Saturday, April 9, 2011


I'm back with the 2nd part of my Road Trip from LA to NYC, but this time with pictures from our visits along the way!

Anywho, along the way I got to visit both my sisters, brother-in-laws and adorable nephews who were the main reason why I made this little, or not so little, trek since I hadn't seen them in about a year and half and that is just not okay in my book!

To show you all of the happenings from my journey I have put together a LARGE Picture Show that takes you on the adventure with me. So, grab a drink or snack, sit back, relax and enjoy...or else just hit the back button if you don't want an overload of pictures! :)

Our first visit was in "The ABQ," as we like to call Albuquerque, NM, visiting my younger sister and brother-in-law where we enjoyed lots of yummy eating and also got a chance to see the house they had just put an offer on and later got!

Our second visit was in VA at my older sister, brother-in-law and adorable nephews place outside of Washington, D.C.!

There we enjoyed LOTS of my sisters amazing home cooking and baking, including her guacamole, enchiladas, Star Wars pancakes, cinnamon rolls, banana bread and more...let's just say I gained a couple pounds, but they were worth it and oh so yummy! ;)

In between, we had many silly times, played some games, created some art, saw the "Supermoon," which won't happen again for another 20 or so years, and did my sister's cats Photon and Galaxy who really love each other!

We even practiced some creations for my wedding cake, which my nephew helped with because he loves to create...he later created a Play-Doh cake that he said was a groom's cake for his soon-to-be uncle aka my finace! How cute is that?!? :)

I'm excited because my older sister, who happens to be too darn creative and crafty for words, is decorating my wedding cake and it is all going to be edible...I can't wait for you to see what she is going to be doing, it matches my picture exactly!!!

Something that makes me laugh is that my nephew loves to make coffee for others, from grinding the beans to pouring in the water and adding the sugar, cream, etc.. So, while I was there, I let him make it with me and then he prepared it just the way I like it every my own little barista! LOL!

Since we were coming to town, we also had another little celebration for my nephew's birthday giving him the gifts from us after the fact, which was fun, and he just loves trains!

So, my dad, who has a bunch of the original electric Lionel trains and tracks, has them set up there and my nephew keeps getting new trains to add to it and run, of which he can't get enough!

My other love in life, aside from my creative side, is working with children and teaching. So, I helped out in the classroom at my nephews elementary school, which was so rewarding all around
and I even got to eat lunch with them!

Then, my youngest nephew had his artwork chosen to be in the county art show, which was a big deal, and I was lucky enough to go! He has a wonderful talent and not only does he pay close attention to detail, but he is advanced for his age and loves and appreciates art in general, whether it is his or others, which amazes me!

He wants to be an artist when he grows up and enjoys all the classes I did growing up! :)

Overall, it was a very successful trip and I was so happy to get to see my adorable, smart, sweet, well-behaved, considerate and super fun nephews again after what I consider too long!

I really can't explain the genuine happiness I get from children and how real and honest they are. Their energy, thoughts and views are so refreshing and full of life, love and happiness! Somehow, they always inspire and teach me something new! :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back Monday with another Look 4 Less!


  1. Great Part 2 photos my love! I am dying for the Star Wars breakfast (sooo cute) & the kitteh snuggles!! Awww! Have a great Saturday friend! x

  2. mmm, all those delicious meals look amazing! and i agree, i love kids and their energy. i'm always amazed at how they inspire and teach me something new too.

  3. Looks like a whirlwind- I love the yoda!

  4. oh wow these are just great!!! Memories! Food! Love!!! Thank you!

  5. star wars pancakes... you made me laugh!!!!!!!!! I had to show my boyfriend who is a great fan..
    I think I am in trouble now, and need to get some of those for him. Yikes

    A. xox

  6. Love your pics!! This post made me hungry...Gaga


  7. He is such a cutie! And look at all that food, yummmm:-)

  8. The boys are so adorable! Your family looks so geniunely happy and loving!

  9. all that food is making me so hungry!! especially all the mexican food -- it is definitely my weakness! and those star wars pancakes are amazing! my brother would LOVE those -- he's 30, but a kid at heart :)
    so glad you had such a wonderful trip! xoxoxo

  10. Such a wonderful post and those boys are so sweet! Have a fantastic day, darling. And Im so hungry right now:) Muah

  11. I love so many things about this post! Looks like you're havings lots of fun! Those star wars pancakes are hilarious! And those paintings by your nephew are rad, love all the colors in them!


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