Monday, August 15, 2011


Happy, Happy Monday!

Truth be told, going back to school shopping used to be one of my favorite times, and I have to admit that around this time of year I always miss it just a little! :)

Anywho, I received a couple requests asking about fall fashion trends, and if I could put together some back to school fashions that are affordable and easy to follow, so, here I am with just that in the form of accessories, colors and trends for Fall 2011 that I put together!

Now, I have not been in school in many, many years, but I know some of you who read my blog are, so, I pretended I was young again...hehe...and came up with some fun, affordable, fashion ideas and trends for you! Enjoy!

1. Colorful & Scented Nail Polish
Price: $2.80 each
Buy Jade: Forever 21 / Buy Mustard: Forever 21 / Buy Scented Rust: Forever 21

2. Rust Scarf
Price: $7.80

3. Retro Sunglasses
Price: $5.80

4. Peep-Toe Wedges
Price: $40.00

5. Ballet Flats
Price: $19.50

6. Chunky Rings
Price: $9.46 / $4.00
Buy Yellow Flower: Avalaya / Buy Rust Stone: Charlotte Russe

7. Fringe Bag
Price: $29.44

8. Crochet Accent Dress
Price: $44.50
Buy: LuLu's

9. Feather Jewelry
Price: $4.00 / $4.80
Buy Yellow Earrings: Charlotte Russe / Buy Jade Necklace: Forever 21

10. Peplum Blazer
Price: $29.93
Buy: Amazon

The newest trend, which might be unfamiliar to many is the Peplum trend, which I had to fully understand as well. It is pretty much a more straight upper part that bells out a bit at the bottom if that makes sense.

Scarves have always been in fashion and are perfect for Fall and carrying you into Winter, but this season we are seeing them not only worn the traditional way around your neck, but as a belt too, so, you might want to grab a couple that are lighter weight to rock that way!

Remember that you can always pull things or pieces from the trends that you like and work best for you and you by no means do you need to sport them all! For me, I am conscious about my hips, just my thing, and so, the peplum blazer I feel accents that area and might not work for me, but I will give it a try in a store to see!

What trends do you think you will be sporting? Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section, as always, and tell me what you are looking forward to wearing most!

Enjoy the start to your week and be sure to check back on Wednesday for Part 2 of our engagement pictures complete with giant peach balloons and a save-the-dat sign made by moi! :)


  1. Oooh I love mustard yellow! Great list here dear, I am so going shopping soon:-)

  2. i loooove these picks! Makes me excited for fall!

  3. the colors are fabulous, i personally love jade because it matches my eyes ;) perfect colors for fall!

  4. I'm loving this fall's colors. I was just looking through my closet the other day to see what I had in those shades! So excited for fall.

  5. i love all three colors, especially mustard! :)

    <3, Mimi

  6. Jade, Mustard and Rust, amazing on their own, simply divine all together! xo

  7. great post Liesl!!! makes me excited about fall time. I am in love love with orange and rust shades but also Jade :)

    xo Nav

  8. Love these fabulous fall colors and that awesome crochet dress! I'm so excited about fall!!

  9. I'm definitely with you on the jade this season. It seems like I keep bookmarking green! Love your color choices!

  10. I love the colors. Especially the jade :)


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