2. That is a beautiful picture...the sun looks amazing -- and cute flowers!

  3. That photos is absolutely stunning!! You should frame it, Liesl! <3

  4. What a great picture! I have lost all my pictures before and it was totally upsetting.. Time machine is now set! Love your blog, I am a new follwer, check mine out if you get a chance :)



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