Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This Wedding Wednesday is going to be a big breif because I am not on my computer and can't pull from the inspiration I already have, but next week will make up for it! :)

That said, I have pulled a few pairs of shoes that I think are fun and would work with my dress and the look and feel of my wedding to offer a little wedding shoes inspiration for you!

What shoes did you wear for your wedding or are you planning on sporting down the aisle? I plan on wearing heels for the ceremony into reception, but do have a pair of alternate shoes with a very little heel to change into if my feet need a rest!

Quite honestly, what I choose will most likely change as we get closer to the wedding, but as soon as I find something I like and that is comfortable I am going to purchase them so that then my dress can get hemmed to the right length at my fitting!

Check back on Friday for the first of many Picture Show posts! Woo Hoo!!! :)

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  1. Oh wow! They are all so lovely!! It is so exciting and fun to plan a wedding! :)

  2. I wore bright blue peep-toe heels a la Carrie in Sex and the City. Then, I just went shoeless for most of the reception.... couldn't bring myself to wear flip flops... PLEASE don't do flip flops!!! My friend did and you could hear her flopping around all over the place... but, then, that's her style... I actually got mine from David's Bridal - they were pretty comfortable after I added some insert pads. ~ Andi

  3. Ooh I looove the bow peep-toes, soooo cute! I cannot wait to see what you choose! <3

  4. LOVE this post! I wore black satin Christian Louboutins with vintage rhinestone shoe clips on them! LOVE!!

  5. Cool post ;)

  6. I found darling shoes for my wedding, which I will never wear again and didn't spend an ARM LEG and HEAD for! Hehe

  7. I wore something close to the all white ones in the third photo. They are all lovely, but those are my favorites for a wedding.


  8. wow all those shoes are gorgeous! I love the louboutins that are propped against the pillow and the last pair


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