Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm up early with a pesky cough that has been keeping me awake, so, I thought I would go ahead and write my post now for all of you!

As I mentioned prior, I have been gathering lots of lovely inspiration from the many wonderful wedding blogs and websites out there, and this week I thought I would share some of the things I have found with each of you for Wedding Wednesday!

Photo by: Amanda Wilcher

Photo by: Michelle Waite

Below are some fun, inspirational wedding blogs as well that you may not have heard of, which I have found some lovely things on from time to time. Hopefully you enjoy some of these ideas and sites too and they help you to find some lovely inspiration of your own!

In other news, today, despite being sick, I am headed up to Santa Barbara and Montecito to look at some other possible wedding venues put together by the oh so lovely, beautiful and energetic Jessica from Bijoux Events!

Theses appointments were prearranged for today, and hopefully, I make it through the day okay! :)

Jessica was the wedding coordinator at my younger sister's wedding and we all instantly fell in love with her and her talent! So, when I started hitting a bit of a dead end on my hunt, we gave her a call and she jumped in with such enthusiasm to help us out!

Hopefully I find a gem of a venue today, and perhaps next Wednesday I will tell you how it went and bring some inspiration and pictures I like for engagement sessions!

We have our engagement picture session set for this summer, when my Unexpected Love and Fiancé gets back from Peru, in Laguna Beach where we got engaged. He will be in LA when he gets back to the U.S. visiting me before he goes back Austin to start his final year of grad school.

Feel free to share some engagement pictures of yours or others that you enjoy...I would love to see them! So fun! Oh and I promise to have another Look of the Day post soon too...just needed to feel better first! :)

Update: I was just too sick to make it to my appointments, which I tried so hard to be okay for after all the time that went into making them, but I might be contagious, so, we are delaying my above Santa Barbara wedding adventure at the moment.


  1. Morning Liesl! I love your name and this post! My sister is getting married in a couple months and would love some of this stuff. I also have a friend who has an awesome blog you might enjoy..its Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you are a FINALIST for the BLOSCARS! Voting starts in an hour and winners will be announced Sunday night! We would love to do an interview with you if you have time. Please email me at if you are interested and mention BLOSCARS in the subject! Thanks!! Congrats and Good Luck!

  2. Ohh so sorry that you are not feeling well! Those are such a beautiful wedding inspirations. I love the bride-tee idea and the heels are stunning! Good luck today and I cant wait to hear all about it!!!
    Kisses and hugs, sweetie

    Ps: I’m hosting a stunning Ruche GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

  3. Those bridesmaid tanks are cute! :) I made koozies for mine to take during my bachelorette party. So fun!

  4. So much goodness in this one post!! And you posted lots of my faves blogs too. Have a blast venue searching Liesly :) You will find that once you pick the venue everything will begin to fall into place!! xoxox

  5. :) gorgeous photos!
    I bet the excitement of the day will make you feel all better.
    I would love to hear about what you find bc my fiance and i are in begininng stages of planning our wedding!

    have a great day


  6. Cupcakes and sparklers are kind of amazing a t nay type of event:) Have fun picking out your venue. Santa Barbara is so beautiful, but so is Laguna:)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  7. i am in LOVE with the sparkly Louboutins...I did a half-hearted search for a pair that weren't too "wedding" like--wish i had found these!! i'm a sucker for sparkle. :-)

  8. I love this event idea :D
    great pictures.


  9. Love all the inspiration, where in santa barbara are you looking into getting married? I just got married on coronado island in july.

  10. Oh, feel better! I'm in the midst of planning my best friend's bridal shower (I'm the MOH), and I needed new sites for ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I love all these pics!
    Cool blog!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  12. Love all these inspirational photos!! Especially the gorgeous chandelier and those adorable cupcakes! Hope you feel better soon, and good luck with the venue search -- have fun!! :)

  13. SO in love with that chandelier!

    Lexi @


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